Kitchen Banquette and Table Design

 Have you ever considered using a banquette in your kitchen? In some kitchens, this is the perfect solution for maximizing space.
 Pictured here is the banquette and super-sized kitchen table I designed for Integrative Medical Solutions.
Previously, I’ve shown you Wendy’s Office and Window Treatments as well as the IMS Waiting Room I had so much fun styling.
This banquette was the first project we designed for Wendy and her amazing staff at IMS.

Months ago, when Wendy first took me through her new medical facility she was quite frustrated with the limited space she had for seating in the office kitchen. 
Not only was the space limited, we needed to allow for traffic flow as well as space to comfortably seat up to 15 people!
I suggested that a custom banquette and table could be made to fit the space. Wendy, along her builder Bob Montgomery, jumped on board with this idea and asked me to draw out the design with dimensions. The trim carpenters took my design and made it a reality! Then the painters added life to that reality with stain, paint and glaze!   
The banquette was designed to nestle into an L-shape corner of the kitchen. 
The custom table was then designed in an irregular pentagon shape to accommodate as many as possible, as well as allow for traffic flow.  
On the left, angled side of the table is a distressed rustic bench.
The bench was a great addition to the kitchen to allow for more seating and can easily be scooted up close to the table when not in use thus not hindering traffic. 
In another corner, just to the left of the bench is this industrial looking table and stool set.
Between the banquette, bench, chairs and stools there is now enough room for up to 16 to eat in this kitchen at the same time!
Mission, beautifully accomplished!!!
The two chandeliers in the space are identical in design but in two sizes.  
The larger one (shown here) hangs over the custom table while the smaller one was placed in the corner above the small industrial table. 
The two chairs used in the kitchen have the most amazing paint finish. The reason I consider this amazing is because I was totally fooled into thinking these were distressed metal chairs! They’re not! 
Maybe I should clarify that the seat and back is not metal. The frame itself is metal but the cool distressed paint finish is actually painted on a wood or mdf type surface. 
If any of you wonderfully talented painters out there know how to duplicate this finish, PLEASE pass this along to the rest of us! I would love to use this effect on other projects. 
 I love seeing so many elements come together to create an amazing and functional dining space for this office! 
Takes eating leftovers to a whole new level! 

Banquette Paint: Pittsburg Paint French Riveria
Industrial chairs, table and stools: Creative Co-op
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12 Responses to Kitchen Banquette and Table Design

  1. I love everything about this kitchen!! The banquette and it’s fabulous colors, that cute industrial bistro set and LOVE LOVE the chandy!!

  2. What a fun and decorative spot for family and friends to gather!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Lisa says:

    This is such a fun office space! I love everything you’ve done to it. I know the owners are thrilled with the results!

  4. Sonia says:

    Beautiful banquette and table! Love the colors and the painted bead board. Gorgeous space!
    Miss Bloomers

  5. What a great use of space, Sonya! Love the design of this. I’ve always loved the look of a banquette in a kitchen.

  6. Denise says:

    Check out Modern Masters paints at Mungers Paint. They have a great variety of products with patinas that you can spray on to produce different metal effects. Heather and I built a canopy bed out of PVC then used their products to give it a metal finish, you couldn’t tell it from the real thing. People were amazed. Love everything you did. Those chandeliers are spectacular!

  7. NanaDiana says:

    I love it, love it, love it. That color is phenomenal!!! xo Diana

  8. bj says:

    The whole thing is just awesome. I love it all and the chandys…WONDERFUL.

  9. Sandy says:

    Love banquettes and wish I had room for one in my kitchen! Your design is awesome and of course you used your wonderful signature color turquoise! Such a beautiful thing to have drawn plans become a reality! Love the lilttle metal table and chairs too.

  10. What a wonderful design, I’m really loving the chandeliers.

  11. I love banquettes in a kitchen! My friend has one, with a large slab of granite as the table top. It adds such a cozy niche to the kitchen!

  12. We’ve been looking at houses, and the smaller ones around here, seem to have the banquettes.