Sports Gallery Wall

Vintage Sports Gallery Wall

Vintage Sports Gallery WallI’m not much of a sports enthusiast. Oh, a game or two here and there will catch my attention but for the most part I can take it or leave it. But working with Tara and Jesse’s vintage sports collection was a ball! 🙂 Pun intended. Entrance to Theater Room (2)When I saw this long, empty hallway leading to Tara’s theater room, and then found their collection of sports equipment, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. A sports themed gallery wall! Vintage Skis and Poles I recruited my husband to help because I knew this job was going to take more than just my two hands. The skis and the metal wall shelf were to be our starting point. I decided to place those two items near the center (but not exactly centered on the wall) and work outwards. I searched “how to hang vintage skis” and found this article using leather straps to hang skis. I was hooked! Loved this idea. Hanging Vintage Skis with Leather Straps I purchased a package of random leather pieces from Hobby Lobby to use with our sports equipment. I used the thicker leather pieces for hanging the heavier skis and sticks and the thinner pieces to string the gloves for display. Hanging Skis with Leather Strap The leather was easy to cut with scissors. We installed them using simple drywall screws. I was prepared to use anchors where we wouldn’t hit a stud but the wall board/drywall gripped the screws so tightly we didn’t need anchors. It was great! I honestly don’t know why this occurred. But I’m not complaining! Due to the weight of the skis, for most installations, I would plan on using anchors. Hanging Vintage Skis with Leather Straps (2) Vintage Sports Equipment (3) Since this collection included pieces from several sports I tried to group like with like. Since neither my husband or I are big Lacrosse fans we were guessing these sticks and gloves go together. I was so worried that Jesse would be insulted that I had hung hockey gloves with Lacrosse sticks. Come to find out his sport of choice is guns! So I needn’t have worried. So far, they haven’t asked my help in decorating the gun safe. Guess they’ve got that covered. Vintage Sports Equipment Gallery Wall Though the existing collection did a good job filling up most of this wall there is still room for future finds. Vintage Sports Equipment The metal wall shelf is Pottery Barn. Vintage Sports Equipment (2) I used a glass fronted storage piece to display more of Jesse’s collection. Vintage Baseballs An old mitt and basket of well used baseballs. In the photo below you see a glimpse of the theater room just to the right at the end of the hall. The theater room is a work in progress. Entrance to Theater RoomThe opposite wall will soon have it’s own special addition. Framed Farve Jersey A beautifully framed Brett Farve jersey. This was an iPhone pic day and the photos turned out a tad bit grainy. 🙁 Sports Gallery Wall I loved the end results. And it was so much fun! Especially having Scott as my assistant. View these posts to see more of Tara and Jesse’s home. SHARING WITH: Be Colorful Motivated Monday, Dwellings Amaze Me Monday, Cedar Hill Ranch The Scoop, Coastal Charm Nifty Thrifty Tuesday 

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