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Backyard Wedding Reception (4)

Backyard Wedding Reception

Backyard Wedding Reception (4)

In August, my nephew Geordan & his bride Koki were married in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai, in a beautiful late afternoon, ocean side ceremony.

In September, Gina & George hosted a backyard wedding reception so all their Oklahoma family and friends could bless newlyweds.

It was a beautiful Sunday evening…and after the threat of rain passed...perfect weather for an outdoor celebration.

Backyard Wedding Reception (3)

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How to Update Exterior Lanterns

How to Easily Update Your Exterior Lanterns

How to Update Exterior Lanterns

For several weeks, okay months, I’d been noticing how dirty our garage lanterns were.

Upon closer inspection they weren’t dirty they were faded. Really faded.

Our garage faces west and 8 years of sun exposure had done a number on their finish. While you might look at these photos and think this is a nice patina, don’t be fooled. They just looked old and dirty. Very dirty.

So after much hassling, nagging and begging Scott finally took the lanterns down for me so I could paint them.

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Farmhouse Garden (2)

A Farmhouse Wedding Shower & Tour


I do not covet my sister’s house. I will not covet my sister’s house.

But, I will admit, I’d love to find an old farmhouse to call my own that has just as much charm as this one. Charm and character that says welcome even before you walk in the door.

But Sheri would have to design the landscape and maintain the flower beds because my creativity doesn’t venture much beyond the screen door.  Pun intended. :) 

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Aqua Door and Lace Garland

Springtime Inspiration: Front Porches, Wisteria Vines and Aqua Doors

Welcoming Victorian Entrance

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. We attended a Saturday night Easter Worship service with my Sister-in-law Gina and her family, participated in two worship services at our home church, spent the afternoon cooking and the evening at Gina’s home for Easter dinner.

Years ago Gina said, “Let’s have Easter at my house because it matches!”  And it does! Inside and out. :)

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Burlap Wreath

Monogrammed Burlap Wreath

Burlap Wreath

Show of hands. How many still have their winter wreaths on the front door?

Me. I do. Raising my hand.

Actually, I have my Christmas Wreath aka Winter Wreath with a red Valentine Heart tucked into the middle of it still on my front door.

Valentine Wreath

With February coming to a close and Spring just around the corner it’s time to be thinking about a Changing of the Wreaths.

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Home (3)

Painting Shutters & Our Home’s Exterior

Home (3)

When we were building our home 7 years ago we were given the choice of shutters or no shutters. Well, shutters, of course. Without hesitation, I said yes. I’ve always had this thing about shutters, especially on a brick home. I like them. I think they help a house say “welcome”.

Notice the birds on the roof? Just another way to say welcome.

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1-Turquoise Doors

A Collection of Turquoise Doors

Beyond the Screen Door Turqoise Door

My Turquoise Front Door

It’s been almost three years since I painted my front door. At the time I never could have imagined what an impact this one little door would make.

Since that time I’ve received the most amazing emails and comments of how this door has inspired others to take the challenge of a bright and colorful entrance for their homes.

A few months ago, I wrote a post asking anyone who would like to share their turquoise, aqua or blue door here on Beyond the Screen Door to send me an email with pictures and any other details they’d like to share.

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