Christmas ’12 Mantle & Stockings

Several times here on the blog I’ve confessed my ongoing battle with color vs neutral.

Last year, we had the Color vs Neutral: Christmas Edition and debated the possibility of a split decorating personality.

This year we have a clear winner in the battle…The Neutrals.

And now the stockings are finally all hung.

It took me quite a while to complete them even though I started way back in the summer. Each one is unique made from different fabrics, scraps and techniques.  I’m anticipating this will make it easier when the time comes to add a new one. :)

There’s burlap with a rag quilt cuff, chenilles and custom ribbon fringe

laces, velvet cuffs, ruffle details…

and leftovers from the chenille pumpkin project.

Originally, I had the stockings all hanging the same direction. But for some reason that bugged me.  So, I switched direction on the two stockings that were reversible and now I like it much better. With 8 different stockings, I like the fact that they’re not hanging so uniform.

We glittered 2″ chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby making initials to designate each family member’s stocking.  They are simply attached with jute looped around each stocking’s hanger.

There’s already been several discussions between my girls laying claim to “their” stocking. Which may or may not be the one with their initial on it.

For the mantle I used the same garland I’ve used for years, removed the “color”, kept the natural elements and added sprays of white painted jingle bells.  I’ve also had the painted jingle bells for years but had never used them scattered throughout a garland like this. A Shaggy Fabric Wreath was added above.

And there you have this year’s winner of the Color vs Neutral Battle: Christmas Edition.

Coming up next…the neutral version of our “We Three Trees”.


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9 Responses to Christmas ’12 Mantle & Stockings

  1. Love your stockings, Sonya! Great idea to do them up differently yet in the same color scheme. It does make it so much easier to add in new ones. I’m hoping to do a few new ones next year. Love the glittered letters to designate whose stocking is whose, too.

  2. Lisa says:

    Beautiful! I love all the stockings and think you did an incredible job with co-ordinating all the fabrics. Your mantle looks holiday ready!

  3. Shenita says:

    Sonya, your stockings are so pretty! Love your mantel! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Stacy says:

    Those stockings are gorgeous! Love that you are coming over to the neutral side (although my Christmas decorations are anything but!)

    Can’t wait to see the trees! Love and miss you!!

  5. Beth says:

    I have to agree with Stacy….love the neutrals…they’re so calming. I also love the way you add the initials. Everything you make is beautiful whether neutral or colorful!

  6. Traci says:

    I’m the same way with having the stockings facing the same direction. It just doesn’t look right!!

  7. Cynthia says:

    I love your mantel it is so bright and festive I love the bells and that clock is gorgeous. The wreath is beautiful.


  8. Debbie Newlon says:

    THANKS Sonya for the great idea for personalizing stockings! I love it. I have been looking for a unique way to mark them for awhile now. I went straight to Hobby Lobby and got the materials to make my letters tonight.

  9. Oh Sonya, I adore these stockings!! I love that they are all different, yet they compliment one another so well! The glittered initials are the icing! Gotta love a little sparkle! Thank you for sharing…you have inspired me!