Rustic Wood Shelves

Rustic Kitchen Shelves

Rustic Wood Shelves

When you remodel a kitchen the decisions can be overwhelming. For every decision that needs to be made there seems to be 1,000 options not to mention cost concerns.

What color to paint the walls? Reuse existing cabinets or buy new? What color to paint the existing cabinets? If new, do we stain the cabinets? Which counter top to purchase? Tile for the backsplash? Tile floor? Wood floor? Appliances..white? black? stainless? Lighting? Fixtures? Hardware? Refinish wood floors? Are they salvageable? Install new floors?

And if you’re using wood for any of these projects, which wood is the best option?

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Dutch Colonial

My Daughter’s New, Old House and Why It’s Still a Secret


Dutch ColonialI have been sworn to secrecy and pledged not share any pictures of Courtney and Drew’s new home.

The reason? Because my girls claim first posting dibs! The nerve!

Since Courtney had already shared this one on her Instagram I can show you the exterior BEFORE pic.

Truthfully, the house isn’t ready for it’s reveal. It’s definitely come a long way…so many adorable changes! Plus, they just moved in!

Scott and I did help them by making rustic wood shelf brackets and shelves to replace the upper cabinets in the kitchen. Getting tired of waiting for the “big reveal”, I begged permission to go ahead and share about the shelves which lead to today’s “how did we get here” story.

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Chesterfield Sofa & Chair

When You Wait 21 Years for New Furniture

Chesterfield Sofa and Chair (4)

I grew up in a small southern town where…in it’s day…furniture manufacturing was a way of life. My Dad (as well as other relatives and later my brothers and brother-in-law) worked in the furniture industry for nearly 40 years.
The Market aka The Highpoint Furniture Market has been a household term my entire life.

I’m sure this history, coupled with creative influences from the women in my life and growing up with a grandfather who made furniture for a living influenced my decision to become an interior designer.

Yet…I have had the same sofa for over 21 years. Through 3 houses…4 kids…up to 3 dogs at a time and only reupholstered it once.

To say it showed it’s age is a gross understatement.

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Historic Home Remodel (2)

Historic Home Remodel

Historic Home Remodel (2)

Today, I’m sharing portions of a lovely old 1920’s era home that was recently remodeled for resale.
One of the upstairs bathrooms featured a clawfoot tub and rainshower shower system. I wish I’d seen the home in it’s before stage. All the updates were utterly charming.
Especially the bathrooms.

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Box pleated bed skirt (9)

The Anatomy of a Box Pleat Bed Skirt

Box pleated bed skirt (9)

The thought of making your own bed skirt can be a bit daunting. Especially a gathered bed skirt made for any size larger than a twin.

The process is really not hard. It’s handling all that fabric that can be bulky and tiresome.

A box pleat bed skirt takes less fabric than a gathered skirt and is much easier to handle.

Today, I’m breaking down the anatomy of an unlined, box pleat bed skirt.

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Multi fabric table square

A Pair of Ruffled Table Toppers

Multi fabric runner

This month marks my 5th year as a blogger! Beyond the Screen Door is 5 years old!

Very early in my blogging career I met Robin. Robin was one of my first ~ might have been my very first ~ online customer. I’ve made several items for her over the years including pillows and a shower curtain.

Our latest collaboration is a table runner and table topper/square for her dining room all in shades of ivory, cream, tan and black.

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Gallery Wall with Antique Walking Canes

2 Decorating Challenges and Solutions

Antique Walking Canes

Are you a collector?
Do you love the pastime of looking for that elusive item to add to your collection(s)? Collections you can display and enjoy?

While I’ve never been bit by the collecting bug I do enjoy using a client’s collections when decorating their homes. Sometimes those collections present a challenge.
Just how do we incorporate these items into the decor?

Most recently the challenge involved a collection of vintage walking canes.  Continue reading

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