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Bedroom Makeover

My Bedroom Makeovers and Why They’re Nothing Like a DIY Show

Bedroom MakeoverHGTV teases you with the idea that you can makeover a room in a day or 2. Some even take 3 or 4 days. I don’t buy it. Not truly.

In my world, makeovers take weeks. In the case of my own personal house? Months.

And if you count the fact that I came to hate this shade of green shortly after we built our house…YEARS!!!

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How to Change Your Christmas Color Scheme (6)

How to Easily Change Your Christmas Color Scheme for Next Year

Beyond the Screen Door Christmas  (18)

WAIT! Before you take down your Christmas Tree…and I realize as I write this I may already be too late for those over achievers who’ve already packed up, cleaned up and neatly put everything away.

Just in case there are a few of you who, like me, aren’t about to touch that tree until next week, I’ve got a few tips and tricks for you if you’ve been thinking about changing your Christmas color scheme.  Continue reading

Beyond the Screen Door Christmas  (12)

Our Christmas Home Tour

Beyond the Screen Door Christmas  (24)

In the past I’ve been known to take up to three weeks to “finish” my Christmas decorating.

Not that I decorate on a scale that should require three weeks but sometimes it takes me that long to quit tweaking and put away the boxes.

This year, I decorated before Thanksgiving and, since Thanksgiving was at my house, all the boxes were back in the attic within a few days. I have to admit, while I miss the results of the extra weeks of tweaking, I’ve enjoyed the freedom to be content with what was accomplished those first few days.

Welcome to our Christmas Home Tour.

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How to Place a Floor Electrical Outlet

Electrical Floor Outlets and Caring for Hardwood Floors Part 2

Beyond the Screen Door Living Room (4)

My floors have a textured finish with a very low luster sheen while many hardwood floors have a very smooth finish with a sheen that varies from minimal sheen to high gloss.
Low luster/minimal sheen and a satin finish sheen are the most popular choices for residential homes.

Today I’m sharing a few basic tips as well as the products I use to take care of our wood floors.

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How to Care for Wood Floors

Caring for Hardwood Floors, Rug Pads and More

Caring for Wood Floors (3)This post is sponsored by Rug Pad USA.

When building our home I was so excited about having hardwood floors. Our contract allowed for hardwood in the dining room but we made the decision to add the hardwood to the living room and the computer room as well.

Best decision ever! We didn’t feel we could afford to add the hardwood to the master bedroom but I sure wish we had. Future project, maybe.

Our floors were installed unfinished and then hand scraped and stained after installation. I had a choice of light, medium or heavy distressing/scraping or none at all. I chose light to medium scraping and I’ve loved it.

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Window Seat Alcove Bed Details

Oversize Window Seats, Painting Teen Bedrooms and You’re Sure This is Gray?

Oversize Window Seat (3)

We’ve been painting our youngest daughter’s bedroom and I’ve discovered I’m a bit out of practice.

In the 10 years we lived at our previous home I painted every room in the house 3 times. This bedroom is one of two rooms I’ve repainted in this house and the only room to see 3 colors. Pink, yellow and now gray.

Karianne was 8 when we moved in so pink was the perfect choice. Yellow came along in our early teen years and now, at almost 17, we’ve moving on to the more sophisticated gray.

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Breakfast Room (3)

A Game of Musical Tables and a New Work Space

Breakfast RoomRemember the game musical chairs? A game that always made me a nervous wreck.

Musical Tables is a spin off of Musical Furniture. A game we’ve played here at our house over the past 8 years as our two adult daughters have moved out…and then moved back in…and then out again.

The moving went something like this…
Courtney moved into the dorm (leaving 3 kids at home), then she moved back home (4 kids at home), then into a rent house (3 kids at home), then we moved her to another rent house.
Kaleigh moved into an apartment (2 kids at home), Courtney moved back home (3 kids at home), Kaleigh moved back home (4 kids at home), Courtney moved to California (3 kids at home), Kaleigh moved into an apartment (2 kids at home), then to a rent house, then moved back home (3 kids at home), Garrison moved into the dorm (2 kids at home).
To Be Continued…

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