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Rustic Poster Art (4)

How to Create Rustic Poster Art – Easy & Inexpensive

Rustic Poster Art (4)

Very…v.e.r.y…slowly we’re getting my youngest daughter’s bedroom pulled back together. Early on in this process she decided to purge her room of everything she no longer wanted. This left things quite bare with only one vintage mirror making the cut to hang on her walls. We painted her room & bathroom Stonington Gray but then things slowed down to a snails pace.

Our first art project for her newly painted room is this vintage inspired poster print which we turned into Rustic Poster Art for pennies!

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Princess Bed Crown

How to Paint a Custom Bed Crown

How to Paint a Princess Bed Crown (4)

Painting this bed crown was a treat! I love it when my job takes me a outside the norm. I work with fabric 90% of the time so it’s great when a custom paint project comes along.

Helping Michelle and Lily with this room allowed me to paint medallions and tiebacks as well as this adorable bed crown.

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How to Change Your Christmas Color Scheme (6)

How to Easily Change Your Christmas Color Scheme for Next Year

Beyond the Screen Door Christmas  (18)

WAIT! Before you take down your Christmas Tree…and I realize as I write this I may already be too late for those over achievers who’ve already packed up, cleaned up and neatly put everything away.

Just in case there are a few of you who, like me, aren’t about to touch that tree until next week, I’ve got a few tips and tricks for you if you’ve been thinking about changing your Christmas color scheme.  Continue reading

Painted Fall Centerpiece

Dining Room Before & After Including Updated Fall Centerpiece

Painted Fall Centerpiece

Know what the key ingredient was for updating this Fall centerpiece?

Spray paint! Specifically several different shades of metallic spray paint.

My friend Jan has a large Fall centerpiece that I have admired for several years. This year I went to her home and it was completely different. Gone were the oranges, reds & yellow golds and in their place was this shimmering neutral beauty.

In fact, that wasn’t the only thing that was different.

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Modern Masters Metal Effects Planter

3 Paint Projects with Modern Masters Metal Effects and a Giveaway

Modern Master Metal Effects Bronze

When I started experimenting with this metal effect paint I intended to paint one item. But it was so much fun I kept finding more things to paint!Modern Master Metal Effects Bronze (6)

Last Christmas I sold these vintage pickup trucks in The Shop. I decided to experiment on one of them with Modern Masters Paint.

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Painted & Stenciled Table (20)

Creating a New Look with Vintage Decor Paint

Painted & Stenciled Table (18)An empty bedroom.
With four children this is a rare occurrence at my house.
Now that two of those children are married I have a guest bedroom for the first time in 28 years! Slowly but surely I’m working on pulling this room together by using much of what we already have.
Giving an old table a fresh new look with Vintage Decor Paint by Martha Stewart Crafts was one of my first projects.

Painted & Stenciled Table (21)

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How to Update Exterior Lanterns

How to Easily Update Your Exterior Lanterns

How to Update Exterior Lanterns

For several weeks, okay months, I’d been noticing how dirty our garage lanterns were.

Upon closer inspection they weren’t dirty they were faded. Really faded.

Our garage faces west and 8 years of sun exposure had done a number on their finish. While you might look at these photos and think this is a nice patina, don’t be fooled. They just looked old and dirty. Very dirty.

So after much hassling, nagging and begging Scott finally took the lanterns down for me so I could paint them.

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Bridal Shower Party Balloons

Bridal Shower Details – DIY Ombre Clothespins, Banners, Oversize Balloons & More


Ombre' ClothespinsI love details. In this last post about Kaleigh’s bridal shower I’m sharing the rest of the details that made the day so special including a tutorial for these adorable DIY pink ombre’ clothespins.

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