New Life for an Old Lamp


The first time I saw this lamp it was sitting on the sofa table in a client’s living room. I loved it!

She told me she’d purchased it at an estate sale and didn’t know any more about it. I told her that day if she ever wanted to sell it to let me know because I knew I’d use it in my own home. 

A year or so later she called, ready to work on our next project together and asked if I still wanted her lamp? Yes! Without hesitation! So we bartered. My services for her lamp and I came home with a brand new/old lamp.

I carried this beauty all over the house eager to find where it’s new home would be.

I didn’t like it anywhere. It wasn’t working.

For some reason this beautiful lamp, I’d admired for so long, didn’t fit in any room of my house.  Continue Reading…

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How to Fix a Comforter That’s Too Short

How to Add a Ruffle to a Ready Made Comforter 23

Have you ever searched the world over to find the perfect comforter for your bedroom only to bring it home and discover it’s too short?

I’m not sure if the problem is the big, pillow top mattresses we have these days or the comforter people trying to save on fabric?

Either way, we tend to make do with the front side of the bed looking beautiful while the back side is hiked up showing the sheets.

Comforters are, of course, sewn together, usually with decorative stitching holding all the comfy layers in place. Taking it apart to add anything to lengthen it would be a nightmare.

For several of my clients, I’ve found the answer is to add a 6″ gathered ruffle, or a flat flange depending on their preference, to the outer edge of the comforter. Ultimately, how we attach this ruffle depends on how the comforter is made.

Today’s solution also involves a ruffle that’s a bit different because this ruffle is HUGE!
Continue Reading…

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How-to Make a Lined Valance with Contrasting Band

Valance Tutorial 1Today I’m sharing an easy tutorial for this simple lined valance.

It’s simple but the contrasting band takes it up a notch. It’s definitely not boring.
You can also add trim along the upper portion of the band to jazz it up a bit more if you prefer.

While this is easy it’s not “no-sew” easy.
But if you’re wanting to make a nice, lined valance…this is the a great way to go. Continue Reading…

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Courtney’s Guest House Remodel Progress Report

Guest House Remodel Bedroom Entrance Before

When my daughter Courtney and her husband Drew purchased their home last year the property came with a guest house situated at the back of their yard. Eventually this will be an “adorable little guest house” but before the remodel it barely qualified as a potential guest house.

This spring marked the beginning of the remodeling process and as with many remodeling projects it has taken much…MUCH…longer than expected.

But it’s coming along and it’s going to be SO CUTE!!! Continue Reading…

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New Paint Update for a Vintage Chest of Drawers

Dixie Belle Paint Dresser Makeover 22

This sweet little chest of drawers is the only piece of furniture remaining from the very first bedroom suite my Mother and Father-in-Law bought after they were married in 1956.

They purchased it used from a relative and the only information I can get from them is “it was old even back then”. I’m guessing it’s from the 1930’s but so far haven’t been able to find any information on what appears to be an art deco diamond ring design.

Today I’m sharing all the painting details and techniques to achieve this look using paint provided by Dixie Belle Paint. Continue Reading…

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Pillow Tutorial with Pleated Corner Flange

Ruffled Corner Flange Pillow Tutorial 24

Today’s tutorial is from another pillow grouping I made for Bobette. Two floral pillows with 1/4″ piping made from the same fabric and an adorable plaid pillow featuring a center fabric covered button and a pleated corner flange.

Recently I shared this same technique for a continuous pleated flange. In today’s post I’m sharing all the details for making this pillow with it’s pleated corners.  Continue Reading…

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My New Living Room Window Treatments Before & After

Living Room Window Treatments 1

With these new window treatments I did something I’ve never done before.

I have a very strong “I can make that myself” impulse. I like the challenge of creating things myself and the satisfaction of knowing “I made that!” 

And of course, in many instances, the only way something is affordable is to do it yourself.

But this time I treated myself.  Continue Reading…

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Tutorial – Cafe Curtain with Ruffled Cuff and Trim

Cafe Curtain with Cuff Tutorial 1

Several years ago I made a collection of aqua & brown animal print pillows and window treatments for Laura’s master bedroom & bathroom.

Recently she sent the remnants from that project and asked if I could make a small cafe curtain for a tiny window in her bathroom.

Today I’m going to show you how I pieced the various remnants to create a coordinating cafe curtain.  Continue Reading…

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