The Thing About Clocks

 I love clocks.
I love them in all shapes and sizes. 
I love how they look in a space; 
how they add warmth, character and functionality.
Well, if you take the time to replace the batteries, they’re functional. 

These are a few my favorites from around the house. The one shown above sits on the mantle and is my newest clock purchase.
 Even though it’s new, I love the old, vintage feel.

 You’ve probably seen this clock if you’ve read my post about our kitchen. It’s still one of my favorites even though it takes me weeks after the time change or the battery runs out to get around to resetting it. 
 It’s not exactly the handiest clock to reach. 
 This clock is made by Bassett Mirror Company.
This sweet little guy was given to me by my SIL, Gina and hangs in my work room among who knows what all. 
This clock was one of those purchases where you have no idea where you’ll use it but you know you love it. 
It hangs in my bathroom above the tub.   
I recently gathered this little group together to sit on a shelf in the guest bath. If you’ve got random, small clocks scattered throughout the house you might consider bringing them all together in one space as a collection. 
This one will always be special. 
Years ago when my sister, Sheri and her husband were remodeling their 100+ year old farmhouse, much of the original trim had to be replaced.  Sheri was able to salvage some of these square corner blocks. She turned a few of them into clocks. This one shows the many layers of paint through the years. 

I have to constantly remind myself when I see a great clock (especially a unique one) that I really don’t need it. 
Or have a place for it.
 But it doesn’t stop me from admiring it. 
That said, I am on the lookout for an over-sized, outdoor clock for our back porch. Purely for function, of course.  

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16 Responses to The Thing About Clocks

  1. Love your clock collection. I have a small clock face collection. Have a great weekend.

  2. Stacey says:

    You have some great clocks. I love collections of them too. Also, love the great big one. My husband has a grandfather clock – luckily in this house it isn’t close to our bedroom. That thing dongs loudly!

  3. Sonya, what a great collection! I love the way you have them all displayed…so pretty!

  4. I completely forgot about the grandfather clock! LOL! Since it’s not chiming at the moment (or once in the last hmmm…15 years) I didn’t think about it!

  5. I have a clock in every room of our house, Sonya! It’s a sickness, I think! I wonder if I like them so much because I’m always on time or early to where I need to be. It would be interesting to find that out about people who love clocks. I just saw some great ones at Hobby Lobby. Those big, big wall ones. Gorgeous! Of course, I have nowhere to put one, so I walked away disappointed. They might work for you though for your outside space.

  6. Love that clock, and I think I have the same artwork. I actually have two that are exactly alike, so I turned one sideways so it looks like they are two that go together.

  7. Marydon says:

    What a beautiful collection you have.
    Have a fabulous day ~
    TTFN ~

  8. Kaleigh says:

    “Well, if you take the time to replace the batteries, they’re functional.”

    I think that should be on our family crest or something. And I think we need a family crest. lol

  9. I do love all of these clocks! Your newest one is precious. My faves would have to be the second clock and the one made from trim from your sister’s house. But like I said, I love them all!!

  10. Ryan says:

    I’m into clocks too. And for some reason “bowls”. I have bowls of all kinds all over. Just love them.

  11. Love them all, especially the one hanging in your kitchen. Oh, and I really love the colors in that first pic.

  12. NanaDiana says:

    Wow- What a great collection of clocks. I really LOVE the one that hangs in your kitchen- xo Diana

  13. I love all of the clocks, but my favorite is the farmhouse clock. What a great idea!

  14. Marydon says:

    Come join our cause for Zoe, I deeply appreciate this.

    TTFN ~

  15. Lovely clocks! I have an eclectic collection, too…just can not pass them by….new or old. My favorite in your collection is the one from your sister….all those coats of paint♥

  16. I love the clock made from architectural salvage. Absolutely wonderful. Your sister is really creative!