Brown not Boring Dining Room Window Treatments

Who says brown is boring?

When it comes to colors for her home, Linda is drawn to brown. Browns, tans, beige…basically any shade in the brown family.

When we set out to find fabric for new dining room window treatments she naturally gravitated to the browns. Brown but definitely not boring. The luscious brown damask she chose is absolutely gorgeous and has a beautiful drape perfect for window treatments.

BEFORE…with her dining room table protected for the installation.


We all know in the blogging community the #1 rule is NO FLASH.

I get it.

I understand it.

I strive to achieve it.

It’s easier said than done.

When photographing windows this is often the result.

That’s why here on Beyond the Screen Door you get to see details.

Up close shots of the fabrics and trims in all their beauty.

Leaving a little bit to the imagination.

Between us…we’ll just pretend this is all done on purpose. :)


2013! I love the freshness a brand new year brings. A time for lists, for looking forward, for goals, for organizing, anticipation and expectations!

Have you set any big goals for 2013? Are you like me and have more goals and ideas and projects in mind than you will ever have the time to accomplish?  Maybe I won’t accomplish them all but that’s okay. I’m looking forward to trying.

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13 Responses to Brown not Boring Dining Room Window Treatments

  1. Sonia says:

    Gorgeous details and the brown damask!!
    Miss Bloomers

  2. Nana Diana says:

    Definitely not boring. It looks really great and I love all the details. They are wonderful and the end result looks great- xo Diana

  3. Great colors and fabric!! I am also admiring the shapes added,. the tall rectangle drapes framing the curved widow. Love it. Happy New Year sweet Sonya!! My goals are numerous but motivating so far, LOL, And they include new curtains for three rooms!! : ))

  4. Stacey says:

    The way you put brown together it’s never boring!

  5. Cynthia says:

    Beautiful window treatments, I love the detailing and the fabric.


  6. Beautiful, Sonya! You are definitely the window treatment Queen! : ) Love the panels and the cafe style curtains. The fabrics and trims go so well together. So glad you can still see the shape of that beautiful window, too.

  7. Irene says:

    Love the panels! I’m thinking I might need something like that in the living room. I love the new drapes, but something is missing……wanna help me out?? You are so talented!

  8. Candace says:

    Where do you get your rods? Love everything all the time. Candace

  9. Cindy says:

    Such talent Sonya! Love these draperies and the trim…BEAUTIFUL!

  10. Traci says:

    I LOVE BROWN!! I know everyone is going all light & airy but I just love all the shades in the brown/beige/tan family. The drapes are gorgeous!

  11. Sonya, You are so right about browns! They can be earthy and natural or as the ones you postes, they can be as decedent as rich chocolate!!! What a beautiful job!!! I always have trouble shooting something in front of a bright window, too!

  12. Tyla says:

    Well, I have always loved brown, and you did a great job on the drapes….wish you lived in Tennessee.

  13. Pamela says:

    So pretty Sonya!! Thanx for partying lady!