Window Treatment Solution for the Master Bath

Beyond the Screen Door-Master Bath Window (3)I love finding unique and charming details in houses. The kind of details we expect to find in older homes but don’t see as often in new construction.

One detail we do see quite often is arches. Arched doorways, windows, niches. These are a great way of adding character but often end up presenting decorating dilemmas like “How am I supposed to hang curtains on this arched window? and What on earth am I going to put in that niche?”.

Cassity’s new home has a stunning barrel ceiling over the master bathroom tub. Beautiful but a potential dilemma for window treatments.

Beyond the Screen Door-Master Bath Window BeforeCassity’s dilemma (complete with adorable little boy, of course).


The barrel ceiling over her tub, the ledge behind the tub, the inset window, the wall space on either side of the window plus the arched fur down (soffit, bulkhead) above the window all work together to create quite a window treatment dilemma.


We began the process by making a template of the arch. Cassity and I took wrapping paper, shaped it to the arch and drew out the exact angle. I wish I’d thought to ask one of her kids to take a picture of us making this template! It’s was quite the event.

Not quite trusting myself with this project I asked my local workroom to make this window treatment for me. I took the template and they made the arched board to which the window treatment will be attached.

Beyond the Screen Door-Cornice Board (2)

Beyond the Screen Door-Cornice Board Beyond the Screen Door-Cornice Board EndThe arched board is approximately 80″ wide and will be installed with screws straight into the ceiling of the arch.  I took the extra step of testing the arched board in it’s new space before the workroom finished the window treatment. It fit like a glove! Whew!

The window treatment consists of two panels gathered on the arched board with a flirty little valance peeking out and a simple sheer curtain over the window.

Beyond the Screen Door-Master Bath WindowThe panels are made from a gorgeous textured gray and tan chenille. The flirty little gathered valance is an aqua blue that closely matches the wall color. The sheer covering the window (which is a bit hard to see) is an ivory, textural stripe simply gathered on a rod with a small header. We chose to mount the sheer inside the window but another option would have been to extended it wall to wall.

Beyond the Screen Door-Master Bath Window (2)

Cassity wanted to play up the arch and hide what she considered an ugly window while still letting in plenty of light.

Beyond the Screen Door Master Bath Window

I think we accomplished just that in additional to adding loads of drama and charm to her master bathroom. The sheer would be a great solution for an older home needing replacement windows while the arched board could be adapted to just about any situation with a window treatment dilemma.

Beyond the Screen Door-Embellished Towel

The last touch to Cassity’s master bath was a few crisp, white hand towels embellished with left over fabric.

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8 Responses to Window Treatment Solution for the Master Bath

  1. Love the sheers on the windows themselves, Sonya! I like that they accomplish covering up the window but don’t take away from the main treatment.

  2. Cindy says:

    Looks so pretty. Love the fabric and the sheers are such a soft addition.

  3. Beautiful window treatments. I love that flirty little insert. :)

  4. Cynthia says:

    Love this room with its chadelier, the sheers give just enough privacy without blocking out the light. Great job as usual.


  5. Kristie says:

    A perfect solution, Sonya! You took a beautiful bath with a challenging window situation and created harmony and balance, while realizing it’s full potential as a picture perfect spa retreat for your client! What talent! Have a great week! ~Kristie

  6. Cindy says:

    Had to come back by to say it’s great having you at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  7. Cindy says:

    That is a beautiful solution. If it were mine, I think I would have made a pull down Roman blind for it in an interesting fabric. But yours is more elegant and makes use of the lovely lines of the ceiling.
    Have a great day!