Burlap Ribbon Growth Chart Tutorial

Growth ChartHere’s a cute little project I made a while back that I thought I’d share with you. A sweet young Mom contacted me after finding a picture of a similar Burlap Ribbon Growth Chart wondering if I could make one for her.

Sure! I’m always up for a new project. But I can’t take any credit what-so-ever for the concept of this project. I simply played copy-cat.

6' Growth Chart

Round metal rimmed hang tags, attached with over sized safety pins, are labeled with names, dates and ages to identify those growing babies.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2.25 yds burlap ribbon (found at Hobby Lobby)
  • grommet and hardware for installation
  • large safety pins
  • round metal ring hang tags (office supply)
  • sewing machine or glue
  • stencils, sponge brush and black craft paint
  • fine tip permanent marker

Turn under upper edge of burlap ribbon 1/2″ twice. Iron flat and sew or glue in place. 
Mark placement for grommet 1.5″ below fold.
Cut small circle for grommet in burlap.

Growth Chart SuppliesYour grommet kit will come with a base that is used as support when hammering the grommet together. Place the base under your burlap ribbon.  The front side of the post portion of the grommet will rest in this base.

Grommet DetailPlace top portion of grommet (with post facing the back side of growth chart) in hole.

Grommet Detail (5)

Wrong side of post portion of grommet.
Grommet Detail (6)

Place pronged ring over post. Grommet Detail (4)Grommet Detail (3)Place grommet tool in grommet and hammer flat. Grommet Detail on Growth Chart (2)My first attempt at hammering the grommet on my work table produced “0” results. I had better luck after moving to the garage floor where I gave it a really good whack. The grommet hammered flat perfectly.  Grommet Detail (2)After my grommet was in place I top stitched the upper & lower hems in place.

After marking the spacing for my 6 feet of growth chart I carefully stenciled the numbers 1-6 with black craft paint and a sponge brush.  Number 1 was placed 12″ from the bottom of the chart.

Grommet Detail on Growth Chart

I used a permanent marker to make the graduated lengths of tick marks for the inch spacing between numbers.

Growth Chart

Metal hang tags with craft paper centers instead of the white paper would be super cute with this project. They were quite a bit more expensive than the white tags but the craft paper would look nice against the burlap.

6' Growth ChartA cute and simple project for marking just how fast those kiddos grow!


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2 Responses to Burlap Ribbon Growth Chart Tutorial

  1. Mary Feguson says:

    What a great idea and a wonderful gift for a mom to be. Many thanks for this idea.

  2. That is an adorable idea for a growth chart, love it!