Tutorial: How to Make a Rag Quilt Tree Skirt

Shaggy Rag Quilt Tree Skirt

Making a rag quilt anything is not a quick project. It takes a bit of time and patience but I simply adore the texture this process creates.

Rag Quilt Flag Pillow 1

My first rag quilt project was a Rag Quilt Flag Pillow. I liked the results so much I decided to try it out on a tree skirt.

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Tree Skirt with Velvet Ruffle

14 Tree Skirts to Spark Your Christmas Creativity

Tree Skirt with Velvet Ruffle

I made this tree skirt last year for my client Tara and it’s one of my all time favorites. Probably because of the apple green velvet. There’s no probably about it. You guys know how much I love velvet. Especially this time of year.

The tree skirt features the same shade of velvet we used on Tara’s kitchen cafe curtains on the 2″ ruffle around the edge & ties. The 3/4″ flange is from a red & gold dot while the body of the skirt is made from a fairly heavy weight linen/canvas like fabric and lined with white cotton.
Ruffled Tree Skirt (3) One tree skirt down, 13 more to go…

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Wood Branch Candle Centerpiece (2)

Easy to Make Tree Branch Candle Centerpiece

Wood Branch Candle Centerpiece (9)

If you’re handy with a couple of power tools you can have this easy to make wood centerpiece ready for your next holiday party.

My son-in-law Jared made this for me as he was making the wood candle sticks for his and Kaleigh’s wedding. I used this as the centerpiece for the kitchen table, along with a drop cloth/table cloth, for Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving I didn’t take a single picture.

Now for all the details so you can make your own.

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Set of 6 Christmas Stockings

6 One of a Kind Christmas Stockings for Sale

Set of 6 Christmas Stockings

Over the years, as our family grew, I’ve made several different sets of Christmas stockings. Currently, there are 8 stockings on our mantle in various shades of white, cream and ivory. The time has come for these little gems to find a new home.

I’m selling all 6 stockings, mixed, matched & coordinated in shades of red, green & purple from 5 different fabrics. Each stocking is lined and comes with a loop for hanging.

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Kraft Paper Ornament & Placecard (3)

Kraft Paper Place Cards, Ornaments and Alfresco Holiday Dining

Kraft Paper Ornament & Placecard (3)

Our family celebrated Thanksgiving at our house this year and I didn’t take one picture to share with you. Not a single one.

When it comes to hostessing, I am notorious for assuming I can accomplish way more than I technically have time for. I tend to think of it as being optimistic. For the first time in my life, I decided to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Not just my house but 2 others as well!
In the days leading up to Thanksgiving I was decorating trees, cleaning off the dining room table (which was covered in client projects), cleaning my house and stuffing empty boxes back in the attic.
Thanksgiving morning finds me doing all my baking & cooking, cutting up drop cloths to use as table cloths and scrounging around for centerpieces. (Luckily I wasn’t in charge of the entire meal!)

All this to say that when I go to a dinner where the hostess has planned ahead and created adorable little place cards for each of her guests…I am in awe.

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Bosphorus Toile & Cheetah Window Treatments (3)

2 New Window Treatments Created from Existing Curtains

Bosphorus Toile & Cheetah Window Treatments (4)

Here’s a scenario that may sound familiar.

You move into a new house and bring the window treatments from your old house only to find they don’t fit the new windows.
You move into your new house and would love new window treatments but being budget conscious and knowing you need many things for the new house you try to make the old curtains work.

But they’re just so blah! And they don’t fit in with their new surroundings!

Today, I’m sharing two new & improved, upcycled window treatments that used to be old and blah but now have a new lease on life.

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Ivory & Gray Window Treatments

Gray & Ivory Damask Dining Room Window Treatments

Ivory & Gray Window Treatments

Gray & ivory with a touch of orange.

You might think this color scheme is just for the fall holidays but in Cheryl’s home that’s not the case. This beautiful combination of gray, ivory & orange is the color scheme for the main living area, dining room and kitchen in this new home.

The walls are Worldly Gray by Sherwin WIlliams and the dining room window treatments are made from a damask like pattern called Dreamer in Gray from Interior Fabrics.

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Window Treatment Tutorial (26)

Tutorial: Window Treatment Sheers with Cord Loops

Jan 4

My friend Jan has one of the warmest, most inviting homes I’ve been in. Several years ago she had these cotton sheer panels made for her living room which include a cord trim along the upper edge that forms large loops from which the window treatment hangs.

While updating her adjoining dining room Jan asked me if I would duplicate the look and style of these sheers.

Window Treatment Tutorial (23)

While not an exact replica, I was able to get pretty close to the original.

Today’s tutorial includes all the details, how-to’s and what-to-avoid’s in creating this look for yourself.

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