Top 10 Unexpected Tools in My Sewing Room

Painters Tape as a Sewing ToolI recently noticed that my sewing room/work room holds an inordinate amount of random things that I use while working that I loosely call “tools”.

Today I thought I’d share a glimpse of my sewing room and these “tools” both expected and unexpected. I might inspire you to use a few of them yourself…or you just might show me a much better option!

1. Painters Tape

Painters Tape as Sewing ToolEvery now and then I make something using a thoroughly out-of-control fringe. Like the one pictured above. It’s gorgeous but entirely unruly when it comes to sewing with it. Painters tape helps to keeps it under control.

2. Binder Clips

Unexpected Tools in the Sewing Room (2)You wouldn’t believe how handy these little guys are. Occasionally I end up sewing through layers of fabrics and trims that I simply can not get a pin through. Example: unruly fringe

Unexpected Tools in Sewing Room (2)I use the binder clips in place of straight pins to get the job done while praying I can get my machine to sew through all this thickness!

3. Blocks of Wood

Unexpected Tools in Sewing Room (3)

HUGE pet peeve…traveling sewing machine pedals. For years I have battled the roving foot pedal wandering around under my sewing table while searching for it with my foot. Finally I slapped a piece of wood down to hold it in place. Pretty, isn’t it? Especially with all the dust.

You may notice the pedal is facing backwards. See! It still moves! But it’s better than before.

4. Space Heater

Unexpected Tools in the Sewing Room (3)I get cold. This little guy runs from October to April and sometimes (like this year) into May.

5. Staple Gun and Helpers 

Unexpected Tools in the Sewing Room (4) This handy tool is used when mounting a window treatment to a board. My favorite size staples is 3/8″.

Screwdrivers used for ripping out staples when a mistakes are made. Seldom used. 🙂

6. Hammer and Pliers

Unexpected Tools in the Sewing Room (5) The hammer goes hand in hand with the staple gun to hammer those reluctant staples in place.

The pliers are super handy for…

  • pulling broken sewing machine needles out of thick layers of fabrics
  • pulling a hand sewing needle though fabric when it’s stuck
  • pulling staples out of boards (during those rare moments of mistakes)

7. Random Supplies

Sewing Room Tools

The unexpected and the not so unexpected…random nails, nail file, seam ripper (I see at least 3), Fray Check, clothes pins, binder clips, Chap Stick (more than one), Post-it pad, pretty colored straight pins, a whole box of sewing machine accessories (mostly machine feet), cute note pad with an “S” on the paper, thimble (I never use – hate them!), ink pen. 

8. Band Aids

Sewing Room Tools (3)

Very handy when using #5 or #6, when fingers get in the way of moving sewing machine parts, any occurrence that may necessitate the need for pliers or simply stabbing myself with a pin or needle.  Blood on client’s pillows is not recommended. 

Band aids are shown with other more expected sewing supplies. Except the matches. No clue why they’re in here.

10 Kite String

Sewing Room Tools (2)Kite string is the best thing to use when gathering a large project like a bed skirt. 

My Janome Ruffler is awesome! Has a mind of it’s own and won’t gather velvet but works great on other fabrics.

BONUS TOOLS – both Unexpected and Expected

  • Camera – Unexpected sewing tool but obvious blogger tool.

Sewing Room Tools (4)

  • DVD player or iPad – For “listening” to movies while sewing. Best movies are those you’ve seen a zillion times and practically know by heart. This way you won’t get sidetracked watching. My movies of choice include ALL Jane Austen movies, Many Masterpiece Classics, The Man From Snowy River, Moonstruck, How to Steal a Million, etc.
  • Magnifying Glass(I hate what getting older is doing to my eyes)  Used most often to read what size needle I’m using!
  • Wire Cutters & Needle Nose Pliers – Can’t recall why but they’re here just in case. 
  • Glue Gun – multiple uses.
  • Iron – duh!
  • Sewing Machine – double duh…duh. Mine happens to be a Janome Memory Craft 6300.

Hope this list of the randomness that exists in my sewing room triggers a helpful hint or two for your own work room.  To actually see my work room take a look HERE.

What expected or unexpected tools are favorites in your work room?

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9 Responses to Top 10 Unexpected Tools in My Sewing Room

  1. I have most of the same things and a few more in my tool drawer and sewing caddy. Amazing how useful they all are. Hugs, Marty

  2. Keisha says:

    I absolutely love this post! I should keep bandaids handy…i truly put blood sweat and tears into every project…

  3. Stacy says:

    Amazingly enough, I have some of the same supplies in my desk/classroom:
    binder clips (love those babies), post-its, pens, chap stick, and of course…Bandaids!!

    My necessities also include a hot glue gun, label maker, masking tape, and Wintergreen Lifesavers! 🙂

  4. Lori says:

    The tape genious. The wood block, duh….why didn’t I think of that. Binder clips, who would of thought? You of course!

  5. I like the binder clip idea. Good one. And that sewing machine foot idea is smart too. That is such a pain. I just discovered the staple ripping tool at my friends this weekend as we ripped and ripped staples from some chairs I found. Invaluable. What was also invaluable was that she had the tool that gets errant broken pieces out as well that you can’t grab with pliers or needle nose pliers. I can’t live without needle nose pliers, but even they sometimes can’t get the broken pieces. I’m not sure what the tool was called, but it was wonderful! Pulls out the stuck and broken pieces smooth and easy!

  6. Judy says:

    As a child, I remember my mother sitting at her machine and sewing for everyone in town! She always had a small notebook or pad handy for jotting down ideas or measurements. I recall that she always had both white and colored chalk in her box of sewing necessities and lots of different scissors! I still don’t know what she did with all those scissors or what uses they had. T do know that she was very excited to get her first pinking shears. Another gadget that she used a lot was for measuring hems. My mother sewed everything from tiny doll clothes to wedding gowns to even air socks for the local air port. Sadly, I did not inherit her talent.

  7. The tape is a wonderful idea- I have never thought to do that! And the wandering sewing machine pedal drives me batty, so I definitely love the wood idea! My staple puller apparently gets lots more use than yours. 😉

  8. bj says:

    This is a most amazing post…so many “tools” I’ve never thought about finding in a sewing room. Of course, the fact that I can’t sew might be the reason. hahhaa

    I want to order another burlap runner…I need to measure the piece of furniture I’ll use it on and then get back with you. I have so enjoyed the one you made me before….and you do such lovely work.

  9. This is a great post!! Thanks for sharing!!!