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Painted Fall Centerpiece

Dining Room Before & After Including Updated Fall Centerpiece

Painted Fall Centerpiece

Know what the key ingredient was for updating this Fall centerpiece?

Spray paint! Specifically several different shades of metallic spray paint.

My friend Jan has a large Fall centerpiece that I have admired for several years. This year I went to her home and it was completely different. Gone were the oranges, reds & yellow golds and in their place was this shimmering neutral beauty.

In fact, that wasn’t the only thing that was different.

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Modern Masters Metal Effects Planter

3 Paint Projects with Modern Masters Metal Effects and a Giveaway

Modern Master Metal Effects Bronze

When I started experimenting with this metal effect paint I intended to paint one item. But it was so much fun I kept finding more things to paint!Modern Master Metal Effects Bronze (6)

Last Christmas I sold these vintage pickup trucks in The Shop. I decided to experiment on one of them with Modern Masters Paint.

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Recoved Lamp shade (4)

Curvy Lamp Shade ~ Updated & Recovered

Recoved Lamp shade (24)

I’ve shared several lamp shade projects over the years but this one may be the most difficult to date.

Working with only two fabrics plus a lining wasn’t the struggle but the shape of the shade made things a bit tricky.

I began the process by taking a good look at how the shade had been constructed in the first place.

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How to Recover a Lamp Shade

Creating a Lamp Shade Slipcover with Six Different Fabrics


How to Recover a Lamp Shade

Meghan sent me this lampshade along with 6 different fabrics in shades of red, gold and black and asked it I’d recover it for her. Well, technically she asked before she shipped it.

As you can see, the before shade is very cute but Meghan wanted to spice things up a bit.

Warning: Lots of how-to pics ahead!

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Creating Bridal Bouquets (5)

Creating Fresh Flower and Sola Flower Wedding Bouquets

Creating Bridal Bouquets (5)

If you’ve ever been involved in planning a wedding one of the most important decisions is whether to use fresh flowers or silk, fake, faux or some other form of not-real flowers.

Kaleigh chose to use both.

The bridesmaids carried fresh flowers while Kaleigh carried a bouquet she created herself from Sola Flowers.

Creating these bouquets involved many things including a bride, bridesmaids and a bathtub.

Making Bridal Bouquets (5)

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Bridal Shower Flower Crowns

Bridal Shower Details & Tutorial – DIY Flower Crowns

Bridal Shower Make a Cute Flower Crown

photo credit: Beccah B. 

The morning of Kaleigh’s personal shower Courtney and Karianne presented her with her own special flower crown for the day.

At the shower the girls set up a flower crown making station for all the attendees to make their own cute crowns.

The crowns ranged in size and style from those that resembled elf ears to crowns befitting a Greek goddess. :) It was so much fun and all the girls all looked adorable!

Wedding Shower Photo Ops (2)

Bride-to-Be plus 7 of her 10 Bridesmaids

This idea would be perfect for birthday parties, princess parties or parties for any girl who’s young at heart.

Here’s what you’ll need:

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DIY Ombre Photo Op

Bridal Shower Details – Photo Ops and a DIY Ombre’ Backdrop

DIY Ombre Photo Op

This Photo Op Corner at Kaleigh’s personal bridal shower was one of the cutest details Courtney & Gina included for the day.

More photo opportunity than photo booth it incorporated both props and a cute DIY ombre’ backdrop created from a full size sheet.

Wedding Shower Photo Backdrop

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