The Cutest of Lake House Sleeping Quarters

Lake House Bedrooms (8)

Do you ever dream about how you would decorate a second home if you ever had the chance? I do.

For instance, I often dream about how I would decorate a beach house if I ever had the chance. Or a mountain cabin. Or a lake house. Or a guest cottage.

This is one of those day dreams I hope to see fulfilled. One of these days.

In the meantime, I oooh and ahhh over the ones I see online.
And in this case…the one I got to sleep in.

Lake House Bedrooms (6)

As with many second homes, this house is filled with a mix and match of furniture, bedding and accessories repurposed for lake house living.

Lake House Bedrooms (5)

Nightstands and beds get spruced up with a bit of green paint.
Dated lamps and lamp shades, now painted pink, have a new life at the lake.  

Lake House Bedrooms (7)

Childhood trundle beds and quilted bedding re-purposed as a place of rest for sleepy family members.

Sailboat Bedding

The wall of windows in this bedroom looks straight out across the lake where you’re greeted with a lakeside sunrise every morning.
Breathtaking, if you’re up early enough to catch it!

Nautical Themed Lake House Trundle Bed

Lake Cottage Master Bedroom (3)

Cotton sheets and ultra soft blankets are the perfect ending to long exhausting days in the sun.

Lake Cottage Master Bedroom (2)

And it doesn’t hurt at all that everything is just as cute as it is comfortable.

Lake House Bedrooms (4)

This bedroom holds two (only one shown) queen size beds decked out in blue and pink.

A bit of a reoccurring theme here…blue, pink and floral. 🙂

Lake House Bedrooms (3)

The window treatments are simply twin flat sheets hung from clip rings.

Lake House Bedrooms (2) Lake House Bedrooms

The Jack-n-Jill bathroom connects this bedroom with the bedroom shown at the top of this post.

Aqua Bowl Sink (2)

This is a great example of the often necessary combining of new and old in remodeling…pairing the aqua bowl sink, modern faucet and new counter tops with the existing mirror and yellow tile.

Aqua Bowl Sink

Lake House Bedrooms (7)

These bedrooms could easily argue the point that a good night’s sleep may be more attainable if you’re sleeping in a cute room. 🙂

There’s an equally cute kitchen to go along with these cute bedrooms.

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2 Responses to The Cutest of Lake House Sleeping Quarters

  1. Cindy says:

    Super cute…thanks for the tour!

  2. Traci says:

    I have that same daydream and when ever and where ever we are I am mentally remodeling and redecorating the space. Two years ago while staying at the beach I went so far as to move the accessories around. They just seemed to have been placed very randomly so I did a little mini make-over. I hope that the owners didn’t mind.