Chandelier Transformation

Every now and then, a midst our love of painting white everything that is old, there is the occasional decorative accessory that bucks the system.

This beautiful white, shabby (due to age not intent) chandelier has hung in Eva’s dining room for 30 years or more. Original to the house, each time she dusted more and more of the peeling paint fell off.

Eva was ready for a change. A big change.


As much as I hated to cover up the naturally aged beauty of Eva’s chandelier, we decided an updated, oil-rubbed bronze finish was what it needed.

My handy husband agreed to take over the spray painting duties for me. After cleaning and lightly sanding the chandelier he hung it from the over head garage door tracks, rigged a painting station out of an old cutting board and spray painted the chandelier oil rubbed bronze.  *Old cutting boards are so handy for paint projects!

Scott even took pictures so we’d have a glimpse of the “during” process.

When you look at this picture do you see anything that makes you think…hmmm?  I did.


Confession time.

I have a hard time delegating. Especially when it’s for a client. I want it done right! I have this tendency to think that how I do things right, is the right way to do things right.

You could call it being a perfectionist or a micro-manager or just a desire to be in charge (probably the latter one)…but either way it can be an issue.

When I saw the way Scott had wrapped the candle covers my first thought was “there’s going to be paint all over those things!”  It wasn’t done right! I went to take a look at the chandelier and was all prepared with my argument of “this is how it should have been done!”

But it wasn’t necessary. All was good. The chandelier looked great. The candle covers were clean. He did a great job! His way. Maybe there’s hope for me yet. (Note: My trouble with delegating does NOT apply to household chores. Those I’ll gladly delegate.)


To add depth to the oil-rubbed bronze finish, I added antique gold highlights.  I started this process while painting at the kitchen table and quickly realized I couldn’t see what I was doing because the sun was so bright!

Chandelier 4

I used antique gold Rub ‘n Buff I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Normally, the easiest way to use Rub ‘n Buff is with your finger but found that in this case using an old artist paint brush was much better.

Here you can see I’m now painting on my kitchen island complete with fast food cups and water bottles. You can also see the difference between the highlights added to the upper portion of the chandelier and the plain ORB spray paint at the bottom.

The Rub ‘n Buff was applied in small sections…

then immediately rubbed off with an old towel until I got the desired effect. You have to work very quickly because the Rub ‘n Buff tends to dry fast.

It never ceases to amaze me the difference you can make with a bit of paint.

Chandelier Makeover 1

Looks like a brand new chandelier!

The chandelier will be installed by the client.  I’ll post a photo of the chandelier hanging in Eva’s dining room as soon as it’s available. 

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10 Responses to Chandelier Transformation

  1. Stacey says:

    Looks really pretty. I always amazes me how we can transform any chandelier into something so different with a little creativity.

  2. Great job! It looks fabulous! Blessings, Tammy

  3. Awesome transformation. It looks brand new.

  4. Oh Sonya, the gold accents made all the difference! It looks like it came from the store like that, not like it was just an old chandy that got a new coat of spraypaint! :) I

  5. reneesbeachy says:

    Beautiful transformation!

  6. lu says:

    Love the new transformation. So pretty.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your antiquing process. I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

  8. DeDe says:

    Great transformation. It turned out so pretty! You are so right about a little paint!
    I just started a new link party and would love if you would come on over and share your post or social media sites.


  9. Ahrisha says:

    Your chandy has a new life and it is so pretty. I recently cleaned one up that I bought at auction. Stop by and have a look.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  10. Linda says:

    VERY beautiful! My sister has been talking about Rub and Buff for a while. I need to get some. What a difference in that chandelier. I’d love to have you share this with my followers at my link party on my blog. Hope to see you. Linda i’m pinning this also! Thanks.