Electrical Floor Outlets and Caring for Hardwood Floors Part 2

Beyond the Screen Door Living Room (4)

My floors have a textured finish with a very low luster sheen while many hardwood floors have a very smooth finish with a sheen that varies from minimal sheen to high gloss.
Low luster/minimal sheen and a satin finish sheen are the most popular choices for residential homes.

Today I’m sharing a few basic tips as well as the products I use to take care of our wood floors.

Waxing & Cleaning Wood Floors (3)I regularly vacuum and sweep the floors but the process I’m showing you today requires a bit more muscle.

Let’s begin by saying this is suggested for your floors every 6 months. Doesn’t happen that often around here. Not by a long shot.

Waxing & Cleaning Wood Floros

The process begins by moving almost the entire contents of the living room into the dining room and entry.

Caring for Wood Floors (2)Where the most unwelcome sights appear.
(I can’t believe I’m showing you this. This proves how much I love you guys.)

Caring for Wood Floors

Among the expected dust bunnies was a motley collection that included hair clips, feathers, an odd sock and one perfectly preserved contact lens. When the day was done I was .39 cents richer.

How to Care for Wood Floors (4)

The first step is vacuuming, sweeping and dusting. Never use water on your wood floors. Use a damp rag if necessary for cleaning spills.
Vacuuming is recommended over sweeping but our vacuum is old-as-the-hills and likes to spit things back out while on flat surfaces so I tend to sweep. Scott still tries to vacuum but I think it’s an effort in futility.

Speaking of Scott, the attachment (aka old t-shirt wrapped and knotted) to my “dust mop” is his invention. I can’t complain. It does the trick.

Between vacuuming, sweeping and finally running a dust mop over the floors they should be clean enough for the next step.

Waxing & Cleaning Wood Floors (2)

Dura Seal Wax & Cleaner in the color Coffee Brown was recommended by the installers for maintaining my floors and I have to say I’ve loved it. It’s so easy to use with really good results. You can also choose Dura Seal Neutral for lighter woods.

How to Care for Wood Floors (2)

This product has the consistency of a wood stain. Using plastic gloves and old t-shirts, torn into smaller pieces, we (#1 Son and myself) worked our way across the wood floor rubbing the Dura Seal into the floor in a circular motion.

Waxing & Cleaning Wood Floors

Allow it to dry for about 20-30 minutes and then polish the floor with a dry cloth. When I say “polish” basically this is repeating the circular motion with a clean soft cloth. I’ve been known to do this while standing on a towel, scooting and scootching my way across the floor.  🙂 Don’t judge. By the time I get to this point I’m tired on being on my hands and knees.

How to Care for Wood Floors (5)

The day before we waxed the floors the pest control guys came by and sprayed. I found this on my floors and about had a fit. The Dura Seal cleaned it up without any problem.

How to Care for Wood Floors (3)

In this before picture you can faintly see the difference on the floor where the rug was. The Dura Seal didn’t completely even out the color difference but came very close.

Wood Vent Cover

Side note…we used wood floor vents for the rooms with wood floors.


Most of the homes in Oklahoma are built on a slab foundation so this step in construction – where to place a floor outlet – must be decided well before the foundation is poured. If you have a crawl space below your home an electrician can install a floor outlet after the fact. A much easier option for deciding where to place a floor plug.

How to Place a Floor Electrical Outlet

This is one of the best decisions I made.
I had this outlet, and the upper portion of 2 wall outlets, wired to a wall switch. I use these outlets for my lamps (and Christmas trees, too!) and flip them on with one switch. I LOVE THIS!

Deciding where to place a floor outlet is not an easy task.
It’s a permanent decision. There’s no do-overs with a slab foundation.

When planning this step I poured over our plans, trying to figure out furniture placement (including future furniture options – sofa? 2 chairs? etc) and the best position for the outlet.

Beyond the Screen Door Living Room (2)

This room is approximately 18′ by 18′. Initially I planned for the outlet to be centered and placed 4′ in from the hallway tile (which would have put the outlet under the sofa). At the very last minute I moved it to 6.6″ in. I should have left it where it was.

It’s now under the rug, under the coffee table. Which actually isn’t a bad spot but under the sofa would have been better. I bought a SlimLine Flat Plug Extension Cord to use here and it’s worked great.

How to Place a Floor Electrical Outlet (2)

The best tip I can give for deciding the placement of your floor outlet is Space Planning.

Study your floor plan and research the measurements of the furniture being used in the space. Today, there are many visual tools like floorplanner.com to help with this process. But you can still accomplish this process old school using furniture templates.

For me…the optimal placement for a floor outlet is under a sofa, chair or end table but other options would be directly behind a table or group of chairs for easier daily access.

Distressed Wood Floors

Regardless of how difficult a decision it is, it’s definitely worth installing a floor outlet. I’m proof that even if you make a mistake and the outlet doesn’t end up exactly perfect…it’s better than not having one at all.

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3 Responses to Electrical Floor Outlets and Caring for Hardwood Floors Part 2

  1. Stacey says:

    What would we do without those floor plugs? Thanks for the link to the slim line extension cord. I always figured something like that existed. We have a big lump of cord and rug under one of our chairs. I can remedy that now.

  2. Scottie says:

    Looks like you are getting ready for “A” wedding! How are things going? Thanks for posting your tips. We have Long Leaf Pine floors in our home which I would not trade for anything. Dura Seal was used on our floors when they were refinished. While Bona was recommended for maintenance, I bet I need to use the cleaner and sealer in addition. Thanks!

  3. I have often wished we had a floor outlet in our living room. Though we have easy access in the basement, I never thought of adding one. Ah, well, maybe the next house…. 🙂