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Guest House Remodel Bathroom Floor

Courtney’s Guest House Remodel Progress Report

Guest House Remodel Bedroom Entrance Before

When my daughter Courtney and her husband Drew purchased their home last year the property came with a guest house situated at the back of their yard. Eventually this will be an “adorable little guest house” but before the remodel it barely qualified as a potential guest house.

This spring marked the beginning of the remodeling process and as with many remodeling projects it has taken much…MUCH…longer than expected.

But it’s coming along and it’s going to be SO CUTE!!! Continue reading

Living Room

How to Spend Your Decorating Dollars

Living Room & KitchenI once had a client tell me I was a Fabric Snob.

She was joking at the time and seriously…I wasn’t the least bit offended…because it’s the truth.

I work with fabric on a daily basis and I like working with quality fabrics! But quality fabrics, along with all home decor and accessories, come with a price tag.

How do you decide where to spend your decorating dollars when there’s so many things to spend those dollars on?
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White Kitchen Aaron_Snow_Photography.AES_6158

A White Vintage/Modern Kitchen Before & After

White Kitchen Aaron_Snow_Photography.AES_6158

I’m so excited to finally share my daughter Courtney’s kitchen renovation with you! It’s been a long time coming but definitely worth the wait.

When Courtney and Drew purchased their 1927 home, in a historic neighborhood in Oklahoma City, the kitchen had nothing to recommend itself except the size.

All the charming details you see today, the eclectic mix of vintage and modern, was brought to life during the renovation.
Vintage White Kitchen Aaron_Snow_Photography.AES_5949 Continue reading


A Closer Look at My Kitchen

Living Room & KitchenWe’ve lived in our home for 10 years now and while there are several things I’d love to tweak I’m still very pleased with my kitchen and how it functions.

The original house plans called for a wall with typical upper cabinet storage where you now see the bar and barstools.
The kitchen was only partially open to the family room on the left end. We removed this load bearing wall and installed a large beam for support. Hands down the best decision we made!

While I love the kitchen open to the family room I was a bit concerned about the lost storage. But honestly, I’ve not missed those upper cabinets once! Continue reading


A Classic White Kitchen


I don’t know what it is about white kitchens but we love them.

Even though my own kitchen isn’t pure white the cabinets are painted a light color which I was adamant about when we built our house. I had a white kitchen years ago and I’d love to have this bright look again.

Irene’s kitchen is open, airy, inviting and very functional. Which makes it just about perfect.  Continue reading

Updated Kitchen 2

Kitchen Remodel Before and After

Updated Kitchen

Kitchen remodels, as many of you know, can be a daunting project. This remodel, which wasn’t like starting from the studs but consisted of more than just paint, was overwhelming at times and took several months from start to finish.

You got a glimpse of this kitchen when I shared Pam’s new widow treatments.

Now for the rest of the kitchen reveal.

First the BEFORE PICS…

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Repairing Blemishes on Wood Shelves (5)

Easy Trick to Repair Blemishes on Stained Wood

Repairing Blemishes on Wood Shelves

My experience working with wood is minimal at best. I know just enough to be dangerous. When Scott and I made these rustic kitchen shelves & brackets we were quite proud of ourselves.

Until the time came to stain them.

When a product, such as wood glue, promotes itself as “stainable” you take for granted that it is.

Evidently my interpretation of stainable isn’t the same as their interpretation of stainable.

I remembered solving a similar problem several years ago using plain old craft paint. It was handy, cheap and oh, so easy. The perfect solution.  Continue reading

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