Pink, Girly and Glamorous Master Closet

Beyond the Screen Door Pink Master Closet (2)If you’re a girly girl you’re going to love this closet. Tara is a girl who loves details and she put loads of charming details in her closet.

Beyond the Screen Door Pink Master Closet

Pink walls, white cabinetry and a rolling ladder to take advantage of tall ceilings.

Beyond the Screen Door Pink Master Closet (3)Chandeliers

Beyond the Screen Door Master Closet BlingPink glass knobs and blingy silver hardware.

Beyond the Screen Door Blingy Hardware


Beyond the Screen Door Damask Ceiling

Pink damask wallpapered ceiling

Tara had her trim carpenters make this built-in laundry hamper. The resulting hamper was so deep and heavy that it wasn’t very functional so she decided to go a different direction.

Beyond the Screen Door Laundry Hamper

A local store, Room 22, made this adorable velvet curtain which was originally intended for the closet window.  The curtain ended up being way to big for the window. Tara came up with the idea to remove the cumbersome laundry hamper and replace it with the curtain. We repurposed the curtains by hanging them from a small curtain rod installed inside the cabinet. Much more functional and loads cuter!

Beyond the Screen Door Pink Velvet & Lace Curtain Beyond the Screen Door Pink Velvet Curtain

Beyond the Screen Door Master Closet BenchSo many gorgeous, girly details with last but not least being the luscious soft-under-your-feet rug and ruffled pink chenille bench (Room 22). With all these lovely details I can’t decide which is my favorite!

Maybe it will be this…

Beyond the Screen Door Ribbon Hem on Cafe CurtainComing up next…a new cafe curtain made for the tiny corner window since we repurposed the original velvet one and more of this pink and girly closet.

More of Tara’s home here.

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8 Responses to Pink, Girly and Glamorous Master Closet

  1. Pat says:

    Wow! How beautiful and functional too. Amazing to have that much space ~


  2. What a gorgeous closet! Makes me want to kick my hubby out of ours! : )

  3. Kim says:

    What a pretty closet! I really like the pink walls and the bench, well, the mirror, too ;).

  4. Jill Flory says:

    Oh that closet is to die for! I love it! how totally fun – I just love those blingy drawer pulls!

  5. Cynthia says:

    Love this closet!! I adore that mirror in the first shot so beautiful. The handles on the cabinets add that little bit of bling.


  6. wow, that is one gorgeous closet! I’d have to get a whole new wardrobe ’cause my current one just doesn’t belong in something that glamorous! 🙂

  7. Traci says:

    I LOVE this closet!!!!

  8. Pamela says:

    I love all the pink and bling and oh my that damask ceiling!!