Summer Blooms

Summer Flowers

By the end of August the blooming plants at my house are showing their age, wear and tear.

Or it could just be a lack of water due to the fact that I get quite lazy about watering plants this time of year.

These photos were taken earlier this month at my Mom’s house. How I wish I had her magic touch with plants.

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Sunrise Sisters

Random Thoughts on Summer, Family, Vacation and Baby Gender

Sunrise SistersSisters – Florida sunrise

In July, my three girls and I went on a road trip. It was a combination working vacation (for Kaleigh) and a visiting family road trip that took us from Oklahoma to Florida to North Carolina & Virginia and back to home to Oklahoma.

Mothers and Daughters

Under the PierUnder the Pier

  • 3 girls, 1 mom
  • 2 weeks
  • 12 states
  • 3000+ miles
  • 50+ hours in a car
  • 2,314 bathroom stops
  • 1 unsolved mystery as to why my car made better time while Kaleigh was driving than while I was driving.

It was exhausting and we missed our guys (especially when we were carting all that luggage around by ourselves) but it was so much fun to spend that time with my girls!

Grandfather & Grandson

We also spent time with my family in NC. My dad will turn 80 this year. Here he is enjoying one of his most favorite places, Mabry Mill, Va along the Blue Ridge Parkway with my nephew, the youngest of his 14 grandchildren. Courtney is the oldest.

Blue Ridge Parkway, VaMabry Mill, Virginia 

  • Our youngest daughter is now a Freshman in college. This is the first time since 1991 that I do not have a child in public school – elementary, middle or high school.
    It is a strange feeling.
  • We currently have one child living at home and one in the dorms. That’$ two kid$ in college at the $ame time. Just in ca$e you’re counting.
  • We currently have one grandbaby on the way. It’s a GIRL! We had a gender reveal party where Drew and Courtney popped a balloon full of confetti for the reveal.

It's a Girl!

  • This blog turned 5 in June! I’ve been blogging for 5 years!!!
  • I celebrated my 52nd birthday this week. I don’t believe I’ve ever purposely written that on this blog. I suppose if I’m going to be a grandmother it’s high time I get over being bashful about my age.
  • I quit drinking Dr. Pepper this summer. I’ve been drinking DP since I was a teenager.
    And guess what!?! I now have skinny toes! LOL! Everyone tells you to drop the soft drinks to lose weight. I get skinny toes. Somewhere I missed the memo that carbonated drinks can cause swelling! (Or refused to believe it) I’ve always had a problem with my legs, ankles and feet swelling. I quit drinking DP because of the health benefits (as well as hoping I’d lose a few pounds) but so far? 7 weeks later? Skinny toes. Me and my chubby toes are not complaining.
  • I’m currently trying to clean my house in preparation for a wedding shower this Sunday. Yesterday, I found myself cleaning the attic! Who does that?!? We had our roof replaced a few weeks ago after it was damaged in a spring hail storm. I never realized how much debris would fall as a result of replacing a roof! So a trip to the attic to add stuff to the garage sale pile lead to an impromptu cleaning fit.
    Would it be weird if I left the door to the attic open so everyone could see how clean it is? My windows may not be clean but my attic sure is! Priorities.
Repairing Blemishes on Wood Shelves (5)

Easy Trick to Repair Blemishes on Stained Wood

Repairing Blemishes on Wood Shelves

My experience working with wood is minimal at best. I know just enough to be dangerous. When Scott and I made these rustic kitchen shelves & brackets we were quite proud of ourselves.

Until the time came to stain them.

When a product, aka wood glue, promotes itself as “stainable” you take for granted that it is.

Evidently my interpretation of stainable isn’t the same as their interpretation of stainable.

I then remembered how I fixed a similar problem several years ago. It was both cheap and oh, so easy and the perfect solution.  Continue reading

Cuffed Cafe Curtains with Panels

Moroccan Style Fabric; 3 Window Treatments and Pillows

Velvet Ruffles

I have worked with so many different fabrics over the years. Some fabrics are one-hit-wonders. Some make a repeat appearance every few months.

Recently, I had three different clients using the same fabric at the same time!

This colorful, Moroccan influenced print in turquoise, brown, red and gold pairs well with red cheetah and brown velvet…two fabrics which have made numerous repeat appearances throughout the years.

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Rustic Wood Shelves

Rustic Kitchen Shelves

Rustic Wood Shelves

When you remodel a kitchen the decisions can be overwhelming. For every decision that needs to be made there seems to be 1,000 options not to mention cost concerns.

What color to paint the walls? Reuse existing cabinets or buy new? What color to paint the existing cabinets? If new, do we stain the cabinets? Which counter top to purchase? Tile for the backsplash? Tile floor? Wood floor? Appliances..white? black? stainless? Lighting? Fixtures? Hardware? Refinish wood floors? Are they salvageable? Install new floors?

And if you’re using wood for any of these projects, which wood is the best option?

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Dutch Colonial

My Daughter’s New, Old House and Why It’s Still a Secret


Dutch ColonialI have been sworn to secrecy and pledged not share any pictures of Courtney and Drew’s new home.

The reason? Because my girls claim first posting dibs! The nerve!

Since Courtney had already shared this one on her Instagram I can show you the exterior BEFORE pic.

Truthfully, the house isn’t ready for it’s reveal. It’s definitely come a long way…so many adorable changes! Plus, they just moved in!

Scott and I did help them by making rustic wood shelf brackets and shelves to replace the upper cabinets in the kitchen. Getting tired of waiting for the “big reveal”, I begged permission to go ahead and share about the shelves which lead to today’s “how did we get here” story.

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Chesterfield Sofa & Chair

When You Wait 21 Years for New Furniture

Chesterfield Sofa and Chair (4)

I grew up in a small southern town where…in it’s day…furniture manufacturing was a way of life. My Dad (as well as other relatives and later my brothers and brother-in-law) worked in the furniture industry for nearly 40 years.
The Market aka The Highpoint Furniture Market has been a household term my entire life.

I’m sure this history, coupled with creative influences from the women in my life and growing up with a grandfather who made furniture for a living influenced my decision to become an interior designer.

Yet…I have had the same sofa for over 21 years. Through 3 houses…4 kids…up to 3 dogs at a time and only reupholstered it once.

To say it showed it’s age is a gross understatement.

Since all three pieces of furniture in our living room had some sort of hole, wear or tear…new furniture was long over due.  Continue reading

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