How I Got Rid of Old Magazines and Gave My Husband a Cold

Or so he says….

I hope everyone had a blessed Mother’s Day! We had a wonderful day in the Hamilton House.  See a few details of our day by following along on Instagram! Details below. 

Now, about this accusation of giving my husband a cold…

In the cleaning out process for my garage sale I decided I HAD to get rid of these old magazines. It’s amazing how attached you get to these things. But the clutter had to go!

Stack of Magazines

Project “Get Rid of Magazines” took over 2 weeks. Remember Country Home? Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion? Cottage Living? These were like old friends!

I flipped through magazines while eating breakfast, eating lunch, riding in the car, cooking dinner, any spare moment during the day and before bed each night reducing this stack to a small collection of tear sheets.

I have to admit it was an annoying process. I was flipping through these noisy magazines at rapid fire speed yet being careful I wasn’t throwing away any pages of pertinent inspiration. My husband, Scott, claimed he woke up each morning with a sore throat due to the breeze I was creating. Wimp. 🙂

It was all worth it. I sold loads of magazines at the impressive price of 10 for $1.00. One customer even came back the second day of the sale to buy more.  One precious lady left the garage sale saying, “This is such a great day! I’m leaving with treasures and carrying magazines in a bucket! What could be better?” 🙂 So much better than throwing them away.


Vintage Threads

I’ve met some of the sweetest people since blogging. Debra contacted me several months ago for an e-consultation regarding a project she was working on.

Vintage Thread

A few weeks later I received a gift in the mail. These amazing vintage threads.

Vintage Thread (2) Thank you, Debra! You are so sweet!

If you’d like more information on these vintage threads you can contact Debra – Seller “diddibag” on Ebay for details.

Vintage Thread (3)

Spam Comments

Aren’t they a nuisance? You may notice when you leave a comment that I recently had to switch to “Your comment will be visible after approval”.  I apologize for this but I’m being attacked these days with a ridiculous amount of spam. Ridiculous, I tell you! So, until I can get this under control I’ll be approving your comments as quickly as I can.

Bushel Basket Light Fixture

I’ve been saving this photo of an oh-so-cool light fixture for months now and hadn’t worked it into a post yet.

Mud Room Light

Since this post appears to be one of the most random posts I’ve written to date…I thought it fit quite well.

How fun is this? I love the look. The color. The shape. All of it! This adorable light fixture hangs in Cassity’s mudroom. Definitely worth sharing.

Mud Room Light 1You can find a similar chandelier here.

Following Along 

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That’s enough randomness for one day!

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12 Responses to How I Got Rid of Old Magazines and Gave My Husband a Cold

  1. LOL that was so much fun! I too love random posts but hate spam comments. And how relatable is the magazine purging… WOW yes they do feel like old friends, huh? Good job on being vigilant, not an easy task. LOL
    Sonya that turquoise light fixture is so much fun. Have I ever told you that your turquoise front door is how I first found your blog years ago? So pretty.

  2. Stacey says:

    I like random posts. 🙂

    That’s a very cool light fixture. Did we see the whole mudroom? I’ll go back and look.

    I tear out pages from magazines and save them in a notebook. Some pages are 10 years old and I still love them.

  3. Oh gosh, that magazine stack looks a lot like what I had to go through before we moved, Sonya. I really hated to get rid of quite a few of them, but it’s not like I had looked through them recentl,y and when you are paying the movers by weight, every little bit not taken helps. It sounds like you made some people very happy by selling them.

  4. Sonya…love the light!!…and the color is beautiful and how nice of Debra to send you those gorgeous vintage threads!…I am the worst magazine hoarder…have boxes and boxes of them..just recently went through about 100 of them to take to the local medical center … they love it when I bring them magazines…I still have the Mary Englebreit and old issues of Southern Accents..I hated it when they stopped that publication..

  5. What a fun post! 🙂 I save magazines until I can’t stand the clutter any more, but don’t usually go through them before purging- I’m afraid it would make it too difficult to purge. Love that light fixture!

  6. Megin says:

    Love Love Love that bushel light! Such a pretty color!
    I’m visiting you today from a Stroll Thru Life. I co-host a Linky Party Tuesday (open thru Sat). I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog, leave a comment and Link Up, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Join me each Tuesday for Brag About It Link Up Party

  7. Yes, magazine and decor books are way out of control at my house. Love all that wonderfu thread, how fabulous is that. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  8. Jenna says:

    very fun! your hubs comment sounds like something mine would have said, they love to tell us how they suffer! Love what the shopper said about taking mags home in a bucket, too hilarious! I recently saw a barrel type light fixture at a beach restaurant and thought it was the coolest thing ever, Love your turquoise painted one!

  9. Jenna says:

    I love your bushel basket light fixture! The turquoise is gorgeous! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  10. My name is Katie and I am admitted hoarder of magazines. There, I said it. Love your blog and sent your link to my non-blogging (do you believe there are people in this world that don’t blog)? Sista – she will fall in love with your bushel basket light fixture.

  11. pam says:

    Love to read your blog. I have a love affair with magazines that started when I was about 8 years old. My family did not subscribe to any magazines but my Aunt Dottie did. I would go to her house and sit for hours just looking at her magazines. I read a little bit and looked at pictures [a lot]. As an adult, I subscribe to many magazines. I have trouble parting with my magazines and couldn’t throw them away. I take my ‘used’ magazines to the nursing homes in my area. They use them in their crafts as well as for their clients to read. Nursing homes and assistive living centers are so expensive to live in, the individual probably doesn’t have the cash for magazine subscriptions. It is so much easier to get rid of old magazines when I know that someone else will be able to experience the joy of reading them.

  12. Another nice thing one may do with magazines: donate to women’s shelters, most hospitals take them too.

    I love you didn’t put them in the recycle and another gal/s can read them. We recetly purged all mine, too – I didn’t flip for fear of the tearing out. I just winced and let the hubs take them to donate. Wasn’t easy but so freeing not having the clutter.

    Good for you.