A Girl’s Trip, A Wedding Change of Plans and What Have I Done?

Me & My GirlsThe Summer of 2013 found us busily planning and looking ahead to a November wedding for our second oldest daughter, Kaleigh.

When September of ’13 brought an unexpected hospital stay and major surgery our plans became a bit more flexible.
(Read more about Kaleigh here, here and here.)

Before Kaleigh became sick, while we were still in planning mode for a Fall wedding, Kaleigh decided she didn’t want a traditional Bachelorette Party. She wanted a Bachelorette Weekend and to go shopping in Canton, Texas at the Canton Flea Market!

Dallas Girls Trip!

Our attitude towards this trip took a subtle change as the time came to go.

We were celebrating, yes. But now we were not only celebrating an upcoming wedding (rescheduled for June 2014) but we were celebrating Kaleigh!
Celebrating all she had been through. Celebrating her healing. Celebrating her recovery. All thanks to God’s wonderful provision and healing power.

The Girls

All 9 of us. Left to Right: Aunt, Maid of Honor aka MOH/Little Sister, Moi/Mother of the Bride, MOH/Big Sister, Best Friend/Bridesmaid, BRIDE and 3 Bestest Friends since Middle School/Bridesmaids.


Kaleigh wore a special Bridal Headband made by her friend/bridesmaid Westin owner of 7th and West Jewelry.

The Adolphus Hotel

We stayed at The Adolphus Hotel, a part of Downtown Dallas since 1912, thanks to a Groupon Deal we stumbled upon. Such a cool old hotel.

These pics were taken when we arrived (quite late that first night – hence the empty lobby) while holding all my luggage and trying to snap pictures at the same time.

The Adolphus Hotel (2) Brillance


My girls and I stayed in a room together. Kaleigh took most of these pics including the selfie in the mirror.

Our View

The view out our window was very cool. Both by night and by day.

On our first night there, I was taking this picture from our hotel window when…I hit some random button on my phone, which sent my camera into a mode I’d never seen before, which led to my response of “What have I done?” in an “Oh, good, grief” tone of voice.

In what can only be thought of as normal behavior when you’re on a girl’s road trip and highly susceptible to giggles, laughter & the ridiculous, my girl’s decided this was absolutely hilarious.

It was so ridiculous that the more they repeated it…“What have I done?”…the funnier it became.


And it became the unofficial mantra of the weekend.


At any given moment they would catch each other’s eye and burst out laughing…”What have I done?”

It’s a classic “Had to be there” situation that looses A LOT in the retelling but…

B&W Silhouette

Re-tell it they did.

Stocking Feet

Over and over and over.

Even to this day, weeks later, they will still burst out with “What have I done”.


Bride to Be

January, 2014 has brought another hospital stay.
This time expected and even anticipated. Kaleigh’s second and final surgery.

Today finds me blogging in a hospital room, thankful and with a full heart.

Looking ahead to a few days of recovery and then moving forward to the serious business of planning a wedding!

If you’d like, you can keep up with my two older girls – Kaleigh aka The Rambler at A Rambling Fancy Blog and Courtney at Shabby Loves Chic. Who knew this blogging thing would become a family affair! 


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8 Responses to A Girl’s Trip, A Wedding Change of Plans and What Have I Done?

  1. Kim says:

    It sounds like so much fun–when do the photos of shopping appear??? I’m so glad Kaleigh’s doing better. I’ll have to catch up on those posts. God bless!

  2. Lori says:

    Thinking of you and your family! What you have done is created a loving, fun environment for all of you!

  3. Kathy Shelley says:

    So glad Kaleigh has done so well! Many prayers have surrounded her!

  4. Cynthia says:

    What a great time and place you stayed. I am so very glad that Kaleigh is doing well. Praying for this surgery as well dear friend!!!


  5. Paula Chaffin says:

    Don’t you love weekends like that, when you can play with the big girls and pray to never forget any of it!
    So thankful for Kaleigh’s health and the future wedding plans.

  6. Cindy says:

    So glad you all had a great time. Hoping 2014 will be ann amazing year for Kaleigh!

  7. Michelle Drake says:

    Thanks for sharing. We’ve been praying. God bless you and your precious family!

  8. Looks like you all had a wonderful time….praying for a great and fast recovery for Kaleigh..