Lake House Living Spaces (10)

Lake House Living

Lake House Living Spaces (10)When you think about the fact that this lake house was probably built in the 70’s the floor plan is perfect for the way we live today.

The upstairs consists of a large living room, dining room and kitchen, divided only by 2 walls, and a large wall of windows looking out over the lake. Plenty of space for multiple people to all hang out at the same time.

Lake House Living Spaces (7)

While not a lot of square footage the high, wood beam ceiling and wall of windows looking out over the lake makes the room appear very spacious.

Lake House Living

Lake House Living Spaces (6) Lake House Living Spaces (8)

This nook holds beach memorabilia and a game table for additional seating during meals as well as games.

Lake House Living Spaces (4)I adore the over sized, striped frames. They measure 24″ square with a 12″ square opening for the photo. On my to-do list.

Lake House Living Spaces (5)

I’ve never been a huge fan of large expanses of mirror but I have to admit this is the perfect place for one.

Lake House

Situated between two windows facing the front of the house and opposite the bank of windows looking over the lake, this mirror reflects back the view as well as visually enlarging the living space.

Lake House Living Spaces (2)

The entry hall. The stairs take you to the bedrooms in the lower level of the house.

Lake House Living Spaces

And through here you see a glimpse of the kitchen.

Glass Globe Chandelier

Entry hall light fixture. So cute!

Lake House Living Spaces (10)

And just think, until it’s recent renovation this lake house was more brown than beachy!

I’m all ready for another trip to the lake!

Who wouldn’t be?

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    1. Sonya Post author

      It was the perfect place to be cozy and relaxed! No, this is my sister-in-law and brother-inlaw’s place. Not mine…but family so I get to enjoy it now and then as well!

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