Master Bath, Master Closet, Kitchen, Mudroom and More

Master Bathroom

It’s amazing how many photos I accumulate. Accumulate and sometimes forget.

Until recently, that’s what had happened with these pics. But I’m so glad I found them because the ideas here are just too good not to share.

Starting with this beautiful bathing alcove in the master bath!

While I love the glass front storage cabinet, it’s hard not to wonder if it might be a bit awkward to access positioned at the end of the tub.

Master Bath Vanity (2)

I took the photos of this home, built by Crabtree Custom Homes, during an Oklahoma City Parade of Homes.

Master Bath Vanity

Did you notice the lack of hardware on the cabinets? While I realize not all cabinetry comes with hardware, In this case I think the missing hardware was due to running out of time before the open house.

1-Crabtree Custom Homes Master BathPhoto via Crabtree Custom Homes

The floor is a 6″ x 20″ or 24″ wood-look porcelain tile.

And I can’t help it…I’m wondering how the new owners will choose to treat the arched window. While it is gorgeous, it also faces the front of the house which sit fairly close to the street. Plantation shutters might be the best choice.

Master Closet Built-Ins

The master closet is just off the master bathroom. Again, loving the built ins and glass front cabinets.

Master Closet

As well as the light fixture and the way they trimmed out the upper cabinets and crown molding.

Custom Kitchen

The custom kitchen paired white cabinets and tile backsplash…

Kitchen Island and Barstools

with a stained wood island and wood floor.

Kitchen Island

1-Crabtree Custom Homes KitchenPhoto via Crabtree Custom Homes 

In this photo from the builder’s website you can see the family room is positioned just off the kitchen.

Family Room Vaulted Ceiling

Here’s what you can’t see. The vaulted ceiling with beams and dormer windows.

Laundry Room

The small laundry room features pale aqua cabinets and warm yellow walls.

Laundry Room (2)

The vinyl floor reminded me of a linen-weave paint treatment you can achieve by cross-hatching. :)

Mudroom Storage (2)

The storage bench in the mudroom features shelving behind each of the doors.

Mudroom Storage

If I remember correctly, these cabinets used “push to release” hardware.

Showhome Footwear

Aren’t these lovely?  I’m sure you’re all familiar with the fashionable footwear aka showroom booties we all get to wear while touring new homes. It keeps us humble.

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15 Responses to Master Bath, Master Closet, Kitchen, Mudroom and More

  1. What a beautiful home. I especially love that tub cubby, and the tile in the kitchen. Your feet are looking quite stylish- I must find some of those for myself! :)

  2. Gorgeous home…I love the built-ins of the closet!…and fabulous master bath!! Love those floors….and love your shoes!!

  3. Pat says:

    Beautiful home! So much space and cabinets, closets are to die for and wonderful extras. I could live there quite easily. :)

    P.S. You made quite a fashion statement!

  4. Jane says:

    Not sure if this is all one home but every room is gorgeous! We have a tub like the one in the first picture (wish our bath was as spacious!!). All of these are beautiful! :)


  5. What beautiful details in this home. Was that from the Parade of Homes this past fall? Mom and I were going to go but we’ve been so disappointed by new homes in the past…we chose to go to the Gatewood Home Tour instead one Sunday. But…if the new houses are looking like this…I’ll tell Mom we must go next time!

  6. Vickie says:

    Hey – I recognize those shoes! I used to wear them when I worked in the operating room! :) BTW – that tub is gorgeous. I could soak in there all day! Thanks for the tour!

  7. I could live there in a heartbeat. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. Traci says:

    I love the kitchen in this house especially the tile backsplash. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the pics — gorgeous home! Thanks for linkin’ up! xoxo

  10. Cindy says:

    So pretty, loved the kitchen and bath. Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Kim says:

    I love touring show homes and this one has some very pretty details.

  12. Eliza Beth says:

    I love that house so much my heart almost hurts.
    I would marry it if I could:) It just sings to me. I know that sound odd, but every single room was just so ‘me’, so perfect, so emotionally lovely…
    I fall in love with houses, and that one was love at first sight! Beautiful with a capital “B”.

  13. Eliza Beth says:

    I love that house so much my heart almost hurts. The materials they used, the proportions, the light, the built-ins in the closet, that marvelous bathroom and kitchen.
    I would marry it if I could:) It just sings to me. I know that sound odd, but every single room was just so ‘me’, so perfect, so emotionally lovely…
    I fall in love with houses, and that one was love at first sight! Beautiful with a capital “B”.

    And i have non-skid booties in my house too. It has kept my off white carpet looking new for twelve years!

  14. Eliza Beth says:

    I will try again to leave a comment for you. Tried twice yesterday and it just wouldn’t post it. I absolutely passionately love what you’ve done here – marvelous bathroom with the symmetry, fixtures, wood floors and the paint colors you used; elegant closet built-ins so light and meticulous, excellent kitchen with the pretty white backsplash and upper glass cabinets, vaulted ceiling, skylights, light fixture – all of it was just gorgeous! You have outstanding taste and you have created an amazing home, functional as well as beautiful!

  15. Oh boy I love that bathroom, it is so gorgeous. Our baths here at the Charmer are so small, and storage a battle to find. I so wish I could swap bathrooms. Thanks for showing these lovely room, just simply gorgeous. Those non-skid booties will surely keep us real! Thanks for sharing at Sunday ‘s Best!