More Turquoise Front Doors

Can you believe it’s been over a year since I wrote about my Turquoise Front Door?
In honor of this momentous anniversary, I’ve decided to share a few more turquoise lovelies with you. Painting my front door is still one of my most favorite projects and undoubtedly my most popular post to date.
But this past week I was able to help Kristi, a reader of Beyond the Screen Door, achieve her own turquoise front door.

Kristi contacted me several months ago when she realized we lived in the same area. I was able to help Kristi a bit with her boy’s bedroom and then she asked if I’d help her glaze her front door. Kristi painted her door the same Sherwin Williams Nifty Turquoise as my door and I came by the next day and glazed it for her! It was a great collaboration!
My friend, Tricia, also decided to have her front door painted Turquoise. 
 But Tricia took it a step further and had the inside painted as well!
I simply LOVE this way this turned out! Wouldn’t this just make you HAPPY each time you walked by your front door? 
Now, look at this…
Tricia had her island painted the same color! Okay, I’m thinking I may have to steal this idea! Another project to add to my list!
Have you painted anything turquoise lately?
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43 Responses to More Turquoise Front Doors

  1. Susan says:

    Sonya, both yours and Tricia’s doors are gorgeous. I love Tricia’s entry way.

  2. Bev says:

    that is my favorite door of all times – you know I painted my dining table turquoise because of that door (boy, do I miss that table) – love having the inside painted as well.

  3. Love the doors! Is turquoise the new red? LOL Y’all did such a great job with the glazing too!! Pretty!!

  4. I just love all these and you know I stole your idea for my front door, but had to use a terra cotta color since turquoise wouldn’t work with my house. I just love the glazing. That is what gives that extra oomph!

  5. Beautiful! I have never liked turquoise, teal, or anything in that color family, but then started seeing it around blog land and it started growing on me somewhat. The other night my walking partner was a bit late for our walk. She had spotted a little table/night stand type thing in her neighbor’s garbage and stopped and picked it up for me. Ooooh it was so ugly! I went to my local Sherwin Williams to get some paint and thought, I don’t really like the turquoise, and I have no money in this, so I will paint it turquoise and if I don’t like it, then no loss. I painted it, Nifty turquoise, distressed and glazed it, and I love it! I have been trying to find a place in my house for it, lol, but it was meant for my juntique store. I will show soon.

  6. janet says:

    I love your door…I have my french doors off my kitchen this color..teal…I am seriously thinking of staining mine a bit to achieve this look here..Awesome..Have a great week..

  7. I love those colorful doors and that island too! I really loved her entryway~still classy looking but an element of fun and self confidence is in the air.

  8. I love the door ~ but I really, really love the island!!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. L says:

    What a cheerful color! I love that it is an unexpected color to see on a front door or kitchen island. Well..unless you live in the southwest part of the country, then you see more colors like that. It is gorgeous, Sonya. Tricia’s turquoise island looks great
    among the other white cabinets.
    have a great day~ Lu

  10. I have always loved your front door, I am using that color with zebra accent’s in my bonus room, I am not finished yet but it is looking gorgeous!
    have a great day,

  11. Oh my Goodness!! All of these are gorgeous, the inside the outside and the island! AND I love the wreath on the door!! Fabulous!!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  12. Dee says:

    Great color choice. It’s very inviting, warm and welcoming.

  13. Gorgeous! This is making me want a turquoise door!

  14. oh boy that is pretty. I love it. I painted an owl turquoise the other day.

  15. Jennifer says:

    oooo those are fun!! Pretty, pretty!

  16. I’m just in love! That color is just amazing!

  17. andrea says:

    I sure have painted something turquoise! But I am lovin’ that door— such a show-stopper, and so unpredictable. andrea@townandprairie

  18. i love the color, not sure i could pull it off! lol it’s always something, i’m always adding to my list too! it’s all the amazing bloggers and their ideas! thanks for sharing!

  19. Audrey says:

    What a beautiful sense of color you have! I think you and I would be dangerous together. LOVE your turquoise! Audrey

  20. I am so glad to see this Turquoise door again. I painted mine lime green over the weekend and now I want to glaze it. Thanks for all sharing all your great ideas!

  21. Pamela says:

    Those are all so very fabulous! You started a craze!:)

  22. Sunday says:

    How ironic! I just painted my front door this past weekend with Nifty Turquoise and used all the products you suggested in your post from last year. I’m lovin it! Thanks for sharing your friend’s door. I wasn’t sure whether to leave the surrounding wood stained or painted. I’m going back and painting it this weekend! I went crazy with the Nifty Turquoise and painted some table legs too.

    Thank you!

  23. Denise says:

    Turquoise and most all of the robins egg blues are my absolute favorite colors. Even the gray blues. I LOVE those doors and that island. YUMMY!

  24. I love this color in design although I don’t have it incorporated into my own home! It is A LOT of fun and definitely makes a statement!

  25. I pinned the island photo just love it.

  26. Debbie Tibbs says:

    Ooooh I love turquoise. Looking around my house to see what I can paint that fab color.

  27. michele says:

    love it.

    found you via SSS. hope you can stop over where i am having a giveaway:


  28. I love turquoise and it really is pretty for a front door…especially here in Florida! We see lots of beachy colors! I live in a purple house! lol (it’s really lavender!

  29. Love Love Love all of the turquoise! That island is freakin amazing!

  30. Connie says:

    Love your turquoise door and also Ella. Boy, she could sure sing.
    You have a cute blog ~

  31. Sara says:

    Oh so gorgeous!! Your blog is so fun! Would LOVE it if you would share this at my turquoise lovin’ party going on right now!!

  32. Tyla says:

    Oooh…I love them all. I wish I were a little more risky in my decorating. It definitely needs some help.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me the “hearing aid” story. You had me laughing. I needed it, too. Thanks again, faraway friend.

  33. Betsy (BB) says:

    Sonya, I just love your turquoise items! I think it’s great to have a one year anniversary for a turquoise door! I just love them all!

  34. Love that Door! Thanks for great Ideas! JoAnn

  35. I am in love with your doors! So beautiful!! Visiting From my Front Porch to Yours. Also, have become your newest follower. Toodles, Kathryn

  36. craftedniche says:

    That really is the perfect shade of turquoise! Do you have a post on glazing… I’d love to read it!

    Dana @

  37. Katie says:

    I’m lovin’ the turquoise!

  38. Becolorful says:

    Such an amazing color. I featured your original door a while back and I had a designer ask me about it recently. You have started something here. :0 Thanks for linking up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  39. I featured this today at Mod Mix Monday!

  40. Marie says:

    I love love love it! I’ve been wanting to paint my pantry door a nice bright color. Thanks so much for the inspiration and linking up with us at Show & Share!


  41. Anonymous says:

    I think it may be Tricia’s entryway, but do you by chance know where she got her rug??? I love it and have been desperatley searching for one for my living room!

  42. Anne says:

    Found you on Funky Junk today – love turquoise!!!!!!!!!! I just painted my inside front door aqua and I am in love. In fact, aqua and turquoise are playing an ever larger role in my decorating these days. Love the fresh, brightness of that colour family.