Patience, Inspiration and Our Living Room

Living Room Storage

What’s your favorite things to read about in blogs and magazines?

DIY Tutorials? Craft Projects? Recipes? Painted Furniture? Room Makeovers? Curtains & Pillows? Please say you like curtains and pillows. 🙂

While I love to read all of these posts my favorites, hands down, are the room makeovers and home tours. I love seeing how everyone else lives in their homes.

So, if these are my favorites to read why are the posts showing my own home so few and far between? Good question.

Well…for starters we could blame it on my irregular dusting habits, the dog hair covering the living room rug and the three pairs of lost shoes lingering throughout living room and kitchen.

All of which was true on the day I took these pictures. But I slapped on my blinders, overlooked the dust and edited out the shoes.

Living RoomIn the business of Interior Design, and throughout this wonderful world of blogging, we tend to focus on the new and improved – the remakes, redo’s, do-over’s, remodels & renovations because we love to see these changes.

But you see, none of those things are happening here. None.

Well, except my lamp redo and I’ve already told you about that.

Lamp Makeover

I look around and know I haven’t moved my accessories in the TV cabinet in ages. In fact, I haven’t put really things back together since Christmas.

For a person who loves change, I know there’s nothing new and exciting going on in here. Which translates…“Why post about it?”

But then I had this epiphany. Actually it was really more of a “duh” moment.

Just because we love seeing the new and improved, the remodeled and renovated and all those adorable updates doesn’t mean everyone is in that stage of their life.

Life doesn’t always allow for changes when we want them. And sometimes remodeling has to wait it’s turn.



We’ll keep the old chair that’s patiently waiting for it’s new upholstery.

Puppy ProblemsWe’ll try to ignore the “Why did you go away and leave us with a house sitter?” Christmas present the puppies gave us until I can decide what to do about it.

Fabric Covered lampshades (2)We’ll put “go check the attic” for a lamp on the top of the to-do list since I had to change something and the old shades sold way faster than I expected them to.

Beyond the Screen Door Mantle (2)

And I’ll be thankful. And I’ll breathe. And I’ll relax. And I’ll continue to be inspired and think of projects I’d like to do.
Because all those ideas I have floating around in my head will someday be accomplished. And if they aren’t…they weren’t that important to begin with.

And I’ll post about my living room in the hopes that it may inspire someone.

Because maybe you’re experiencing the same thing.

Maybe your home needs more than a slipcover on an old chair. Maybe college tuition is taking precedence over new counter tops. Or perhaps you’re making ends meet on one income so you can be a Stay At Home Mom. Or maybe your current schedule leaves little time or energy for renovation projects.

Whatever the reason…you are not alone.

Breakfast Room

And if you’re like me, and love all the aspects of interior design, it can be so very hard to wait, to put those projects or room-updates on hold.

So, in the meantime…here’s to being content…and attempting to be patient…all the while dreaming up ideas for a new slipcover that you, my friends, will be the first to see!

Sooner or Later.

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23 Responses to Patience, Inspiration and Our Living Room

  1. Sherry McGill says:

    This post couldn’t have came at a better time! I still absolutely LOVE this room and everything in it. Your so inspiring…

    • Sonya says:

      Thank you, so much, Sherry! I’m so glad this post has resonated with so many! It’s nice to know we’re not alone. 🙂

  2. Suzi says:

    Fabulous post! I love your well-loved chair btw. In last 6 mths my mother in law passed away, her two houses need to be emptied and sold, two major holidays and two surgeries one of which I was unable to walk without crutches and a huge heavy boot for ten weeks. The other less invasive and less time required for recovery was yesterday. And we hosted the catered meal after the funeral in our home and I helped a friend with a big wedding and hostesses a table at our church’s annual widows High Tea in Feb. I still have fall tucked here and there, heck i still have summer about ;-). I have LOTS of new in our home….new furniture, new crystal & china & silver, new quilting, crafting, sewing supplies and buckets of jewelry from one of my mother in law’s homes. All of which have to be scrubbed, cleaned, washed and sorted before coming in due to allergies suffered here. Our back porch looks like a giant garage sale threw up on it 🙂 i also have LOTS of remodel/redecorate in our home as we reinvented 8 different rooms when creating a small apartment for our son in August/September. Oh the stories I could tell. I for one have had quite enough change, new, redo, remodel, repurpose and reinvent, thank you very much. Great post, thanks.

    • Sonya says:

      Oh, my goodness, Suzi! What a time you’ve had these last 6 months! I have to admit it made me laugh to hear you still have Fall tucked here and there! Made me feel a bit better! 🙂 You take care of yourself and get well so you’ll feel up to tackling that mini garage sale on your back porch! LOL!

  3. Cecelia says:

    Love the chair, I wouldn’t ever recover it! You have a fabulous knack for combining different fabrics! Thanks for sharing your gift of decorating!

