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What Inspired Me at the OKC Festival of the Arts

FURN Effects (3)

Have you ever thought about all the ways we’re inspired to be creative?

Sometimes inspiration hits me when I’m walking through a fabric store or even a hardware store.
Many time it’s Nature that creates that spark.
Sometimes inspiration hits at the flea market or thrift store.
And sometimes it’s a case of the expected vs the unexpected.

This past week Scott and I spent an afternoon at the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts. You know you’ll be inspired inspired by all the lovely art and photography but it was the unexpected that grabbed my attention.

FURN Effects

The creative outdoor furnishing of FURN by Laurie Keeley of Tulsa, OK really caught my eye. Spring Stools, Flying Saucer Vessels and Picnic Table sets are just a few of her designs.

Beverly Hayden Art (2)

I’ve been interested in mixed media art for a long time so all of Beverly Hayden’s art made me take a closer look. I loved seeing the different vintage pieces she incorporates into her art.

Beverly Hayden Art

Beverly Hayden Art (3)

Harold Siefert Cast Bronze Sculpture (2)

Don’t be fooled.
These adorable pieces by Harold Siefert are actually cast bronze sculptures. I fell in love with the whimsicality seen throughout his work.

Harold Siefert Cast Bronze Sculpture Harold Siefert Cast Bronze Sculpture (3)The perfect accessory for those tennis playing house lovers!

David Canavesio Fine Art

This art is by a family friend we’ve known since our teenage years, David Canavesio.

Will Richards Studio (2)

This artist behind these amazing lamps is Will Richards.

Will Richards Studio (3)

The bases are formed from raku-fired clay while the shades are made from several different elements including recycling scraps from a composite engineering company.

Will Richards Studio

On his website it says Will had grown tired of the symmetry and “seam in the back” approach to lampshades. This led him to take a less traditional approach. Love these.

Will Richards Studio (4)

Talk about Wearable Art…

Kool Shoos (3)

When I first saw these shoes by Kool Shoos, I mistakenly assumed they were painted. These handmade shoes are creatively sewn together from permanently dyed leather.

Kool Shoos (4)

Kool Shoos range from Mary Jane’s to High Top boots.

Kool Shoos (2)

I think I was enthralled with the fact that the display looked as much like art as the shoes!

Kool Shoos

If you have the chance, be sure to checkout your local Arts Festival. It’s definitely worth the trip. I’ve been told we missed out because we didn’t eat while we were there. Many say the food is the best part!  🙂

All I know is I went home ready to paint, or sculpt, or weld…LOL! Anything, just as long as I was being creative!

Van Gogh UmbrellaSo, I’ll leave you with this last pic…not sure this is what Vincent had in mind when he painted The Starry Night but, hey…if you need an umbrella at the arts festival this is the way to go.

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8 thoughts on “What Inspired Me at the OKC Festival of the Arts

  1. SheilaG @ Plum Doodles

    Those grassy stools really caught my eye. To blend in with my yard, there would have to be a dandelion or two on there, though. David’s paintings are gorgeous. And those shoes would be so fun to wear. Looks like a great day!

  2. Annette

    That’s funny because I only go to the Festival of the Arts for the food! You showed some things I didn’t see when I was there last week. I’ve loved the shoes for several years!

  3. Sherry K. Martin

    Oh what a fun day : ))) Love arts festivals !! My dad was an artist and owned and operated his bronze foundry !! Much work into carving and the whole lost wax process in casting bronze !! I attended many arts and craft fests … lots to see and so much to one’s imagination that Who would have thought ?? Fun times !

  4. Brenda Young

    What a wonderful showing! Love all the inspirational finds, the outdoor pieces would have to be my fav, looks like you had a wonderful fun filled day of art!

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