Window Treatments and Drama ~ A Great Combination

Cascading Floor Length Window Treatments

When describing this window treatment you might use words like Elegant…or Sophisticated but to me the first word that comes to mind is Dramatic.

This one little window has quite the wow factor in the drama it creates for this upstairs guest bedroom in Tara’s home.

And guess what? It was achieved using ready made, store bought curtains.

With a tiny bit of alteration.

Cascading Floor Length Window Treatment

When Tara and I were talking about what she wanted for this upstairs bedroom she shared this photo she had found on Pinterest. Cascading Floor Length Curtain PanelsDouble Hung Cascading Floor Length Panels 

Tara had 3 pairs of green silk, lined, floor length curtain panels from her previous home and wondered if we could reuse them to make this curtain.

They were perfect! A perfect color to compliment the red and other accent pieces already in the room.

Double Hung Cascading Curtain Panels with Fringe

I sewed two of the panels together to create one double wide panel which I used for the front panel or the “Cascading Swag” portion of the window treatment.

A row of beaded, onion ball fringe was top stitched approximately 2″ in along the lead edge.

I created the rod pocket 1.5″ down from the top of the curtain to create a ruffled header.

Double Hung Cascading Panels with Fringe

The curtains are hung using a double bracket. (A bracket which can accommodate 2 rods)

The left, back panel was also created by sewing 2 panels together.

I wanted these panels to be very full and flowing. Very dramatic.

The rod pocket for the back panels was created identical to the front. The header isn’t necessary for the back panel so you could skip this detail if you prefer.

Ball Fringe on Cascading Panels

Sewing Tip…When making this style of window treatment (using 2 rods) remember to hem your panels according to the height of each rod.
The back panels are hemmed shorter than the cascading panel due to the height difference of the rods.

Ball Fringe on Cascading Curtain Panels

I choose to sew the trim on 2″ in from the edge because I liked the way the trim looked hanging in front of the green silk rather than hanging off the panels.

Sewing Tip…Keep the lining in mind when making a “cascading swag” or a panels that will be drawn back to one side. Your lining will show when the panel is drawn up. If you’d prefer your lining not to show, you’ll want to make an extra large hem (like shown here). Another option is to use a decorative colored lining that would look good as a contrast.

Beaded Onion Ball Fringe Chandelier (2)Tara chose a blingy chandelier to share the alcove with this window.


This pic shows off the chandelier a bit better.

Cascading Panels with Roman Shade

After the Cascading Panels were installed we decided to add a contrasting roman shade for privacy and light control.

The simple, flat fold roman shade is made from a red and gold chenille circle fabric. I love how the red & gold is such a contrast to the green silk but compliments the other aspects of this guest bedroom.

Silk Cascading Panels and Pillows

We also added a couple of simple, flanged pillows made from one of the remaining silk panels.

This window treatment is one of my favorite curtain makeovers. I adore it’s dramatic personality. It’s quite theatrical! :)

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7 Responses to Window Treatments and Drama ~ A Great Combination

  1. Very pretty, as always, Sonya. Your work is art! I love the flowy-ness of these drapes. :)

  2. Cindy says:

    Gorgeous! Love the look, the fabric and that trim…lovely!

  3. Pat Fessenden says:

    I love this look! I am thinking this would be a great idea for French doors.

  4. Jessica Sala-Bonin says:

    Love this!

  5. Cynthia says:

    GORGEOUS!!!! I really have nothing else I can say here but that I want them, LOL!!!


  6. Vickie says:

    Wow…just wow! Even dramatic doesn’t do them just! I think I’ll go with stunningly dramatic! Can I adopt you?

  7. Gorgeous..I love the style of the treatment…so opulent!…and love the trim!