Wallpaper…With a Twist!

in style, out of style, back in style…
Which one is it?
There will always be a debate over wallpaper.
Is it dated? Or is it the current trend?
Personally, I love the look of wallpaper.
But I have to admit, at this time, I don’t have
one single strip of wallpaper in my house!
But, when I saw this idea I thought,
this is different, this is unique. 
So, I’m sharing it with you!
My friend Pam, (whose pillows were featured here)
fell in love with the wallpaper treatment she saw
in her friend Delores’ house. Delores happens to be 
married to a professional wallpaper hanger!
Pam asked him if he’d repeat this fun treatment in her
bathroom and He graciously agreed!
This treatment involves
 6 different wallpapers!
The papers are torn and/or cut
and then placed throughout the space
in a “made to look random” pattern!
Meaning there was probably a lot more thought
put into the placement of the paper
than we first imagine!
 What makes this idea so great is the fact
that wallpaper is almost endless in the
availability of pattern and color!
Imagine using an over sized damask…
Or tone on tone patterns…
Or fun colorful children’s patterns…
Or bold graphics…
Or all black and white patterns…
Or sweet, soft vintage patterns…
Or maybe a paint treatment such as glazing
thrown in the mix!
 Hey, it’s just thought to get those
creative juices flowing!
Might make us think of wallpaper
in a different way!
As Always,
Have a Wonderfully Blessed Day!
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9 Responses to Wallpaper…With a Twist!

  1. I love wallpaper! I could not decorate without it! I think it has always had a place in design it just is not always cost effective.

    This treatment is wonderful! I love the combination of papers! I think that is what makes it so special…as well as cutting out pieces of the design! I may try some version of this in my guest bath!

    You have the most creative friends…I guess what they say is true…birds of a feather;)!


  2. Pamela says:

    What an awesome way of reinventing wallpaper! I love it and never would have thought to do that. Creative juices flowing for sure. Thanx for sharing!

  3. Stacy says:

    Very beautiful! The mix of papers is striking.

  4. Angie says:

    I love this idea of mixing wallpapers. I don’t have any wallpaper in my home, but do like it and have thought about putting some in my foyer. Now you really have me considering it!

  5. I have ALWAYS loved wallpaper….though I only have some anaglypta paper now in my dining room, I am itching to use again!

    This treatment is GORGEOUS!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  6. Bravo! Bravo!
    Now, that is what I am talking about….
    Love it!
    Thank you for sharinG!

  7. I love some of the new wallpapers that are out now, too, Sonya, but,, like you I do not have any wallpaper in my house right now! In fact, I removed the last of it from our powder room two years ago. I like this idea and it reminds me of the pillows you shared with us with different fabrics, but I think I’m going to be wallpaper-free for awhile yet! : )

  8. Totally wild! Totally cool! That is my style!!!

  9. Oh this is a great idea! We inherited a bunch of odds and ends rolls from a professional hanger friend of ours… my wheels are spinning now! Thanks for sharing!