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Pillow with Pleated Ruffle Detail

Pleated Ruffle Pillows

Pillow with Pleated Ruffle Detail

I think one of the cutest details I’ve used on pillows is the little corner ruffle or pleat. You can see just how often I use this detail by glancing through Pillows or Pillow Details in The Gallery

Today’s batch of pillows is all about the pleated ruffle instead of a gathered ruffle. Two pillows are pleated only on the corners and while the other is pleated all the way around.  Continue reading

Black Plaid Pillows1

8 New Pillows Including 2 for Me

Ruffled & Trimmed Pillow

I love pillows. Feather pillows are my pillow of choice. Even as a child, instead of the typical blanky, I had a child size feather pillow that was my source of comfort. I still sleep on a feather pillow.

These pillows aren’t intended for sleeping but they are feather and beautiful and can definitely be considered a source of comfort!

This first set is all about the cuteness. We’ll call this fabric a dot but it’s actually more like a fingerprint. The color is also debatable. I’ve referred to it as orange, melon and coral on a flax background. What’s not debatable is how adorable these turned out!  Continue reading

Stitching Detail on Pillow

My Favorite Trick When Using Leftover Fabric

Stitching Detail on Pillow

What if you want to make something using leftover fabric but all you have is odd pieces that aren’t big enough for anything!?!

With my client’s projects, leftover fabric can range from scraps to several yards. I’m always thinking about what else we can use this fabric for.

IF…we want to use it again. It is possible to have too much of a good thing.

In the case of this raspberry red linen, we used it for a kitchen valance and agreed it would be nice on a pillow in Missy’s adjoining living room.

The leftovers?
Two identical pieces measuring 14″ wide by 55″ long. Not the right size for much of anything.

The solution?
Piece it, add top stitching and pretend you meant to do that all along!  Continue reading

Aqua and Coral Pillows

Aqua and Coral Ruffled Pillows

Aqua and Coral Pillows

Often, when choosing fabrics for pillows there’s at least one patterned fabric in the space that helps to tie the room’s color scheme together.

In this case the inspiration piece was a vintage dresser custom painted in a multitude of patterns and colors.

Stacey chose to pull the aqua and coral from her painted dresser to add a soft splash of color to her otherwise neutrally dressed bed. Once that decision was made we were on the hunt for fabrics in shades of coral or salmon and aqua.  Continue reading

Aqua Stripe Bedskirt

A Seaside Inspired Bedroom

Aqua Stripe Bedskirt

My client Missy and her family love to vacation in Seaside, Florida along the Gulf Coast.

When the opportunity arose to redecorate a guest bedroom and bath she chose an aqua, ivory and linen color scheme.

Pretty soon this became known as the Seaside Room.
Continue reading

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