J&K Passion Church Shower

Wedding Countdown

J&K Passion Church Shower

Wedding Countdown…two weeks.

Two weeks until these precious kids will finally be married. It’s been quite a journey getting to this point. If you’ve followed here for a while you may know of Kaleigh’s health scare (read more here, here and here) this past year that caused them to postpone their wedding from last November to this June.

But Kaleigh is doing GREAT (Praise the Lord!) and their big day is just 2 weeks away!

J&K Wedding Shower

They’ve been blessed with two wedding showers with 2 more coming up this next week.

J&K Work Wedding Shower

We’re slowly checking things off our wedding countdown to-do list.

1-Courtney & Drew Wedding300

I finally found my MOB, aka Mother of the Bride, dress.


I almost cried!

Actually, I didn’t find it, Courtney did.
I tend to be an extremely finicky shopper when it comes to clothes. I’m much better at shopping for fabric. So when we found this dress it was an emotional moment.

1-Courtney & Drew Wedding268

I found my dress for Courtney and Drew’s wedding just 2 weeks before as well.
See more of their wedding here.

While I seem to have formed a habit of waiting until the last minute, it’s not a practice I would recommend. It’s highly stressful.

1-Courtney & Drew Wedding423

Courtney and Drew (shown here at their reception) just celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary.

1-Courtney & Drew Wedding132My Three Girls
One of my most favorite pics from Co & Drew’s wedding.

How time does fly.

The next 14 days are no exception. They’re going to fly by as well. I’m still trying to finish up a few client projects, get my house ready for company as well as completing those last minute wedding details. It’s a busy place around here! 🙂

I can’t wait to share Kaleigh’s big day with all of you! Stay tuned!

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11 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown

  1. Sherry K. Martin

    Sonya, I know it will be beyond beautiful !! Praise the Lord for Kaleigh’s healing , she is an amazing inspiration to me and many that know her story ! I can hardly wait to see the pictures of the wedding . May God Bless their marriage.

    Matthew 19:6

  2. Lisa

    Blessings to the happy couple! I know this time is even more precious to them considering all they have had to endure. Can’t wait to hear all about wedding!

  3. Vickie

    You will pull it off…with class! What memories you are making right now. I’ll look forward to seeing the wedding photos.

  4. Deborah Wilkins

    Greetings from Sacramento, California, Sonya! You are almost there. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos. Your beautiful daughters look so much like you. Can’t wait to see pictures of the upcoming wedding. Take care.


  5. Paula Chaffin

    Praying for you friend. Just went through that in March but with our son. I have often told you that I’m your twin in another state. Our Matthew’s wedding; my dress came in a fiasco and we were shopping a week before. With Spencer, The dress I found, I could never find in a store or a pattern. It was hanging in the MET in New York. A friend made a pattern and made me the dress. Both special but a crazy road to get there.
    Praying for peace.

  6. Shenita

    How exciting, Sonya! I hope that you are taking the time to savor every moment of this time. Glad to hear that Kaleigh is doing well! Your photos are gorgeous; and I just know that the wedding will be beautiful!

  7. Cynthia

    I can’t wait to hear about Kaleigh’s big day and she deserves so much happiness. Good thing you got the dress finally done. I would be a wreck waiting so long.


  8. Scottie

    Oh Sonya, I giggled at your post about finally finding YOUR dress. I was the last person in the family to find my dress, too, for our oldest daughter’s wedding. Lots of drama! I know you all are getting more excited as the big day nears. Blessings to all of you as you enjoy this wonderful occasion. I can’t wait to see pictures as I know it will be a beautiful wedding.

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