Glazing My Dining Room Walls – Part 2

The dining room is finished and back together! The simple act of making a few changes, along with rearranging what you already have, can give you such a new and fresh perspective on a room! Occasionally, I’ll start a project like this that is supposed to be a quick update and it’ll take me days to finish.  But this time, start to finish, one afternoon!  
Meet the “old gal”!  Honestly, I know nothing about this sofa beyond the fact we found her at an estate sale for $25.  She actually belongs to my oldest daughter, Courtney. But, Mom is borrowing her for the time being.  Thanks, Court! I moved her into the dining room on a whim and love the way she looks pulled up next to the table! I slip covered the parsons chairs a few years ago, bought the black Pottery Barn chairs from a friend and the table was made for us and stained a dark chocolate/black. That gorgeous wreath is 5′ wide – tip to tip! I bought it to go over my fireplace but it was TOO BIG!  Luckily it fit here!
The glazing of one full wall in addition to the window wall was accomplished in under 2 hours.  It’s a very subtle change, but really warms up the whole space. 
I pulled the brown and green ruffled pillows from my bedroom and LOVE them here on the old gal!  Here we go again with the snowball effect of decorating! Now, I need to make new pillows for my bedroom.  It’s the Never Ending Story! Or maybe The Song that Doesn’t End! Same Song, Second Verse? OK, moving on…
Besides the strenuous act of hanging my fall wreath and putting some fall potpourri in a glass jar, these pumpkins are my only nod to fall decorating.  (At the moment!) The two pumpkins in front were orange just a few days ago but I wanted to try a mostly neutral scheme in this room hence the change to white!  The candelabra is a antique store find, the tray came from Hobby Lobby.
The total cost on this makeover…$0!  Unless you count the cost of a master bedroom makeover! All because I moved two pillows into the dining room!  
Think about what you might can rearrange to create a fresh new perspective in one of your rooms!  The possibilities are almost endless! And Free!
Have a Truly Blessed Day!
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28 Responses to Glazing My Dining Room Walls – Part 2

  1. mle says:

    Your dining room is truly lovely, Sonya!! You’ve created an elegant yet cozy space where I want to lounge & eat & lounge & eat : ) Love the bricked archway too.

  2. Stacy says:

    The dining room looks beautiful, Sonya! I love the sofa and your accessories…it totally changes the look and feel of the room.

  3. You had me with window treatments and now I am addicted to your stuff. I love that room. You have become one of my favorite bloggers and I am glad I found you. I want your brick and your wreath and…. :)

  4. Mari says:




  5. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! The glazing DOES make all of the difference! Love it! The pilows on the sofa are perfection…I love the feel of the whole space!


    Still loving the wreath;)!

  6. I adore your centerpiece too…the white pumpkins are scrumptious! Have a wonderful Saturday!

  7. Pamela says:

    OMG OMG Sonya!!!! Your home is even more gorgeous than I imagined it would be!! I soo love the brick arches! My dream house has brick arches. One day….again loving your space! You rpillows are gorgeous. I am gonna have to send ya some fab to make me some!;)

  8. Debbie says:

    Seriously magazine worthy here….what a stunning room here. Thanks for joining me this week, it was a pleasure to have you. I would appreciate it if you would add my link as well. Thanks Debbie

  9. Sarah says:

    Sonya, love this centerpiece. I’m putting one together with white pumpkins again this year. They are my favorites. This looks fabulous!

  10. What a gorgeous room! I am going to have to check our your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is just stunning! I love the brick work, and the glazing really did make a huge difference. Beautiful room!

  12. Carole says:

    Your house is beautiful!!!

  13. A lady after my own heart. I love shopping my house for decorating….or sometimes my mother’s. In your case, your daughter’s….still awesome! I love the style and muted tones in the dining room. Im doing a week long series on decorating on recycled items and using what you already have. Great job!

  14. Cindy says:

    i love the candelabra. i went to 4 goodwill and thrift stores, hobby lobby, and t j maxx looking for something like that today. no luck at all. i love yours. i found some white candles that drip red (like blood) for halloween.

    i guess i should check out a few antique stores……

    i love the tablescape….

  15. Love the white pumpkins and the tablescape. Good work!Love the whole look.

  16. Just beautiful!! Love the sofa in the Dining Room!!


  17. Okie Chic says:

    So pretty I love the pumkins and the whole look!! Great job.

  18. Cat says:

    I’m new over here and I absolutely love this!!! Love painting the pumpkins white…I’m very into monochromatic too these days….looks simply lovely!!

  19. Nichole says:

    Beautiful, inspiring & talented. I love your page and all of your projects. I left you a blog award on my page.
    Have a great night.

  20. Teri says:

    Wow! I love it all! I’m your newest follower!
    (I have a Courtney, too…my youngest.)

  21. Pat says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    I like the photography also!

  22. Your dining room is lovely and what a gorgeous wreath. Love the brick.

  23. Sue says:

    Great glimpse into your room. I like the simplistic approach you took with your centerpiece. ~ Sue

  24. Lindy says:

    You have a beautiful dining room! I’m not sure it wouldn’t be pretty butt naked! I love the brick and the new wall treatment. And, I have always waned to pull a table up to a sofa/loveseat like that. You did a wonderful job and for free – good grief!

  25. Kim says:

    It looks absolutely stunning! The last photo looks like a magazine picture. You did a wonderful job, I wish we lived near each other we could glaze (& giggle) together :). Do you know if you can paint over the glaze eventually, since it is oil-based?

  26. Best kind of decorating, Sonya! How funny about now needing new pillows for the bedroom, but I’ll bet you’ve got some fabric somewhere calling out to be made into pillows! : ) I have some old pillows calling out for some new fabric at my house. I’m not sure where I want to use them, though, so for now they sit on the side {soon to make their way down to the basement storage}.

  27. Lei says:

    So, so lovely! Warm and inviting!!!

  28. Gina :) says:

    Ok. I think I figured out my user name and password again. WHO can keep up w/ all that?! Anyway, I stopped by here and my lands, you have been busy. Do you sleep?! I knew your dining room looked different the other day! You should have told me! I LOVE the walls. It is amazing what a difference that makes. I love the door, of course, as well. I think if you aren’t completing a project, you must be blogging! The whole site looks great, by the way. I think you have the hang of this… xxoo