Me and Personality Tests

Right Brain or Left Brain…Extrovert or Introvert…Type A or Type B…

Nothing Better

Have you ever been like me and wondered why you’re the way you are? Why you’d rather stay home and read a book than go to a party? Or why it drains you being around tons of people but you have friends who thrive around tons of people? Why you could live the rest of your life without ever visiting another theme park and sincerely be perfectly okay with it? Why?

Recently I’ve become quite enamored with taking personality tests. Don’t ask me why. I’m not really sure. But it’s just so fun to see yourself spelled out, so-to-speak, in the answers. That’s so dorky.

The Beginning

It all began with marble counter tops.

Life In Grace Marble Countertops

Photo by Edie at Life in Grace 

Well, a post from Edie at Life in Grace about Carrera Marble Countertops. In her post, Edie talks about the Myers-Briggs personality test and whether or not you’d be a good candidate for Carrera Marble.

I Googled Myers-Briggs. Couldn’t help myself.

I was fascinated. By the test as well as the results and the descriptions in those results. According to Myers-Briggs I am a ISFJ – Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging, “The Nurturer”.   I have to admit I took the test more than once over the past few months. I am also an ISTJ – Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging, The Duty Fulfiller. At first I thought how can I take this test and get 2 different answers? Until I read that most people don’t fall strictly into one category. I relate to at least three of the different personalities.

Me and My Girls

Fuzzy phone pic of Me and My Girls 

The biggest thrill was seeing myself in the descriptions. I know. Doesn’t take much. The biggest surprise was finding I’m 100% an introvert. Before I read about these tests I would NEVER have considered myself an introvert. I’m not shy. Doesn’t matter. I’m an introvert and once I read more it’s like, Yep! That’s me.

There were a few abnormalities like “the ISFJ has an exceptional memory…may remember conversations in precise detail…” Memory is not my strong suit. And entire conversations? Doesn’t happen.  “…When down on themselves or under great stress, the ISFJ begins to imagine all of the things that can go critically wrong in their life. They have strong feelings of inadequacy and became convince that “everything is all wrong” or I can’t do anything right.”  Thankfully, this is not me. I have my blue moments and plenty of “How on earth am I going to get all this done?” moments but I’m not easily discouraged. In fact I probably have a bit too much of the “Oh, sure! We can still do this” mentality. “…I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.” 2 Timothy 1:12

Dead on hits…ISFJs learn best by doing… Want to believe the best of people… Value harmony and cooperation… Have a very clear view of the way things should be… I especially liked this next one 🙂 ...The ISFJ has an extremely well-developed sense of space, function, and aesthetic appeal. For that reason, they’re likely to have beautifully furnished, functional homes. They make extremely good interior decorators.

On a just-in-case-you’re-interested side note, as a ISFJ…Edie says she’s “on the fence” as to whether I’d be a good candidate for Carrera Marble. As an ISTJ I can’t have it. 🙂

Bob White Covered Bridge (2)

Random kids and covered bridge pics from the Bob White Covered Bridge in Virginia. (random pics not random kids) 

Kids and Covered Bridges

Cousins including one spouse and a soon-to-be spouse

Speaking of Introverts

“How to Avoid a People Hangover”. When I saw this title it immediately caught my attention. Like the author, I truly enjoy people and being around them. For me, it isn’t so much about “avoiding” as it is about recognizing and acknowledging what is happening to me. I don’t avoid “large gatherings” (what movie is that from?) but I now understand why I’m so drained afterwards. I’m having a People Hangover. 🙂


Another fuzzy phone pic…Me and My Brothers and Sisters 

When I read this article we were in North Carolina at the time getting ready for a wedding. When I told my family about the People Hangover we had to laugh. So many of us related! Courtney even wrote a post about this phenomenon herself.

Here’s another great article I came across you might enjoy, Introverted Like Me. I haven’t read the book the author mentions but the article itself was very interesting.

Since this post is running so long we’ll save Left Brain/Right Brain for another day.  My husband is fond of saying that ONLY left handed people are right brained. I beg to differ.

Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs test? Are you an Introvert? Extrovert? Let me know if you take the test. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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10 Responses to Me and Personality Tests

  1. What an interesting post. I love people but even I get a people hangover sometimes! What a beautiful family!

  2. Sherri says:

    I’m an ISFJ, too! Very interesting. I’ve had a counselor tell me I’m a highly sensitive person which means I can have sensory overload when I’m in an environment with “too much” of everything going on. There’s a book called “The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide” and tests online. I think that’s why I tend to steer toward the introvert side!

  3. Cindy says:

    So interesting, I will have to check this out! Great pictures of you and your family!

  4. Kim says:

    Hi there! I need to go find out about the marble ;)! (I’m planning my next kitchen, of course!) I took the Meyers/Briggs when I was in my 20s–I don’t remember the specifics, other than I’m extroverted…most likely a J, too. Hugs!

  5. Judy says:

    I’m an ESFJ and have taken this test before with the same results except some differences in percentages. 100% Extrovert tho every time!

  6. Suzi says:

    i already know i am an introvert and my husband an extrovert. funny though, i can speak before large crowds, talk to every person at church and will usually have everyone laughing. my drs all know me by my first name as and i often compliment perfect strangers on their hair, clothing, nails…whatever (because i think women need to encourage one another to appreciate thier own beauty in this plastic, cut throat beauty society we all live in.) my husband is a man of few words and a good listener, has just a few good friends and rarely talks to strangers unless he gets annoyed by them. i’m usually smiling and he’s usually frowning. i look into people’s eyes and make them feel welcomed and special…he makes people uncomfortable. BUT when i get home or company (finally!) leaves i am exhausted and need solitude. i can’t have extended periods of time around people without feeling like i need to hide to unwind. sunday afternoons i have to disconnect and get behind a closed door and he goes outside to talk to neighbors or calls a relative. his battery gets recharged by being around propke and mine gets drained.

  7. Cynthia says:

    I just took this test and I am an ESFJ. It is very interesting and I think you realize things about yourself, I never thought before.


  8. Pat says:

    I took this test eons ago ~ will have to do it again and see what the results are. I feel I’m an extrovert but I do require my private time. I don’t do well with large gatherings for a lengthy time. Your family is great ~ love the photos!


  9. Carol says:

    This is a very thought-provoking post! I haven’t taken that test in years, but think I might just have to check it out. Totally agree about “people hangovers.” Sometimes it’s even worse when it’s your own family. Don’t know what personality trait made me say that….lol!

  10. Mandy says:

    I love the Meyers-Briggs Test! I’m an ISFJ also (49% Introvert/51% Extrovert). We came upon the Meyers -Briggs test a few years ago… my husband actually asked his employees to take the test so he could figure out who worked better with who and he could understand them more… everyone was very open to taking it and it actually improved productivity!

    Thanks for sharing. I think everyone should take the test. Helps so much understanding ourselves and others.