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New Life for an Old Lamp


The first time I saw this lamp it was sitting on the sofa table in a client’s living room. I loved it!

She told me she’d purchased it at an estate sale and didn’t know any more about it. I told her that day if she ever wanted to sell it to let me know because I knew I’d use it in my own home. 

A year or so later she called, ready to work on our next project together and asked if I still wanted her lamp? Yes! Without hesitation! So we bartered. My services for her lamp and I came home with a brand new/old lamp.

I carried this beauty all over the house eager to find where it’s new home would be.

I didn’t like it anywhere. It wasn’t working.

For some reason this beautiful lamp, I’d admired for so long, didn’t fit in any room of my house.  Continue reading

Guest House Remodel Bathroom Floor

Courtney’s Guest House Remodel Progress Report

Guest House Remodel Bedroom Entrance Before

When my daughter Courtney and her husband Drew purchased their home last year the property came with a guest house situated at the back of their yard. Eventually this will be an “adorable little guest house” but before the remodel it barely qualified as a potential guest house.

This spring marked the beginning of the remodeling process and as with many remodeling projects it has taken much…MUCH…longer than expected.

But it’s coming along and it’s going to be SO CUTE!!! Continue reading

fox house nashville 8

When Imperfect Details Are The Best Details


fox house nashville 7

If you’re reading this blog its probably because you like houses or interior design. Or maybe you’re looking for pillow or curtain inspiration. You’re here because you’re interested in the details. Because details are important.

When I sew, I can be a stickler for details. Especially for a client.
I want things done right. Perfect. If possible.
When I’m sewing for myself…I tend to me a bit more lax. Not sure why that is, but it’s true.

When we stayed in the tree house several of the details were not perfect.
In fact they were imperfect.
And those imperfections are what made the tree house perfect! Continue reading

Rustic Wood Shelves

Rustic Kitchen Shelves

Rustic Wood Shelves

When you remodel a kitchen the decisions can be overwhelming. For every decision that needs to be made there seems to be 1,000 options not to mention cost concerns.

What color to paint the walls? Reuse existing cabinets or buy new? What color to paint the existing cabinets? If new, do we stain the cabinets? Which counter top to purchase? Tile for the backsplash? Tile floor? Wood floor? Appliances..white? black? stainless? Lighting? Fixtures? Hardware? Refinish wood floors? Are they salvageable? Install new floors?

And if you’re using wood for any of these projects, which wood is the best option?

Continue reading

Gallery Wall with Antique Walking Canes

2 Decorating Challenges and Solutions

Antique Walking Canes

Are you a collector?
Do you love the pastime of looking for that elusive item to add to your collection(s)? Collections you can display and enjoy?

While I’ve never been bit by the collecting bug I do enjoy using a client’s collections when decorating their homes. Sometimes those collections present a challenge.
Just how do we incorporate these items into the decor?

Most recently the challenge involved a collection of vintage walking canes.  Continue reading

How to Paint a Harlequin Diamond Wall (4)

How to Paint a Harlequin Diamond Wall

Red Harlequin DiamondsWhen Emily was building her new home she began gathering inspiration pics and ideas she hoped to incorporate into her new home.

One of those inspiration pics was the above photo that she saved to her phone after stumbling across it on Pinterest. Later she showed the photo to her friend Shannon mentioning she’d like to have something similar painted in her kitchen.
It just so happened that Shannon knew me, knew about Beyond the Screen Door and the rest…as they say…is history!

If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook you may recognize this project! 

Continue reading

Custom Handpainted Artwork (5)

5 Creative Projects and an Office Update

Custom Handpainted Artwork (5)

Occasionally, when working with a client I get the opportunity to step away from fabric, pick up a paint brush and create artwork. You may remember this piece, one of the first pieces I shared here on the blog.

Most recently, while working on an office update, I was able to create two contemporary pieces for the IPHC Discipleship Ministries Department where my daughter Kaleigh works.

Contemporary Office Space

Working with an existing red leather sofa as inspiration, I chose a color scheme of gray, red and black including elements of dark wood and metal. A warm contemporary feel with a touch of industrial.

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Home Staging on a Budget

Over the past few years, as the term Home Staging has become a household word, we’ve all come to realize just how important this step is in selling your home.

According to Wikipedia “Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers…”

Kitchenphoto via – 31 Days to a Staged Home 

“What does this mean, exactly?” “How does staging differ from the way I normally decorate my home?”

We design our homes based on our on personal likes and dislikes.

By definition, home staging is based on presenting the most universally appealing home possible for the process of resale.

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