Setting the Stage for Amazing Wedding Photos

KJB Wedding Confetti

Thousands of tiny colorful squares.
Painstakingly cut with one object in mind.
To create an amazing photo opportunity.

Vintage Furniture.
Two sofas. Two chairs. A poof. A table. A trunk.
Traveled across town with one object in mind.
To set the stage for a wedding.

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A Slightly Unorthodox Method for Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds

Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds (6)

Show of hands…who cleans their house (or is fortunate enough to have someone else clean their house) on a weekly, bi-weekly or otherwise regular schedule?

In case you’re wondering…my hand is not raised.

Schedule? What schedule? The house gets picked up, spot cleaned, vacuumed and/or dusted as needed but I have to be honest, my work schedule is so random that I don’t have a schedule for cleaning my house. It happens when it happens.

When I go into frantic whole house cleaning mode my kids ask, “Who’s coming over?” 

If I had a house cleaning routine and schedule I probably wouldn’t have to resort to cleaning my faux wood blinds this way. But it is what it is.

So if you can relate to this mode of house cleaning, or if your rental house appears as if the renters didn’t clean the house once in the two years they lived there, this slightly unorthodox method for cleaning faux wood blinds may come in handy.

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One in a Million Wedding Photo


1-KJB Wedding (8) Beyond the Screen Door-1

Kaleigh and Jared’s wedding photos are back and I’m amazed. Amazed and a bit overwhelmed.

Amazed with how great they turned out (though I shouldn’t be), overwhelmed with the emotions that return as I look back over the visual proof of the day and overwhelmed with the almost impossible task of deciding which ones to print, which ones to enlarge and which ones to share.

I decided to start the sharing process with my favorite pic from the wedding day.
Isn’t this photo awesome? I love it!

Before you start thinking the train was photo-shopped in…it wasn’t.
And I’ve got proof.

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How to Easily Update Your Exterior Lanterns

How to Update Exterior Lanterns

For several weeks, okay months, I’d been noticing how dirty our garage lanterns were.

Upon closer inspection they weren’t dirty they were faded. Really faded.

Our garage faces west and 8 years of sun exposure had done a number on their finish. While you might look at these photos and think this is a nice patina, don’t be fooled. They just looked old and dirty. Very dirty.

So after much hassling, nagging and begging Scott finally took the lanterns down for me so I could paint them.

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Washed Ruffled Linens and a Life Lesson

Ruffled BeddingHave you ever looked back through your Pinterest Boards with a fresh eye and considered the items you’ve pinned?

After recently pinning a few new slipcover pics I browsed back through some of my boards and notice just the tiniest preference for ruffled linens. Many of them using washed linen with raw edges. I adore this look.

Yet I don’t have one single item like this in my home. Why?

Why do we take the time to pin these inspiring photos yet fail to act on the inspiration? Whether it’s an item for our home, exercises for a flatter tummy, recipes for a healthier lifestyle or tips on saving money…it seems our intentions are good but our follow through is a bit lacking.

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A Farmhouse Wedding Shower & Tour


I do not covet my sister’s house. I will not covet my sister’s house.

But, I will admit, I’d love to find an old farmhouse to call my own that has just as much charm as this one. Charm and character that says welcome even before you walk in the door.

But Sheri would have to design the landscape and maintain the flower beds because my creativity doesn’t venture much beyond the screen door.  Pun intended. :) 

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What To Do When Your Fabric Is Crooked

How to Correct Crooked Fabric (5)

Wonky Fabric.

Has this ever happened to you? You roll out fabric for a new project and the pattern on the fabric is wonky…as in uneven, not straight, crooked…wonky.

Cut fabric as is with a crooked pattern.
Cut fabric according to the pattern and run the risk of the curtains not hanging correctly.
Straighten the wonky fabric.

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Lake House Living

Lake House Living Spaces (10)When you think about the fact that this lake house was probably built in the 70′s the floor plan is perfect for the way we live today.

The upstairs consists of a large living room, dining room and kitchen, divided only by 2 walls, and a large wall of windows looking out over the lake. Plenty of space for multiple people to all hang out at the same time.

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