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Chesterfield Sofa & Chair

When You Wait 21 Years for New Furniture

Chesterfield Sofa and Chair (4)

I grew up in a small southern town where…in it’s day…furniture manufacturing was a way of life. My Dad (as well as other relatives and later my brothers and brother-in-law) worked in the furniture industry for nearly 40 years.
The Market aka The Highpoint Furniture Market has been a household term my entire life.

I’m sure this history, coupled with creative influences from the women in my life and growing up with a grandfather who made furniture for a living influenced my decision to become an interior designer.

Yet…I have had the same sofa for over 21 years. Through 3 houses…4 kids…up to 3 dogs at a time and only reupholstered it once.

To say it showed it’s age is a gross understatement.

Since all three pieces of furniture in our living room had some sort of hole, wear or tear…new furniture was long over due.  Continue reading

Orange Pantry Door

Gray & Orange Color Scheme with a Pantry Door Surprise

Valances for Kitchen Windows

This lovely home is situated on a small neighborhood lake with beautiful views and plenty of natural light streaming in along the back side of the house.

One of the main goals, as we designed the window treatments, was to enhanced the view without blocking it.

You may recognize the fabric and valance shown here. I previously shared this window treatment plus a tutorial and the valance above the kitchen sink but this is your first glimpse of the big picture.

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Red Damask Pillow with trim detail

Houndstooth, Velvet & Damask ~ Pillows & Window Treatments

Red Damask Pillow with trim detail

If you’re a fan of color and pattern you’re going to love the curtains and pillows we made for Stacey’s kitchen and family room.

Stacey fell in love with these whimsical home office curtains and wanted to incorporate the same sense of color and whimsy into her new curtains.

Drawing from our inspiration curtains we recreated the fun with a large scale black & white houndstooth, turquoise velvet, gold linen, red damask and 3 trims.

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Window Treatments

Aqua & Ivory Quatrefoil Window Treatments

Charming Living Room

My of my favorite projects is working with clients building a new house. The decision making process can be overwhelming when you’re choosing colors, finishes and fixtures all within a timeline.

Irene did an fantastic job with her choices. She had a distinct vision of how she wanted her new home to look plus she is always a joy to work with!

When it came to designing the window treatments for her open concept living room/kitchen we felt like we hit the jackpot when we found a gorgeous aqua and ivory embroidered quatrefoil.

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Bosphorus Toile & Cheetah Window Treatments (3)

2 New Window Treatments Created from Existing Curtains

Bosphorus Toile & Cheetah Window Treatments (4)

Here’s a scenario that may sound familiar.

You move into a new house and bring the window treatments from your old house only to find they don’t fit the new windows.
You move into your new house and would love new window treatments but being budget conscious and knowing you need many things for the new house you try to make the old curtains work.

But they’re just so blah! And they don’t fit in with their new surroundings!

Today, I’m sharing two new & improved, upcycled window treatments that used to be old and blah but now have a new lease on life.

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