Bridal Shower Party Balloons

Bridal Shower Details – DIY Ombre Clothespins, Banners, Oversize Balloons & More


Ombre' ClothespinsI love details. In this last post about Kaleigh’s bridal shower I’m sharing the rest of the details that made the day so special including a tutorial for these adorable DIY pink ombre’ clothespins.

The Bride's Baby Pics (2)

Tied among the wisteria surrounding the gazebo was a little clothesline full of baby pictures of the Bride-to-Be. Each pic was hung from simple wood clothespins with an easy ombre paint treatment.

The end of the clothesline was embellished with handmade fabric strip tassels.

DIY Ombre’ Clothespins Tutorial

Painting Ombre Clothespins

Karianne painted these using pink and white craft paint.

Painting Pink Ombre Clothespins

Staring with white at the bottom of the clothespin…

Painting Pink Ombre Clothespins (4)

she layered in the pink…

Painting Pink Ombre Clothespins (3)

gradually getting darker and darker…

Painting Pink Ombre Clothespins (2)

Ending with the darkest pink at the top of the clothespin.

Painting Ombre Clothespins

We thought about adding spray glitter but somehow didn’t get around to it. :) But it sure would be a nice finishing touch.

Baby Photo Clothesline

The Bride's Baby Pics

All I could think…Where did the years go?

Oversize Balloons

Bridal Shower Party Balloons

Courtney found the oversize pink balloons on Etsy at Ceferina Sweet. Supposedly these balloons can be blown up to 36″ in diameter! But Courtney got a bit nervous about popping such a large balloon as she was airing it up and decided better safe than sorry.


Personal Shower (3)

Mrs. Bishop 6/22/14

Wedding Shower Banners

Gettin’ Hitched

Wedding Shower Banners (2)


Bridal Shower Banners

I Love You

See “Kaleigh’s Wedding” on the side bar for more bridal shower and wedding posts.

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