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Electrical Floor Outlets and Caring for Hardwood Floors Part 2

How to Place a Floor Electrical Outlet

My floors have a textured finish with a very low luster sheen while many hardwood floors have a very smooth finish with a sheen that varies from minimal sheen to high gloss. Low luster/minimal sheen and a satin finish sheen … Continue reading

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Caring for Hardwood Floors, Rug Pads and More

How to Care for Wood Floors

This post is sponsored by Rug Pad USA. When building our home I was so excited about having hardwood floors. Our contract allowed for hardwood in the dining room but we made the decision to add the hardwood to the … Continue reading

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Oversize Window Seats, Painting Teen Bedrooms and You’re Sure This is Gray?

Window Seat Alcove Bed Details

We’ve been painting our youngest daughter’s bedroom and I’ve discovered I’m a bit out of practice. In the 10 years we lived at our previous home I painted every room in the house 3 times. This bedroom is one of … Continue reading

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A Game of Musical Tables and a New Work Space

Breakfast Room (3)

Remember the game musical chairs? A game that always made me a nervous wreck. Musical Tables is a spin off of Musical Furniture. A game we’ve played here at our house over the past 8 years as our two adult … Continue reading

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Patience, Inspiration and Our Living Room

Living Room

What’s your favorite things to read about in blogs and magazines? DIY Tutorials? Craft Projects? Recipes? Painted Furniture? Room Makeovers? Curtains & Pillows? Please say you like curtains and pillows. While I love to read all of these posts my … Continue reading

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Lamp Makeover ~ Second Time’s the Charm

Lamp Makeover

This lamp sits in the corner of our living room and is currently enjoying it’s second color transformation. When I found this little beauty at the thrift store several years ago the first thing that caught my eye was it’s … Continue reading

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Pink and Orange Damask Window Treatments

Hot Pink Damask and Orange layere Curtain Panels

This alcove bed/oversize window seat is one of my favorite parts of our home. It’s in my youngest daughter’s room. Did you catch the post where I mentioned she’s ready for a new look in her room? That she got … Continue reading

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Velvet Pillow in Smoke Blue

Smoke Blue Velvet Pillow (2)

You may have figured this about me but I have this thing for fabric. I love fabric. And velvet is one of my favorites. Several months ago, at a local fabric store, I noticed a gorgeous slate blue/smoke blue/slightly tealĀ if-you-hold-it-the-right-way/or … Continue reading

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