8 Reasons to Add a Horizontal Band of Accent Fabric

1-Tri Fabric & Trim Shower Curtain

Sometimes those cute little details we like to add to sewing projects are strictly for looks.

Just for the fun of it.
Just for the love of details.
Just for that ever important cuteness factor.

But not always.

Shower Curtain Details

Occasionally there’s an honest to goodness, logistically legitimate reason. Which may or may not resemble one of the following:

  1. Didn’t buy enough fabric
  2. Need/Want/Have to add one more color/pattern to the mix
  3. Anything made with one fabric is boring
  4. Had to make something out of those remnants
  5. Needed an excuse to add trim
  6. $ Budget $
  7. Up for a challenge
  8. Saw it on Pinterest

1-Tri Fabric & Trim Shower Curtain (2)

In the case of this shower curtain it was a combination of trying to stay within a budget combined with a healthy dose of just for the sake of…fun, cuteness and details.

Playroom Panels 2

This play room curtain started out with a discontinued fabric remnant that wasn’t long enough to make our curtain. We added the center band of cartoon animals bordered by the orange dotted ribbon to extend our length.

Grayson's Window Treatment

This one was all about the cuteness factor and the love of details.

That and the fact that I got to use 5 different fabrics to make this curtain!
Top to bottom: brown faux leather, tiny turquoise plaid piping (hard to see), houndstooth, repeat of turquoise plaid bordering the green chenille with the orange dot at the bottom.

What do you think? Could a cute little horizontal band of fabric be just right touch for your next project?


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5 Responses to 8 Reasons to Add a Horizontal Band of Accent Fabric

  1. I love the idea, Sonya, whatever the reason. I think it adds some nice interest and can give a whimsical look {which I love myself!}.

  2. I love the extra band (or bands) of color. Thinking of doing this myself to some curtains I already have. I’ll wait for our next house, though, to see what exactly I’ll want. :)

  3. Kim says:

    Hey there! — I’d guess you are a #3 girl, mostly ;)! I’m making a table runner for our grad party and hopped over to your gallery for inspiration–I’m adding a contrasting band plus fringe–thanks!

  4. Pamela says:

    Perfect! Just dug some old buffalo Gigham curtains out that when I made them I ran out of fabric so pieced one panel but didn’t have enough to match the checks just right. They were hidden behind a piece of furniture but now they are front and center as faux pantry doors and DRIVING ME CRAZY! Thanks a bunch

  5. Shenita says:

    You always have the cutest ideas, Sonya! I have been know to do it to add a little length to some drapes. Whatever the reason, this is a great idea!