Cottage Lake House Kitchen Tour

Lakehouse Kitchen (10)

Imagine this bright and cheerful kitchen stuck in a 70′s timewarp.

Without before pictures (which I sure wish I had) it’s really hard to imagine. When my sister-in-law Gina and her husband George first purchased this lake house the best word to describe it was brown.

Brown woodwork, brown carpet, brown furniture…just brown. Top to bottom brown.

While a few remnants of it’s 70′s glory remain most of the house reflects it’s new bright and cheerful, full of charm, makeover.

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An Unexpected Gift

Lake Cottage Master Bedroom (2)

Last week, after all the wedding planning, company coming to town, long distance road trips and conference attending, we packed up the family and went to the lake for a few days.

We arrived in shifts and left in shifts, due to everyone’s conflicting schedules, but we managed to all be together at least part of the time.

Every time you’re able to get away with the family is a gift but the unexpected gift came as everyone began planning the trip back home.

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A Window Treatment Where Traditional meets Current meets Retro

Valance with Contrast Banding and Trim (2)

Since I’ve only shared 1 window treatment in the past 9 weeks I decided we were a bit overdue and time to share another one.

Today’s window treatment is the perfect mix of traditional design and current fabrics with a bit of a retro feel to it.

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Girls Road Trip and Haven Conference 2014

Haven Bound Beyond the Screen Door

When it came time to decide whether I was going to fly or drive to Atlanta my oldest, Courtney and youngest, Karianne, joined in and we made it into a girls road trip.

A very fast and furious road trip.

OKC to Atlanta, Haven Conference, Atlanta back to OKC…in 5 days.

I’m still recovering.

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2 Delicious Summer Recipes: Grilled Veggie Burritos and Raspberry Freezer Pie

Grilled Veggie Burritos 1

photo via The Pioneer Woman

Today I’m sharing two of my current, all-time-favorite summer recipes. Current because you know this kind of thing is always subject to change.

First is The Pioneer Woman’s Grilled Veggie Burritos.

Oh.My.Goodness. These are so good!

Since I found this recipe several weeks ago we’ve had our own, slightly varied, version of 3 times! Here’s how we changed it up a bit…

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Bridal Shower Details – DIY Ombre Clothespins, Banners, Oversize Balloons & More


Ombre' ClothespinsI love details. In this last post about Kaleigh’s bridal shower I’m sharing the rest of the details that made the day so special including a tutorial for these adorable DIY pink ombre’ clothespins.

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Bridal Shower Details & Tutorial – DIY Flower Crowns

Bridal Shower Make a Cute Flower Crown

photo credit: Beccah B. 

The morning of Kaleigh’s personal shower Courtney and Karianne presented her with her own special flower crown for the day.

At the shower the girls set up a flower crown making station for all the attendees to make their own cute crowns.

The crowns ranged in size and style from those that resembled elf ears to crowns befitting a Greek goddess. :) It was so much fun and all the girls all looked adorable!

Wedding Shower Photo Ops (2)

Bride-to-Be plus 7 of her 10 Bridesmaids

This idea would be perfect for birthday parties, princess parties or parties for any girl who’s young at heart.

Here’s what you’ll need:

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Exciting News

Haven 2014

This week I’m Atlanta bound to attend the 2014 Haven Conference! I AM SO EXCITED!

Part of me is still in wedding recovery mode but I’m trying my best to switch gears in order to be ready to soak up as much information and fun as I possibly can!

While I’ve attended many different conference-like events over the years this will be my first blogging conference.

I’m equal parts excited beyond belief and scared stiff. Anxious to learn as much as I can absorb. Eager to meet kindred spirits but afraid I won’t be able to turn off my brain in order to sleep. Wondering if I’ll be able to connect the many lovely faces to their blogs and how many weird things I’ll blurt out when meeting someone new. :)

Please let me know if you’ll be at Haven because I’d LOVE to meet YOU!

Follow along on Instagram @beyondthescreendoor to stay up to date on all the Haven happenings.


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