How To Make A Double Ruffle Boxed Pillow

Double Ruffle Pillow

This is one of my favorite pillow styles.

It’s cross between a pillow and a cushion…but more pillow than cushion especially if you use a feather insert.

And even though the “box” part of this pillow may be a bit daunting you can do it!

And here’s how…

Box Pillow How To

Though the pieces shown in this post are for a larger pillow, the measurements I’m including are for a finished 20″ pillow using a feather insert.

The breakdown of the pieces you need to make this pillow are…

  1. Top and Bottom – cut 21″x 21″ each.
  2. Boxing – 2 widths of 54″ fabric cut at 3″ wide. 2 widths of 54″ fabric cut 2.5″
  3. Ruffles – 6 widths of 54″ fabric cut at 4″ each.
  4. 18″ zipper

*Due to the extra width involved with the boxing you’ll need a pillow insert larger than the finished size of your pillow cover. 

For instance, if you’d like your finished pillow to be 20″ you’ll need to choose a 24″ pillow insert.  If your pillow insert is quite firm then I’d make the finished pillow cover 3″ smaller than the pillow insert.


illustration photo via Threads Magazine

This illustration helps to show the shape of a boxed pillow. Instead of the optional piping or trim we’ll be including a ruffle.

Box Pillow How To (2)1.5″ Ruffles

Sew 3 of the 54″ x 4″ ruffle pieces right sides together, end to end, connecting all three pieces to form a circle. Repeat with the second set of 3 pieces.

Fold the ruffle pieces in half lengthwise to form a 2″ strip.

Gather the ruffles using this gathering technique or this handy dandy little attachment!

Janome Ruffler

Once your ruffle is gathered…

Box Pillow How To (4)

Sew the ruffle to the top of your pillow cover.

Repeat for the bottom of pillow cover.

Box Pillow How To (6)

Your pillow cover will now look like so.

Box Pillow How To (2)


Sew your zipper to the 2 @ 2.5″ pieces of boxing. Once the zipper in sewn in place, trim piece to 3″ keeping the zipper centered.

Sew remaining 54″ x 3″ pieces of boxing together, end to end, right sides together.

Box Pillow How To (3)

Turn under one end of 3″ boxing forming a small hem.

Pin hemmed boxing over the closed end of your zipper (in order to hide zipper pull when pillow cover is finished). Stitch together along outer seam allowance and at the end of the zipper.

Box Pillow How To (7)

This is what your boxing with zipper will look like from the back side.

Box Pillow How To (12)

Place zippered boxing along lower edge of front pillow top, over ruffle, centering zipper along the width of your pillow top.

Box Pillow How To (5)

Sewing with the boxing piece on top (layers are – top to bottom: boxing, ruffle, pillow top) sew pieces together using a 1/2″ seam allowance, clipping fabric as you sew around corners.

Box Pillow How To (11)

Now you have sewn all the way around your pillow top and are getting close to the zipper again.

1-boxed pillow

illustration photo

This illustration shows how the pillow is coming together at this point.

Box Pillow How To (9)

What we’re going to do next is bring the boxing around to cover the end of the zipper. Trim any excess boxing fabric being sure to leave enough fabric to turn under for a hem and to cover the end of the zipper.

Box Pillow How To (8)

Here the boxing has been hemmed.

Pin zippered piece over hemmed piece.

*At this point, after the pieces are pinned in place, your layers will be: top to bottom -zippered boxing, hemmed boxing, ruffle, pillow top.

Stitch together.

Box Pillow How To (10)

This shows how the boxing appears after sewn in place to the pillow top.

The hemmed boxing piece is covering the end of the zipper.

Stitch or baste boxing pieces together along seam allowance.

Box Pillow How To (13)

Next is sewing the pillow bottom to the “boxed” pillow top.

The most important step in this process, as you pin the pillow bottom to the boxing, is to make sure you line up the corners of each top with each bottom piece.
In order for the pillow to stay “square” you need to make sure the corners line up.

How to I know this?
Let’s just say lopsided cushions are not pretty. Not to mention being a whole lot of trouble to take apart and remake.

1-Double Ruffle Box Pillow

The boxed pillow is a bit more time consuming with a few more details than your average pillow cover. So if you’re a beginner, I’d suggest trying a few simple pillows first before tackling this one but don’t rule it out! It’s really a sweet pillow and worth the effort.

Floral Box Pillow

The blue floral was my first attempt at making this style of boxed pillow. I made one for each of my older girls when they shared a room. Somehow Kaleigh ended up with both of them and this is still a point of contention. Courtney is still expecting her’s to be shipped to California. :)

Kaleigh & Jared

Kaleigh even took one as a prop for their engagement pictures!

If you haven’t read this story yet you’re missing out.

Even if Kaleigh did tell her readers the pillow came from TJ Maxx!

Can you believe that? And I thought she was going to correct that.

Well, here’s to setting the record straight.

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12 Responses to How To Make A Double Ruffle Boxed Pillow

  1. Stacey says:

    Your pillows are amazing and that box shape is even more special. I bet you’d sew just about anything for your girls. For the record, TJM has never had anything that beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous and what an amazing tutorial. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  3. Great tutorial, Sonya! Very detailed and I think that I will give it a try on a guinea pig pillow. I have two big ones that already have this type of pillow cover, but the fabric is not my style anymore. I had wanted to try making new covers for them out of the softer drop cloth that I’ve gotten from Lowes. If it starts to frustrate me, you might be getting an email for an order! : )

  4. Cynthia says:

    Gorgeous pillow now if I could only sew, LOL!!! Oh I forgot, I can come to you in the future when the house is finally done. Huge snowstorm here again today, not happy!!


  5. Beautiful, Sonya! I have been wanting to make some round ones. I always have a terrible time not catching the ruffles in my seams.

  6. Vicki Daugherty says:

    These are so gorgeous and so intimidating to those of us who are very much amateurs.
    Where do you suggest buying the feather inserts? And how much do you charge to make a pillow like this? Vicki in Louisville KY

    • Sonya says:

      Hi, Vicki! So glad you like them! I’m very fortunate to be able to purchase my inserts locally at Interior Fabrics aka But you can often find similar pillows at places like Bed Bath and Beyond. They are also available at several places online for different price points. I will email you with more details on the labor costs. Thank you!

  7. I am not a great seamstress, but I love looking at your tutorials and then seeing the gorgeous finished product…Love the pic .. and yes, oops, need to give mom credit!…:)

  8. Cindy says:

    GREAT tutorial Sonya! I’ve pinned it…
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. I am laughing…my daughter told someone she did her Master Bedroom, the room I painted and did designs on the wall and also all her bedding, which I custom sewed. Those girls!!
    These are great…maybe I will get inspired and do some for my own bed. You do such a great job.
    I will email you soon and reply to your email, for now..thanks, it encouraged more than you know!

  10. Pat says:

    Beautiful!! Your instructions are perfectly clear, however, whether I ever attempt one is another question. :) These daughters are a trip aren’t they?


  11. kim mcgee says:

    I love these pillows!!! Infact you made three of them for me and I love love love them.