Currently Inspiring

A small collection of Inspiration that really caught my eye this week and are definitely worth passing along! From Organization to DIY to Sewing to Our Very Cali Christmas.


Housepitality Designs Garage Organization

Absolutely Amazing Garage Organization - You’ll be sitting at your computer with your mouth hanging open in awe. - Shirley at Housepitality Designs 

Balustrade Lamp

Faux Balustrade Lamp - I love this look for a lamp! And Linsey shared a cheap and easy way to recreate this look.  - Linsey at The Farmhouse Porch


Slipcovers and Feather Pillows - I am inspired every time I see this girl’s creations! She is a master craftsman when it comes to sewing especially slipcovers. Plus you’ll love her feather pillow story and the extra slipcovers she shares. - Jill at Sew a Fine Seam 

This inspiration comes at the perfect time because over the holidays, while we were out of town, our lovely dogs decided my sofa was so tasty they ate two corners off the cushions! I guess they were mad we left them.
While the idea of a new sofa is definitely appealing, it’s currently not in the budget and slipcovers aren’t in the schedule! Well, I guess they are now.

And Last But Not Least…what we were doing while the dogs ate my sofa.


A Very Cali Christmas - From the Rambler aka my daughter, sharing a slew of pics from our California Christmas. You will see some of the most unflattering pics of yours truly ever to grace the internet! Don’t know what that girl was thinking!

Except this one…

Mr & Mrs

This one I love. - Kaleigh at A Rambling Fancy

Hope you enjoy this little bit of Organizing, DIY, Sewing and Family Vacation inspiration!



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4 Responses to Currently Inspiring

  1. Hey Sonya…I thank you for featuring my ever so organized hubby!….Have a great weekend !!!!
    I will be sure to show this to him…:)

  2. Cynthia says:

    Loved Shirley’s tips for the garage. That is my John he is so organized it is unbelievable. I love that picture of you guys and the pups eating the couch, they must have been really mad.


  3. Jill Flory says:

    Thank You so much Sonya! Fun to know my slipcovers are inspiring! If you get into making your own and have any questions I’ll be more than happy to help! We could even skype if need be!

  4. Beth Mc says:

    Awesome picture of you and Scott! I’m off to Kaleigh’s blog.