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Sweater Pillow

Why you Should Think Twice Before Throwing out Old Sweaters

Sweater Pillow (3)

I loved this sweater vest. Especially the fringe.

But it didn’t like me. Every time I wore it I felt frumpy.

As I was relegating it to the garage sale pile I had second thoughts.

No second thoughts about keeping it to wear…thoughts about what I could make with it.

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Multi Fabric Pillows (2)

New Items in The Shop ~ Email Subscription Update

Multi Fabric Pillows (2)

We have a new email subscription provider here at Beyond the Screen Door!

Over the past few months I’ve been working to determine the best option for email subscriptions and to correct the issue of “lost” email blog posts. I know this has been frustrating. If you’ve missed receiving Beyond the Screen Door in your in-box hopefully this switch has corrected any problems.

If you’d like to have Beyond the Screen Door delivered to your in-box…and I’d be so tickled if you do…please fill out the Subscription Box in the upper right hand corner of the side bar. It’s that easy!

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Washed Ruffled Linens and a Life Lesson

Ruffled BeddingHave you ever looked back through your Pinterest Boards with a fresh eye and considered the items you’ve pinned?

After recently pinning a few new slipcover pics I browsed back through some of my boards and notice just the tiniest preference for ruffled linens. Many of them using washed linen with raw edges. I adore this look.

Yet I don’t have one single item like this in my home. Why?

Why do we take the time to pin these inspiring photos yet fail to act on the inspiration? Whether it’s an item for our home, exercises for a flatter tummy, recipes for a healthier lifestyle or tips on saving money…it seems our intentions are good but our follow through is a bit lacking.

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Upholstered Headboard & Pillows

New Upholstered Headboard, Pillows and a Window Treatment

Upholstered Headboard & Pillows (2)I seem to be drawn to tufted furniture. There’s something quite romantic about it, don’t you think? My Pinterest boards seem to reflect a love of tufting as well.

While not all tufted furniture has a feminine quality, like my friend Jenni’s velvet headboard and footboard, I do think it adds a touch of romance to a room.

In fact, this romantic velvet headboard was our main inspiration as we began choosing the fabrics and trims for Jenni’s pillows and window treatment.

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Santa Maria Mixed Fabric Pillow

Patchwork and Ruffled Pillow

Mixed Fabric Pillow

Do you ever find yourself thinking…just one more pillow?

Or asking, “Honey, doesn’t this sofa need just one more pillow?” But don’t take his answer too seriously because guys rarely acknowledge the need for another pillow.  

“Just one more pillow.” I hear this often.  I think this often.

Especially with leftover fabric. Or while perusing the remnants at the fabric store. Or perusing the pillow aisle at TJ Maxx.

This was Elizabeth’s philosophy after we remade the valances in her kitchen and family room and she realized she had left over fabrics.

How about one more pillow?

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