Girls Road Trip and Haven Conference 2014

Haven Bound Beyond the Screen Door

When it came time to decide whether I was going to fly or drive to Atlanta my oldest, Courtney and youngest, Karianne, joined in and we made it into a girls road trip.

A very fast and furious road trip.

OKC to Atlanta, Haven Conference, Atlanta back to OKC…in 5 days.

I’m still recovering.

Beyond the Screen Door Blog

Living in Oklahoma with family in North Carolina I’m very accustomed to long road trips. But I usually have a bit more time to recover between coming and going.

Google Maps assured us that the trip was just under 14 hours. Some how we took the 16 hour route.

Our first morning there we took a quick trip to the Atlanta History Center. I didn’t want to spend my entire time in Atlanta inside a hotel and I loved visiting the history center. The historic houses were my favorite part. I think my girls made this little historical side trip just for me. They spent the rest of the weekend in Atlanta shopping!

Beyond the Screen Door (2)Karianne and I checking out the gorgeous grounds where the Haven Welcome Reception was to be held later that afternoon.

I have not mastered the art of selfies so my iPhone pics of finally getting to meet blogging friends in person turned out quite pitiful. That and the fact that my hair and the Atlanta humidity don’t get along.  At all.

Chip Wade Haven Conference

Chip Wade from HGTV’s Elbow Room spoke in the opening session.

I met so many wonderfully talented people over the weekend. Susan from Living Rich on Less, (lower right of the above photo), Robin from All Things Heart and Home, Kathy from A Delightsome Life (who’s water I knocked clean out of her hands when I met her. Very first Meet and Greet of the event and here I am making a scene) and Kelly from House of Gold just to name a very few.

Haven Conference Luncheon

While all of the Haven session speakers and hosts were so very gracious and welcoming, two of them really made an impression on me. Diane from In My Own Style and Laura from Finding Home. The sessions were amazing and I’ll be processing what I’ve learned for weeks if not months!

Furniture 101

I loved all the sessions but my most favorite was the one hands-on class I took.
Building Basics: Furniture 101 taught by Jamie from that’s my letter and Jen from The House of Wood. I’m not a stranger to power tools but I’d sure like to become better acquainted. 🙂

Beyond the Screen Door

This is one of the better selfies I took with the amazing Yvonne from Stone Gable (who was one of the few who told me I looked just like my picture…even with my glasses!) and the talented Christy from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer.

The super talented, Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles and I live in the same town but it took a trip to Atlanta to finally meet!

For those of you contemplating attending a future Haven conference, I highly recommend it. Being in the same space with this many bloggers who “get” you is invaluable!

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6 Responses to Girls Road Trip and Haven Conference 2014

  1. Kim says:

    It was so good to meet you and great recap! You and your daughters look like sisters!

  2. Stacey says:

    It sounds like so much fun! For some reason I’m very intimidated by that gathering.

  3. Looks like you girls had a blast! So happy to finally meet you face to face! And yes, I’m definitely setting up a FB group this week, we need to meet for lunch again soon!

  4. This is so awesome. I looked it up after you Instagram and I do need to go. I just need to get the courage to get going in this business!! This is wonderful and a trip with your daughters is priceless. Thanks so much for sharing…I am inspired. I first started coming here years ago when you posted on your turquoise front door. Well I painted my rent house front door that weekend…it helped lift my spirits after a bump in the road of life. Thanks again for the inspiration as I move forward in my own business.

  5. Traci says:

    It sounds like you had a blast. I hope to go one of these days. I finally got myself organized so I am following all of my favorite blogs again. I didn’t realize when I switched to WP that I would also lose the blog reader that is incorporated with it. So glad to be following you again and thanks for following back.

  6. Pat says:

    What fun! Your girls are beautiful ~ just like their Mom. I think it would be so incredible to meet fellow bloggers.