Custom Tablecloth from Pieced Together Drop Cloths

My dining room is right inside the front door of our home. We have a 60″ round table which allows us to pull in extra chairs and squeeze up to 10 people around the table. 

The problem is the table top is in desperate need of refinishing. I wanted a quick and inexpensive answer so I experimented with making a tablecloth by piecing one together from drop cloth remnants.

I liked the way it turned out so much it’s now one of my most favorite projects!
So much so that I used the same process to make two more tablecloths which we used during the holidays.  

What makes this tablecloth different was the way I pieced the remnants. 

Instead of using a regular seam I mixed it up by sewing some leaving the raw edge exposed. The technique is similar to the one I used to make this pillow and this tree skirt

There was no specific rhyme or reason as to how I pieced the remnants. It was strictly determined by the size of the remnants and my goal to make the tablecloth large enough to fit my 60″ table. 

The Math 
60″ diameter table + 20″ (10″ drop on each side) + 2″ (1/2″ double hem)
= ideally I would have wanted an 82″ x 82″ square but I ended up a bit short. 

I created the raw edge seam about 1″ wide, ironed it to one side and topstitched it down about 1/2″ from the raw edge. 

I also created french seams, using the wrong side on top, and topstitched them as well. 

I topstitched the raw edge mainly to to keep the raw edge from fraying too much. I also pulled some of the threads to create even more of a fringe-y look. 

Creating A Round Tablecloth

To create the round shape for my tablecloth I folded the fabric in half twice which makes four layers. 

As I mentioned above, I would have liked to have had 82″ at this point but I only had 78″. 

With the fabric folded to cut out my circle, my longest measurement was 39″ (half of 78″).  

Starting at the corner fold, I measured out 39″…

And began ticking off the 39″ mark from one side of my folded fabric to the other. 

After the marks are made I cut out all four layers of fabric at the same time.  

With the four layers still together the fabric is now the same shape as a 1/4 of a pie.  

At this point I opened up my fabric and stitched a double 1/2″ hem all the way around the tablecloth. 

To make the raw edge seams even fringe-ier I washed the table cloth several times. 

This is my favorite part. 🙂

I created even more of these raw edge seams on the other two tablecloths which we used on our extra holiday tables. 

This has ended up been the best table cloth! 

Around here it’s casual dinners which call for a casual tablecloth. And you can’t get much more casual than a drop cloth tablecloth! Especially one that’s been pieced together.

It might have been a quick solution for an inexpensive tablecloth but it’s held up great through many, many washings and I’ll definitely be making another more…hopefully longer the next time. 

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