We’re Planning a Wedding


My baby girl is getting married. To clarify, since I have 3 baby girls, baby girl #2 is getting married!

Kaleigh aka KaKa…Ka Girl…Ka Lou…Louie…etc. You probably know her as The Rambler.

K&J (2)

Kaleigh and Jared are planning a November wedding. NOVEMBER! It will be here before I turn around.   

K&J (3)Kaleigh wrote all about The Proposal and this adorable Photo Shoot with indijane photography on her blog if you’d like to read more. She can tell a story so much better than I can! :) And you won’t want to miss the part about that sofa!


On another note our #1 Son (aka only son) unexpectedly moved into the dorms this weekend for his sophomore year of college. He had planned on living at home another year so this was quite the last minute decision. I had 2 days to wrap my head around this new development.

When his sisters moved into their dorm rooms and apartments it was all about The Cuteness Factor. All sorts of cute bedding and organizational things. With my boy, it was all about packing enough t-shirts and video games. Oh, yes and a Yoda backpack.


Boys and Girls could NOT be more different.

My nest is shrinking.


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8 Responses to We’re Planning a Wedding

  1. FABBY says:

    Congrats! They’re a lovely couple and look soo happy!


  2. Stacey says:

    Shrinking for good reasons girl. :)

  3. Stacy says:

    I do not like a shrinking nest. It’s empty and way too quiet.
    I had no problem with Libby getting married; I just didn’t want her to move out. :)

    PS – That Yoda backpack is frightening. I may have nightmares about that thing.

  4. Cindy says:

    CONGRATULATIONS…this is so exciting and I hope we’ll see more and more!!!

  5. Shenita says:

    Congrats, all around, Sonya! What an exciting time!!!

  6. Mary Stone says:

    Congrats…your daughter and her future hubby look wonderful in the photographs.
    YES, boys are different from girls. And even though my two boys (men) are only 14 months apart…they are as different as night and day. Boys go out on the lawn to play and take apart sprinkler heads…girls go out on the lawn and have tea parties.

    Love your artistic talent with all that you create. Oh…and I love November…should be a beautiful setting for a wedding.

  7. Jessica Sala says:

    Congrats!!!!! :) We are 4 days from ours!

  8. Congratulations to Kayleigh and Jared. Your nest isn’t shrinking, only getting a makeover- there will always be room for them to return. :)