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Navy & Flax Floral Window Treatments (3)

Navy Floral Bathroom Window Treatment & Ottoman

Navy & Flax Floral Window Treatments (3)

I wavered back and forth on how to describe the color of this floral. The fabric itself is called Harris Navy, a linen blend fabric with a traditional Jacobean print, but I wouldn’t call it a true navy.

Prussian Blue? Blue-gray? Steel Blue? Navy-ish?

In Irene’s new home, the wall color is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams and the glass accent tiles around the master bathtub are in varying shades of gray. When we found this fabric we knew it was the perfect choice for this master bathroom.

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Nautical Themed Lake House Trundle Bed

The Cutest of Lake House Sleeping Quarters

Lake House Bedrooms (8)

Do you ever dream about how you would decorate a second home if you ever had the chance? I do.

For instance, I often dream about how I would decorate a beach house if I ever had the chance. Or a mountain cabin. Or a lake house. Or a guest cottage.

This is one of those day dreams I hope to see fulfilled. One of these days.

In the meantime, I oooh and ahhh over the ones I see online.
And in this case…the one I got to sleep in.

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Cotton Lace Cafe Curtain

Simply Elegant Ivory Cotton Cafe Curtains

Cotton Lace Cafe Curtain

Builder’s don’t think about curtains.

It’s my job to think about curtains and I’ve come to the conclusion that Builders don’t think about curtains. Ever. Are you surprised?

Have you ever lived in a home with arched windows in a bedroom? A bedroom facing East, South or West?
Have you ever had windows built so close to the fireplace that they must have been part the fireplace design?
Or maybe you have a kitchen window reminiscent of the one above?

Then I imagine you agree with me.

But I digress.

This post isn’t about Builders it about these adorable, simply elegant, curtains!

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Ruffled Bed Throw

Ruffled & Appliqued Inspiration

Ruffled Bed ThrowsHave you ever wondered how we functioned with out our digital cameras? iPhones or iPads? As much as I love these things, and have no desire to work without them, I often miss the days of film.

When my kids were little I took pictures of them ALL the time. Every time I had a roll of film developed I printed double copies. Sometimes triples. Grandmothers, Great-grandmothers, Aunts, Uncles…they all received frequent copies of my kids. All my frames had updated pictures. I was sooo organized.

Something happened when the world went digital. Or it could be a combination of digital photography and my age but I’m not near as organized now as I used to be.

Case in point.

Look what I found! Pics of an adorable little girl’s room I took during the 2012 Parade of Homes.

Over a year ago!

Since I’ve always adhered to the philosophy of Better Late Than Never…

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Vessel Sink

Guest Bathroom with a Huge Personality

Vessel Sink

Don’t you just love little spaces with big personalities? That’s exactly what Tara’s guest bathroom has. A Huge Personality!

This little bathroom serves as the downstairs guest bathroom as well as the pool bath during the summer months. Located just off the back patio, this bathroom is easily accessed by any backyard/pool party guests.

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