A Gifted Gardener

Blue Lobelia and Yellow Petunia

The past couple of weeks I’ve been in North Carolina helping my lovely niece get ready for her wedding that was held this past weekend. It’s be a crazy few days! But so much fun!

Of course they’ll be plenty of pictures coming soon but if you’d like a sneak peek be sure to visit me on Instagram at beyondthescreendoor or Facebook throughout the next few days.

In the meantime I’d like to share a bit of my Mom’s garden. I am constantly amazed by her gardening talent. I take after my Mom in so many ways but I did not inherit her gift of gardening. But my sister did! Maybe I’m just a late bloomer! 🙂 Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Combo Pot with Nandina, Red Verbena, Yellow Petunia and Blue Lobelia

Red Verbena, yellow Petunias, blue Lobelia and a Nandina share a home.

Pink Calibrachoa and Purple Homestead VerbenaPink Calibrachoa and purple Homestead Verbena

Stella D Ora Day Lilly

Yellow Stella D’oro Day Lillies

1-Asparagus Fern and Bicycle Garden ArtAn Asparagus Fern rides in the basket of a very old bike (surely that can’t be mine?) which now doubles as Garden Art. In the background you can see a huge Hosta planted in a galvanized bucket, Azaleas and Aucubas.

Old Bike as Garden ArtAnyone remember Moore’s Potato Chips and the Smiley stickers? I put them everywhere!

Hosta in Galvaninzed Bucket, Salmon Azalea and AcubaHere’s a trick that all clever gardener’s are probably already aware of.

Through out Mom’s garden you’ll find large containers holding plants and shrubs that are most often found planted in the ground.

Potted Nandina

A Nandina shrub mixed with a bit of ivy finds a home on the patio.

Potted Ivy and Potted Hosta

Out in the garden you’ll find pots of Ivys, Hostas and Asparagus Ferns. I love this idea!

Pink Shamrock One of my most favorite flowers in Mom’s garden is this dainty little Pink Shamrock.

Pink Shamrock leaf detail Salmon AzaleaSalmon Azaleas

Yellow Asiatic Lillies

Yellow Asiatic Lillies

Red Asiatic Lilly

Red Asiatic Lillies

Spiderwort Spiderwort and FriendLook at the little fellow who visited me while I was taking pictures of this Spiderwort!

Spiderwort and Friend 2)

Blooming - Pink Rose Campion, White Hydrangea, Rose of Sharon and Spiderwort

In this pic you can see a Pink Rose Campion blooming in the foreground and white Hydrangeas in the background. The plant to the left of the Rose Campion is a Spiderwort just about to bloom while a Rose of Sharon stands just behind the Rose Campion.

Yellow PrimroseThanks to Miss Bloomers we now know that this is a Yellow Primrose! Many of the plants in Mom’s garden came from family members. Her sister gave her this sweet little flower but neither one of them were aware of it’s name. I sent a picture to Miss Bloomers and she saved the day! Thank you, Sonia!

Yellow Primrose (2)

We walk through Mom’s garden while she names off every single flower (I know about 1/4 of them) where she found it, who gave it to her or from who’s home it came.

The family history in this garden is as rich as the family history inside her home, her pictures and her memories. It’s a treasure!


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14 Responses to A Gifted Gardener

  1. Stacey says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I love garden peeks.

  2. Pamela says:

    Just beautiful!

  3. Beth says:

    Beautiful flowers captured by an awesome photographer! I didn’t see one dark spot on a bloom. They all look perfect!

  4. mishelle says:

    So inspiring. I can ‘t even remember the names of all my plants.lol.But if they were given to me , or had a story maybe i would.I love the fact your moms garden has stories to share.

  5. Traci says:

    What a gorgeous garden! I have a few of the same plants & I saw some I’d like to have too!

  6. Mary Feguson says:

    Your mothers garden is just beautiful. She really has a green thumb.

  7. Cynthia says:

    Your moms garden is beautiful, I love all the variety of plants. I am a huge Hostas lover and haven’t been able to grow any here with the animals. In the new house I will be able too, hopefully! I am a good gardener outside but give me a houseplant and I kill it, I don’t really know why. She must have an extra green thumb with all this beauty!


  8. The family history in this garden is as rich as the family history inside her home, her pictures and her memories. It’s a treasure!”

    Yes. Very true. Beautiful photos, Sonya!! Your Mom has the touch for sure, I love her style. I also love that you found your girlhood bike with sticker, so so so fun. My fave.

  9. There is love and history in your Mother’s garden. It’s cared for with tenderness… she know each plant and who gave it to her. What a sweet and sentimental post! Thanks for taking us to your Mother’s garden! It’s beautiful!!!

  10. Wow~gorgeous!! I don’t have that gift, but I sure admire those who do! 🙂

  11. Sonia says:

    Thanks for the mention! Her garden is gorgeous!! What a treat to get a garden tour!
    Miss Bloomers

  12. Wow…your mom’s garden is gorgeous….you can see that it ha been quite a labor of love over the years!…I so love that the sticker is still there!…Sounds like you had a nice visit in beautiful NC…it has been kind of pleasant here…but the temps are ramping up now…Thanks for the tour Sonya…I am just getting used to what I can plant here in NC!

  13. What a beautiful garden!!! I have those same yellow flowers and they are called Sundrops…..I didn’t think they were a primrose….

  14. Cindy says:

    Such a sweet garden tour, how special! Love the bike full of asparagus fern…charming!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY…