His and Her Mirror TV’s for the Master Bath

Have you ever thought about installing his and her televisions for your master bath?

What if they were hidden? Do you see them?

Matching mirror tv’s…one for each of the matching vanities.

Turn on your hidden television and you have a clear, sharp image of the morning news while you’re getting ready for your day. Turn off your tv and it appears to be a regular mirror. This would be quite the luxury. I’m sure if I had the chance I could get used to it.

This Allenton Custom Homes master bathroom was featured during the 2012 OKC Parade of Homes. The texture of the rough stonework above each vanity makes a such strong contrast against the sleek finishes found throughout the bath. I especially love the tiny, metallic glass tile mosaic used in the tub surround.

A few more images from my tour of the 2012 Parade of Homes.

Who likes having a television in the bathroom? (Either way…hidden or not)

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2 Responses to His and Her Mirror TV’s for the Master Bath

  1. Lori says:

    The last hotel I stayed at in Dallas had one of those. Pretty cool. I kept it on most of the time.

  2. Stacey says:

    I’ve seen those before. Having a TV in every room isn’t our thing. I’ll let someone else have that one. :)