  4. Vickie says:

    Whew…I feel ever so much better after reading your blog today. You’re one of my favorite blogs and I so admire what you do with fabric and trim. But, if you feel that some things are not up to what you envisioned in your home then I don’t feel so hassled about not having my house in order yet after moving in 4 months ago. The biggest item on my list is trying to find an upholsterer to recover a huge overstuffed chair that I’ve had for ages but it still has good bones. I don’t know that I’m brave enough to tackle it on my own. Thanks for this uplift!!!

    • Sonya says:

      Thank you, Vickie!! That is so sweet! I never realized that this post would touch so many! Recovering furniture is often one of the hardest decisions. I suppose because it’s such a big investment…both fabric and labor!

  5. Carol says:

    Thanks for keeping it real in a normal home where a real family lives! Looks like home to me!

  6. I enjoyed this post too, sometimes I feel depressed when I see how much some bloggers can get done. I think, what’s wrong with me, am I lazy? But after having the worse year of my life I know one thing, perfection is and has never been an option for me….so boring. I feel like I lost a year of my life, so when I look at projects to be done they are from over a year ago. Just before I got sick we started our bedroom remodel, we moved our mattresses in my dressing room, we only expected to be there for no longer than two months. Well it’s now 1 1/2 years later and we are still sleeping there. Now everything is in perspective, it will get done when it gets done. And the important things in life is not that couch as a pet chew it it. It’s that we have a pet we love!

  7. Stacey says:

    I love this post and have to ask, did you see my last post? Our minds are on the same wave length. 🙂 I do not want to change every thing but had thought about moving a chair to another room and buying a new one. Then the dog got sick and the vet bill was huge!! Priorities change and that’s ok. There was probably a point in life that I would have been pouty about my plans changing but not now. I have everything I need. We have to remember that we have homes not magazine spreads to live in. There are supposed to be boo boos and imperfections. That’s life.

    Your living room is gorgeous!! I stare at it regularly. Love the way you mix fabrics and accessorize your rooms.

  8. Stacy says:

    I love this post so much! There are SO MANY things in our home I would love to change (like the countertops and appliances in my almost 27 year old kitchen!) But I still love my home and it is my absolute favorite place to be.

    However, I have not given up hope of having a cute little old charmer of a house one day, either. 🙂

    • Sonya says:

      I knew you could relate to this, Stacy! And I know exactly what you mean by the “little old charmer of a house” 🙂 I can just picture it!

  9. Thank you for sharing Real life. My home, projects, and blog are kind of hanging by a thread with my dad’s health problems- shuttling back and forth between doctors and hospital visits. But I am thankful for the assurance that God is in control and I just need to breeeathe. 🙂

    • Sonya says:

      Hi, Sheila! You are so right. God is always in control. We try to take on so many burdens and responsibilities when God is right there beside us, waiting to lift our load if only we’d allow Him.

  10. Jane says:

    My friend…we are on the same wave length. First, I love home tours and room reveals. I am so inspired and I love to hear the innovative and cost saving ways ladies use to make their decorative dreams come true.

    Secondly, I love your living room! There is nothing better than a lived in, comfortable room. I have noticed that my little birds that have flown the coop, still come by often, put their feet up and look totally relaxed. That’s GOOD!

    I’m in the middle of redoing my living room that has been the same forever other than a new paint job last spring and two new chairs and a rug. Please come by for the reveal maybe this weekend! lol! It’s been nerve wracking! 😉


  11. Very spot on for me, Sonya! Right now I am done with changes or updates. When we moved 2 1/2 years ago, there was a lot going on, but now we’ve done it all. Until we decide to paint any rooms, that’s about it for us as far as changes in our home go.

  12. Paula Chaffin says:

    Or, you’ve started a new business and have a son getting married in 2-1/2 weeks and have not carved out time to take 4, four, cautro pictures to send to the fabulous lady that can change all of that!!

  13. Molly says:

    Cute post!!! Made me feel better about projects at my home!

  14. gilda crolla says:

    wow! I feel so much better. I do not feel so alone. You have such a beautiful and cozy livingroom!!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Lovely, lovely post and home, oh my goodness! Just last week I was talking with friends about how a lot of home decorating trends are moving towards lighter, cooler colors but we all agreed we still love the warm tones especially red! I think it’s all about doing what you love and you clearly do that and the result is so very welcoming and friendly. You’re just fabulous! Thanks for sharing this at Show & Share last week, picking it as my favorite link!

  16. Pat says:

    I’m late reading this and trying to catch up…have had a rough 3-4 weeks. I love that you’ve shared your lovely home and the fact that it’s lived in. Why recover that chair? It looks great as is. The dog chewing? At least you are able to have pets and love them. 🙂 I love reading blogs where the homes are actually lived in, not just a showplace for a magazine shoot. The fact that we don’t all have the money to run here & there buying new “things” every season is reality! I’m retired and on a fixed income, therefore, I do what I can when I can.

    Thanks again for sharing!