Satellite Images and Space Planing

Not space planning as in astronauts
 but space planning as in furniture arranging!

My brother-in-law, Keith, called me the other day to ask for help arranging patio furniture.
No, big deal.…except it was
 7 sets of patio furniture, 
for a church courtyard, 
1200 miles away!

The tables and chairs are scheduled to be delivered soon and he wanted a general idea of placement before they arrived. 
 Keith sent several photos showing the church courtyard in 360 degree views. Even though I’ve seen this space, it had been a while and I was having trouble truly visualizing the proportions.   
 While looking at the pictures I thought, “If only he had climbed on the roof for a picture! Now that would really have helped.”
But I do have that picture!
Well, I have access to a image with that view. 
The fact that we have access to this kind of satellite imagery is both a bit cool and a bit creepy at the same time. But that’s another post for another day for another blogger.
I looked up the church on Google Maps and used the satellite image to zoom in on the courtyard! 
Then using Keith’s photos and the satellite image I came up with a plan. 
Even though Keith insists this drawing was helpful, I’m not sure how?Good grief, the tables are drawn the size of swimming pools!

But I think it gave him peace of mind to have a course of action
 so I was glad to be of help.
This courtyard, an extension of The Grapevine at Trinity Worship Center in Burlington, NC (remember the faux stone walls and brick columns?) is a great place to visit and fellowship! 

This was a first for me. I honestly can’t see myself using satellite images as a design tool very often but you never know. 
It sure came in handy this time. 

Have you ever tried the satellite images on Google maps?

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5 Responses to Satellite Images and Space Planing

  1. Awesome! Never seen this implemented before.
    Have a wonderful day, my friend
    TTFN ~

  2. NanaDiana says:

    Great job-It looks great and worked out perfectly. It is hard to tell someone what to do without actually being thee! Well, unless you are giving your husband instructions over the phone. xo Diana

  3. Great idea! I had forgotten about your connection to Burlington- we lived in Burlington for several years, and I remember visiting TWC.

  4. Gypsy Heart says:

    Well, you did a marvelous job! Yes, I’ve used the satellite views via Google and it is very intriguing as well as a bit scary. My ex “found” me somehow…perhaps this is the method. No harm done to me but very uncomfortable. :/


  5. bj says:

    Heavens, no…I never even HEARD of it. :))
    I am olden and sooo out of it all. :)

    I sure would love to have just one of those tables and chairs and an awesome red umbrella. COOL…
    and my cousin’s name is Keith,
    my brother’s name is Keith,
    and my son’s name is Keith.
    Now THAT’S COOL. :))