11+ Wedding Decor Ideas Including Wedding Bells, Wood Candles & #Hashtags

Ring in the Newlyweds Wedding Bells (3)

My two oldest girls, Courtney and Kaleigh are 2 1/2 years apart. Growing up they were as different as night and day. Yet sometime during their late teens/early twenties they began to look more alike.  People began having a hard time telling them apart.

They would go through spurts of looking alike then one of them, usually Kaleigh, would cut or color her hair and then friends would say…“Oh, good. Now I know which one is which”. 

While they have so much in common and love many of the same things, I realized early in the wedding planning process with daughter #2 that wedding #2 would in no way, shape or form resemble wedding #1.

It was an unwritten/unspoken rule that we would be avoiding those things which looked too much like wedding #1.

Except for the sofa.

So, today I’m sharing a few of the creative wedding ideas that Kaleigh chose for her special day.

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The Day of the Wedding

The Wedding Shoes

It truly was “the day” of the wedding. One day.

We had from 10:00 am until midnight to unload numerous trucks, cars and trailers with wedding paraphernalia, set up the ceremony, decorate the tables, have the rehearsal, host the rehearsal lunch, clean up the rehearsal lunch, relax if possible, dress for the wedding, have a wedding, a reception and then break everything down, load up and head home.

And believe it or not…we did it! With an hour to spare.

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New Items in The Shop ~ Email Subscription Update

Multi Fabric Pillows (2)

We have a new email subscription provider here at Beyond the Screen Door!

Over the past few months I’ve been working to determine the best option for email subscriptions and to correct the issue of “lost” email blog posts. I know this has been frustrating. If you’ve missed receiving Beyond the Screen Door in your in-box hopefully this switch has corrected any problems.

If you’d like to have Beyond the Screen Door delivered to your in-box…and I’d be so tickled if you do…please fill out the Subscription Box in the upper right hand corner of the side bar. It’s that easy!

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Creating a New Look with Vintage Decor Paint

Painted & Stenciled Table (18)An empty bedroom.
With four children this is a rare occurrence at my house.
Now that two of those children are married I have a guest bedroom for the first time in 28 years! Slowly but surely I’m working on pulling this room together by using much of what we already have.
Giving an old table a fresh new look with Vintage Decor Paint by Martha Stewart Crafts was one of my first projects.

Painted & Stenciled Table (21)

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Creating Fresh Flower and Sola Flower Wedding Bouquets

Creating Bridal Bouquets (5)

If you’ve ever been involved in planning a wedding one of the most important decisions is whether to use fresh flowers or silk, fake, faux or some other form of not-real flowers.

Kaleigh chose to use both.

The bridesmaids carried fresh flowers while Kaleigh carried a bouquet she created herself from Sola Flowers.

Creating these bouquets involved many things including a bride, bridesmaids and a bathtub.

Making Bridal Bouquets (5)

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Setting the Stage for Amazing Wedding Photos

KJB Wedding Confetti

Thousands of tiny colorful squares.
Painstakingly cut with one object in mind.
To create an amazing photo opportunity.

Vintage Furniture.
Two sofas. Two chairs. A poof. A table. A trunk.
Traveled across town with one object in mind.
To set the stage for a wedding.

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A Slightly Unorthodox Method for Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds

Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds (6)

Show of hands…who cleans their house (or is fortunate enough to have someone else clean their house) on a weekly, bi-weekly or otherwise regular schedule?

In case you’re wondering…my hand is not raised.

Schedule? What schedule? The house gets picked up, spot cleaned, vacuumed and/or dusted as needed but I have to be honest, my work schedule is so random that I don’t have a schedule for cleaning my house. It happens when it happens.

When I go into frantic whole house cleaning mode my kids ask, “Who’s coming over?” 

If I had a house cleaning routine and schedule I probably wouldn’t have to resort to cleaning my faux wood blinds this way. But it is what it is.

So if you can relate to this mode of house cleaning, or if your rental house appears as if the renters didn’t clean the house once in the two years they lived there, this slightly unorthodox method for cleaning faux wood blinds may come in handy.

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One in a Million Wedding Photo


1-KJB Wedding (8) Beyond the Screen Door-1

Kaleigh and Jared’s wedding photos are back and I’m amazed. Amazed and a bit overwhelmed.

Amazed with how great they turned out (though I shouldn’t be), overwhelmed with the emotions that return as I look back over the visual proof of the day and overwhelmed with the almost impossible task of deciding which ones to print, which ones to enlarge and which ones to share.

I decided to start the sharing process with my favorite pic from the wedding day.
Isn’t this photo awesome? I love it!

Before you start thinking the train was photo-shopped in…it wasn’t.
And I’ve got proof.

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