Master Bathroom and Motorized Roman Shades

Master Bath Roman Shades

Windows over the tub.

Some of my favorite bathroom pinspiration features gorgeous, light filled windows above the tub.
We love the light. We love the romantic notion of viewing the mountains or ocean while taking a long, leisurely soak in the tub.

This is rarely the case.

Master Bathroom - BeforeBefore

Windows over the tub can be as much a nuisance as a blessing.
Builder’s love to put in options that provide privacy and light but often fall short of both function and appeal.

A very common complaint is the textured glass used for privacy in bathroom windows. While often seen as a great solution it doesn’t really do the trick.
On a dark night, with the interior lights on, the neighbor’s can still see more than most homeowners would like them to.

Not a good thing.

Master Shower - BeforeNarrow window at the entrance of the walk-in shower

In Tara’s Master Bathroom, the three windows behind her tub were clear glass, beautifully trimmed out in wood and a bit of a stretch to reach on a daily basis.

While she wanted the light to flood her bathroom, she also wanted to control when and how that light came in.

Loose Roman Shade with Ribbon Fringe

Our solution was motorized roman shades. These inside mount roman shades are considered a flat fold roman with a “belly” which creates the lower curve to the shade.

Roman Shade with Ribbon Fringe

We added a shimmery ribbon fringe to the lower edge.

Master Bath Ceiling Detail, Chandelier and Roman Shades

If you’ve followed along as I’ve shared Tara’s home you know that she is very detail oriented. Even the ceilings get her special attention.

Can you find me in this pic? I had no idea I was taking a selfie when I took this! :)

Master Bathroom SinkTara chose a specialty glass sink with a bubble effect for her vanity.

Sink Master Bathroom

These are so cool. The bubble effect is actually on the underneath side so the sink has a smooth finish but a very textural look. I found similar sinks here.

Roman Shades Master Bathroom

More About Motorized Shades
Motorized shades are operated with a remote control similar to a TV remote.
The mechanism that controls the movement of the shade can be powered by either electricity or batteries. With electricity you’ll need an outlet close by. Your options are either to hide the wires and use an existing outlet. Or have your electrician install an outlet close to the top of your windows.  If you are fortunate enough to know you’d like motorized shades in the construction phase of your home the wiring can be installed by your electrician ahead of time.
In this case, we made our decision too late to have the electrician wire the windows ahead of time. We could easily have hidden the wires within the woodwork but we had three separate mechanisms to plug in and our choice of inside mounted shades left little room to hide an outlet. So we chose a battery powered shade.
With the battery operated mechanism you have to keep the size and weight of your shade in mind. A heavier window treatment would definitely require electricity to work properly.
The remote can be programmed specifically to how you’d like your shades to function. We programmed our shades to move simultaneously, raise to a specific spot and lower to a specific spot. You can also manually stop them if you want the shades at a different height, which is what I did for these photos.
Motorized shades are not the most economical option. By far. The motorized mechanism basically doubled the labor cost of these shades over manually operated custom shades.
While I have no problem making this type of shade, the motorized aspect is a bit outside my comfort zone. I had the workroom make these for me. So this particular mechanism is not readily available for the DIY’er.

Master Bath Roman Shades
In this case the extra effort and expense was definitely worth it.

The perfect solution for this master bathroom and window.

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13 Responses to Master Bathroom and Motorized Roman Shades

  1. You are one talented lady and Tara is lucky to have you. Btw, I couldn’t see the selfie! LOL

  2. Eliza Beth says:

    Very pretty decision for her bathtub! I love details like that, it really finishes a home off so beautifully!

    Thankfully, we are just completing construction documents, so motorized shades — and even motorized windows are part of our plans! There are some hard to reach spots behind deep countertops or thing alike the washers and dryers in the laundry room – that make motorized windows essential if you want fresh air!

    (I learned the hard way that sunshades need to be inside though and not outside, they blow off the track in a wind and get incredibly dirty as well!)

    Glad to have found your blog, Sonya!

  3. This is something I am learning about as I enter back into the business…motorized! Oh my, see this 53 year old is learning new tricks also.
    These are beautiful. Thanks for helping me with my learning curve!

  4. Shenita says:

    What a gorgeous solution, Sonya! Your work is so pretty! I have enjoyed seeing the details of Tara’s home! Great eye!

  5. Judy says:

    I have huge expanse of windows in my living room and was considering getting new windows with the blinds between the panes. Now, I think I will have to check into this option. I really like the way these shades turned out…….adding that ribbon fringe is the frosting on the cake!

  6. Great idea for the shades. I rarely open our blinds over the tub because it entails crawling into the tub to reach them. The bathroom is gorgeous- love that tub and the ceiling treatment around the chandelier. Is that plaster or …?

  7. Beautiful and creative as usual..great job.

  8. Cynthia says:

    Sonya what a gorgeous bathroom. Tara has some home. Love this fabric and you are truly amazing girl!!!!


  9. Pat says:

    Gorgeous and motorized? Awesome! You have so many talents and I’d say Tara is extremely fortunate.


  10. Jill Flory says:

    What a lovely bathroom. Love the motorized shades – perfect for this space!

  11. Love that idea and the shades are gorgeous…just as the bathroom is! Love the detail on the shades!..You always do such an amazing job!

  12. Traci says:

    What a gorgeous bathroom! Love the shades too.

  13. Lu says:

    These are wonderful, Sonya. You do such beautiful work. I soooo need something like this in my master bath tub area! The motorized ones that I have seen in stores aren’t as pretty as these. Our tub is deep and in a curved corner so it is difficult for me to reach the cord for the blinds that are there. You are one talented lady!
    Also, your friends bath area is very pretty. Love the sink and the detail on the ceiling is so nice. ~Lu