A Game of Musical Tables and a New Work Space

Breakfast RoomRemember the game musical chairs? A game that always made me a nervous wreck.

Musical Tables is a spin off of Musical Furniture. A game we’ve played here at our house over the past 8 years as our two adult daughters have moved out…and then moved back in…and then out again.

The moving went something like this…
Courtney moved into the dorm (leaving 3 kids at home), then she moved back home (4 kids at home), then into a rent house (3 kids at home), then we moved her to another rent house.
Kaleigh moved into an apartment (2 kids at home), Courtney moved back home (3 kids at home), Kaleigh moved back home (4 kids at home), Courtney moved to California (3 kids at home), Kaleigh moved into an apartment (2 kids at home), then to a rent house, then moved back home (3 kids at home), Garrison moved into the dorm (2 kids at home).
To Be Continued…

Living Room Storage

With each of these moves furniture was acquired…furniture was exchanged…furniture came home and took over my garage, my attic and the kid’s bedrooms.

In the photo at the top of this post you can see the kitchen table we’ve had for years. This is where I usually sit and work on the blog. If I sit in the chair facing the living room I have a direct view of whatever my husband happens to be watching on TV. (I say what he’s watching because I rarely get control of the remote.)

Kitchen Windows

While I did have a lovely view of any number of sporting events, using the kitchen table as a desk was impractical and I could never make the laptop work as a centerpiece.

Enter Kitchen Table #2 

Breakfast Room (3)

When Kaleigh decided she no longer needed the pedestal table and painted chairs (a hand-me-down from my in-laws) I jumped at the chance to create a new work space for myself.

Workspace (3)

The old kitchen table? Is now my new desk!

This room, which we oh-so-cleverly dubbed the computer room, sits on the other side of the kitchen. This has been Scott and Garrison’s domain full of guitars, video games and other manly pursuits.

Workroom in Progress (2)

It all happened so fast, that day of musical tables, there are no before pictures. Just during pictures, when I yelled WAIT! I need pics! But the black armoire you see in the next photo once stood where the “desk” is now.

Workroom in Progress

The desk came in, existing furniture moved around the room and the big brown faux leather chair was relocated upstairs.

Workspace (2)

Besides the furniture I moved 1 picture.
The b&w photo of the old Corona Speedway fit perfectly between Scott’s artwork of his famous musicians.


So this is where I sit when I blog. Where I’m sitting right now.
It’s still a guy’s room but it’s close to the kitchen…without being in the kitchen…close to the laundry room…and I can still hear whatever Scott’s watching in the next room in time to run over and see what’s happening.  :)

Breakfast Room (2)

And the pedestal table, with it’s mix & match chairs, is doing an admirable job as the new/old kitchen table. Until Kaleigh decides she wants it after all.

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16 Responses to A Game of Musical Tables and a New Work Space

  1. Stacey says:

    Yeah, we’ve gone through musical tables too! You look like you are getting the best end of the deal…for now. We all know these things are temporary at this stage of life. :)

  2. Becky says:

    Sonya, This post made me smile and giggle a little. This is so much like my own life! I can’t tell you how many times we have done exactly what you’ve done. My husband and I have had times where we felt like professional movers. Once my daughter had to move home for the summer and the only place for her sofa was in our basement but it would not fit down the stairway no matter how my husband and our neighbor tried to get it down there. So bless his heart, our neighbor took it home with him and stored it for her at his house. Our youngest son leaves for his first year of college this summer so we are not done yet! Nice to here other parents doing the furniture shuffle too!

  3. Suzi says:

    Too funny! Being of the Baby Boom generation, i and all my friends experience this revolving door with our adult kids. We call them the boomerang generation. :-) number one son back now and number one daughter even came back with children while her husband was deployed so there is never a safe time. And we still house her baby grand (for 20 years!) until he retires next year and they settle, hopefully, for good. I am here to tell you…it gets worse with high chairs and car seats all over again when the babies start coming, just ask my girlfriends. ;-)

    • Sonya says:

      LOL! I’m so glad you like this post! And here I am assuming that my married girls won’t be back! :) I guess I shouldn’t assume! LOL!

  4. Sherry K. Martin says:

    It looks beautiful , your amazing at all you do !!! I really need something amazing .. and possibly some magic in my home : )

  5. Sheri says:

    Looks great sis!! Such a clever idea!!

  6. My head is spinning with all the moves in and out. :) A game of musical furniture is a fun way to redecorate, though, and the dining room table makes a great new desk.

  7. teri says:

    I love reading this I feel like I am not the only playing musical kids!!! I always seem to have one, we had about 9 mths of the “Empty Nest”…. so sad at first then about the time I adjusted here one of them came back! Thanks for sharing your home looks better than mine, I have a ton of boxes & TV’s…………. :)

  8. Cynthia says:

    You have really had some musical furniture going on t hat is for sure, LOL. I love the table you sit at and being close to t he laundry isn’t bad but you have to grab that remote more, girl!!!


  9. I so enjoyed this…so funny….but that we do as parents…
    Love that you have a great space to blog, etc. I love the view of your kitchen table and the gorgeous window treatments!

  10. I love, love, love the switch, how perfect for both spaces. Hugs, Marty