Ask Sonya – Window Treatment Dilemmas


Do you have a Window Treatment Dilemma? One of those strange windows that you just don’t know how to treat?

Well, today’s your lucky day!

Ask Sonya is your opportunity to send photos and details about any odd or unusual window situations and I will answer them here on Beyond the Screen Door in a future post! (Details at end of post)

Often the most beautiful of windows can be the most horrific when it comes to window treatments. Like the photo at the top of this post! How do you treat a wall of windows like that? I’m still thinking on this one!

Or maybe you just have a bedroom with an awkward window placement or ceiling angle.

Window Treatment Dilemma

This gorgeous room was recently featured on House of Turquoise. The designer here did an amazing job with this space yet I couldn’t help but look at the placement of the window treatments and wonder “What would I do?”.

Window Treatment Dilemma 1

I love her choice of simple floor length panels but I have to admit I don’t like the placement of the rods.  But in this situation I understand the reasoning behind placing them so low and snug to the top of the windows.

Take a look at the arched window.

Typically you might see the rod placed above the arch. But that is impossible in this situation due to the angle of the ceiling. The designer had no choice but to place the rod where she did. Once the rod was placed on the arched window it made sense to continue that position for the two windows flanking the bed.

Sita Montgomery

The next question might be whether you’d choose to use one panel per window or two? For me, that is simply a case of personal preference.

If you have this type of situation one option would be to use medallions to hang stationary panels above the arched windows. The medallions could be placed at an angle following the arch of the window.

IN A PERFECT SITUATION, I would use a longer rod on the arched window and place it higher above the arch. For the two windows flanking the bed I would also use longer rods and mount them half way between the top of the window and the ceiling.
Even though this puts the rods at two different heights. That’s okay.
If using one panel per window, I would extend the rod 6″-9″ to the outside of each window. If using two panels per window, I would extend the rod on each side even though the panels would hang very close to the headboard. Again, to me this is a choice of personal preference.

Visit House of Turquoise and Designer Sita Montgomery to see more of the beautiful space. It really is stunning! I love that gold velvet pillow with what looks like upholstery brads on the flange! I want to do that! :)

Send all your Window Treatment Dilemmas to sonya [at] with Ask Sonya as your subject. Be sure to include photos, measurements and details in your email. I’ll be reading each email personally, responding to you as soon as I can and choose a few of your dilemmas to feature here on the blog!

I’m looking forward to your emails!

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2 Responses to Ask Sonya – Window Treatment Dilemmas

  1. Sharon Fowers says:

    Did you line the Fan Flower Valance? If yes, with the same fabric? How did you figure how much fabric for the width?
    Just found your site a couple of weeks ago! Love it!!
    Thanks for your help,
    Sharon Fowers

    • Sonya says:

      Thank you, Sharon! Yes, I did line the Fan Flower Valance. The width is approximately 2 x’s fullness but really depends on the size of your pleats. The Fan Flower pleats are about 1″ to 1.5″ deep.