A Sentimental Wedding Reception

Vintage Wedding Centerpieces (2)

Vintage and Sentimental.

That would be the key words to describe Libby and Josh’s wedding reception. When we asked her what she’d like to use in the reception Libby’s wishlist included burlap, baby’s breath, vintage dishes and glassware.

We began in January by gathering vintage canning jars and embellishing them with jute and lace. Other than making burlap runners not much else had been done towards the reception decor.

Vintage Doilies

Libby graduated college a few weeks prior to the wedding. My sister Stacy, a teacher, finished her school year the day before the wedding. They will both be the first to tell you that tablescapes and the like are not their forte. Love their precious left brain hearts!

We quickly realized we needed a bit more to pull these table vignettes together. Luckily my Mom is quite the collector.

Vintage Centerpieces (2)One of her collecting loves is dishware including an entire set of this Blue Ridge Pottery pattern called “Ridge Daisy” that once belonged to her grandmother, Libby’s Great Great Grandmother. By raiding the linen closet and various dressers around the house we found more than 20 crocheted doilies to use as well.


During the ceremony, we used more of Mom’s dishware shown here on a vintage dresser which served as an altar and held the communion.

Amaryllis China Pattern by Vogue

This platter is part of Mom’s original china she started collecting before she married. The 60+ yr old pattern is Amaryllis by Vogue. We still use these dishes today for family dinners.

Vintage Wedding Centerpieces

Libby ordered fresh baby’s breath to fill the jars but they still seemed a bit sparse. The morning of the wedding I raided Mom’s garden to add white Hydrangea blooms and Acuba leaves to the floral arrangements.

Vintage Centerpieces

The vintage milk jars originally came from my sister Sheri’s farm.

Dean Reception Tables

Remember the brick columns? It’s paint!

Beyond the Screen Door

This wedding was definitely a family affair. Meet Aunt Nita and Aunt Becky, fondly known throughout the family as Butch and Sundance, helping out with the burlap runners.

Notice the yellow, ladder back chair in the above photo…

Bride & Groom's Table

We snagged these two chairs to complete a little Bride and Groom’s table for the reception. Again, this was a last minute idea. All these items were gathered from around my Mom and Dad’s house. The old screen door (which has long been claimed by my daughter Courtney with NO idea how we’re going to get it from NC to Cali) was pulled from the garage.

The old table with the gorgeous wood top has it’s own unique story to tell.

Vintage Table with a Story

You can see more photos of Josh & Libby’s wedding in Wedding Highlights, Wedding Decor Ideas, and Wedding Scripture Art.

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12 Responses to A Sentimental Wedding Reception

  1. Stacy says:

    It amazes me how you were able to take Libby’s vision (simple, elegant, & vintage) and translate it so beautifully! I will never be able to express how much Libby and I appreciate everything you and your precious girls did to make her day so special.

    Love you from the bottom of my left-brained heart. 🙂

  2. LOVE. Every photo, every memory, how wonderful. I think the bride and groom chair table is genius. So simple, so elegant and sweet.

  3. Lori says:

    Absolutely perfection!

  4. Lori says:

    And now you get to plan another one!

  5. Jessica Sala says:

    Oh I love!!! Love the twine wrapped jars! I’m doing twine wrapped bottles 🙂 We are doing more of an outdoors theme, so using a wood slice as our base 🙂

  6. bj says:

    Oh, this is so so beautiful…and so very special. What a great job everyone did…all out of love. So beautiful.

    I received my runner and it is just perfect. So pretty and it fits my cedar chest top “like it was made for it”…..oh, wait…..it WAS just made for it. :))
    Thanks so much…you do the most beautiful job.

  7. Great job! What would we do without family who just pitch in. Everything was special and beautiful.

    Cathy’s Cupboard Calamity <:)

  8. Jill Flory says:

    How lovely! So cool that everything has a history with your family!

  9. Oh Sonya…the centerpieces are just beautiful….I love, love the Blue Ridge Pottery design..all of the various cups and saucers were perfect for this gorgeous reception….there was so much sentiment throughout…and what a great Bride and Groom table!!…looking forward to the story of the table,

  10. Carol Cook says:

    Oh, it is all beautiful and I love that it was a family affair. How fun to start with the baby’s breath and then have a garden to raid and fill out the bouquets.

    I am in love with the little crocheted piece with pink flowers. I imagine that it belonged to your mother also.


  11. Cynthia says:

    Sonya this is such a beautiful and outstanding weeding with so much sentiment. It may sound weird but I got a little teary hearing all of the details. The bride and grooms table was stunning. I can’t wait to hear more details!


  12. Thistle says:


    What a beautiful wedding! I love the mason jar centerpieces! What a blessing!

    Happy day to you!