Patchwork and Ruffled Pillow

Mixed Fabric Pillow

Do you ever find yourself thinking…just one more pillow?

Or asking, “Honey, doesn’t this sofa need just one more pillow?” But don’t take his answer too seriously because guys rarely acknowledge the need for another pillow.  

“Just one more pillow.” I hear this often.  I think this often.

Especially with leftover fabric. Or while perusing the remnants at the fabric store. Or perusing the pillow aisle at TJ Maxx.

This was Elizabeth’s philosophy after we remade the valances in her kitchen and family room and she realized she had left over fabrics.

How about one more pillow?

Colorful Kitchen

Just one more pillow.

Santa Maria Mixed Fabric Pillow

So Elizabeth sent me home with her leftover fabric scraps.
I texted her later with a few options and asked what she would like. Her reply?
“Surprise Me!” :)

Then she wrote…
“I love patchwork”, “Whatever looks best to you” and “I do love ruffles”.

Santa Maria Mixed Fabric Pillow (2)

So I pulled out a few more remnants, played around and created 576 square inches of fun! aka – 24″ x 24″ patchwork and double ruffled pillow!

Mixed Fabric Pillow (2)

Since we definitely weren’t looking to make a serious pillow, patchwork and ruffles ended up being the perfect combination!

See more of Elizabeth’s home here.
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13 Responses to Patchwork and Ruffled Pillow

  1. martina says:

    Love the pillow and I love Elizabeth’s kitchen!!

  2. Amy says:

    I’m jealous! :) this pillow would work in my kitchen too!

  3. Stacey says:

    Sonya, I need one more pillow for my desk chair. :)

    That is gorgeous! Of course, I love Elizabeth’s colors and your art work.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Gorgeous pillow. My husband drives me crazy saying don’t put too many pillows on the couch. I usually save the pillow overload for our bed, LOL!!!


  5. Jane says:

    Oh…this is too cute! Such a colorful fresh take on pillows. I hope the stores copy this! :)


  6. Hi Sonya. My daughter and I both love the chevron and it’s accompanying floral print! What great colors it has. I’ve made her some seat cushions out of the floral and am just waiting for her to ask for some pillows. As always, the pillow that you made is fabulous!

  7. Virginia says:

    I love the pillow AND the kitchen!!!

  8. This kitchen is just so much fun! And, I’m loving your pillow creation. Those are some of my favorite fabrics!