Simply Elegant Ivory Cotton Cafe Curtains

Cotton Lace Cafe Curtain

Builder’s don’t think about curtains.

It’s my job to think about curtains and I’ve come to the conclusion that Builders don’t think about curtains. Ever. Are you surprised?

Have you ever lived in a home with arched windows in a bedroom? A bedroom facing East, South or West?
Have you ever had windows built so close to the fireplace that they must have been part the fireplace design?
Or maybe you have a kitchen window reminiscent of the one above?

Then I imagine you agree with me.

But I digress.

This post isn’t about Builders it about these adorable, simply elegant, curtains!

Cotton Lace Cafe Curtain (2)

If you’ve perused The Gallery here at Beyond the Screen Door then neither this style of curtain or this fabric is new to you.

Tie Top Cafes

You’ve seen it with a contrasting cuff and tie tops in a vine pattern.

Tara's Laundry Room Cafe CurtainAnd of course with velvet, one of my all time favorites, showing another pattern.

Jan's Bedroom 1

We used the same fabric for floor length panels with a self cuff in Jan’s Master Bedroom. 

Jan's Master Bath 2

Jan had these curtains made for her Master Bathroom with the wrong side out. Actually it’s debatable which side of this fabric is actually the right side. I’ve seen this side labeled as the right side and have made curtains using both sides as the right side.

Gorgeous either way you look at it!

Jan 2

Here Jan used the same fabric and style in her living room.

Cotton Lace Cafe Curtain

When it came time to consider fabrics for this little window I relied on this old favorite.

As you can see, our options were limited by the placement of the window, the cabinets and the crown molding.

Cotton Lace Cafe Curtain (3)This little cafe curtain was the perfect solution. The curtain was made with a 6″ self cuff and hemmed to hit the bottom of the apron (lowest portion of the wood trim around the window). The hardware is an inexpensive Target curtain rod with clip rings bought separately.

Simply elegant!


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10 Responses to Simply Elegant Ivory Cotton Cafe Curtains

  1. Such a charming window treatment for this kitchen. I can’t believe that there was no place to hang a curtain rod…builders need to keep this in mind when they install cabinets.


  2. Love the cafes’ and you are so right…builders or architects have no concern with regard to window treatments…I am struggling with my oval windows…they are pretty, but difficult to cover!

  3. Jane says:

    I love this style and I think the velvet is SO pretty! I agree about builders and windows…you’re funny but it’s true!


  4. Sonia says:

    I love how simple and pretty those curtains are and yes elegant is the word I would use to describe them too! I just love them!
    Miss Bloomers

  5. Simply gorgeous. Love♥♥♥


  6. Stacey says:

    Love the cafe curtains over the kitchen sink. That look is one of my favorites. Do you ever see people use the lace cafe curtains with a valance?

  7. Abby says:

    Very cute style and great fabric! I don’t think builders think of quite a few things we women could suggest!

  8. Christine says:

    Gorgeous curtains! and you are so right about builders….I also think they don’t really know how many “items” need to go into a functional kitchen because if they did they’d use more shelves inside each cabinet and always add a “broom/mop cabinet”…lol

  9. I love the fabric, very pretty and has a lot of charm to it. I agree about the builders because I have the same situation above in mine. Men, what do they know!