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Dixie Bell Paint - Armoire

$100 Dixie Belle Paint Giveaway & My New Armoire

Armoire Painted with Dixie Bell Paint

Painting this armoire has been on my to-do list for about 4 years. Maybe more. If it had been a smaller project I probably would have finished it long before now.

When the lovely ladies at Dixie Belle Paint contacted me to review their paint I decided it was time to tackle this big guy and transform him once and for all.

Now for the details, how to’s and before shots, when I thought I had an EPIC FAIL on my hands, how I fixed that epic fail PLUS a $100 Dixie Belle Paint Giveaway! Continue reading

How to Paint Metallic Stripes 1

Painting Gold & Silver Metallic Stripes

Painting Metallic Silver Stripes

Many times I’m privileged to work with different members of the same family.

Recently, I painted metallic stripes for nursery. Twice!

Emily is expecting a baby girl in a few months and asked for gold metallic stripes in her nursery. Emily’s mom, Christina, liked the idea as well so grandma’s nursery received silver metallic stripes!

Today I’m sharing all the details on how to paint your own metallic stripes.

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Updated Kitchen 2

Kitchen Remodel Before and After

Updated Kitchen

Kitchen remodels, as many of you know, can be a daunting project. This remodel, which wasn’t like starting from the studs but consisted of more than just paint, was overwhelming at times and took several months from start to finish.

You got a glimpse of this kitchen when I shared Pam’s new widow treatments.

Now for the rest of the kitchen reveal.

First the BEFORE PICS…

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Gray Painted Chest Mecury Glass Knobs

Painted Entry Hall Chest Reveal

Gray Painted Chest Mecury Glass Knobs On the day I painted this chest I declared I was going to do something for myself.
I could have chosen to go shopping. Or get a massage. Or a manicure.
But I was in a stay-at-home-and-check-something-off-my-mental-to-do-list mood.
So I chose to paint furniture.
A piece I’ve been wanting to paint for a very long time.
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Painted Chest with Harlequin Pattern

The Story of a Little Painted Chest’s Transformation

Painted Chest with Harlequin Pattern

For the past several years this little chest has resided in my entry hall. I honestly can’t even remember how long I’ve had it. I’m trying to picture it in my previous home…but I can’t…so I guess that means less than 10 years since that’s how long we’ve lived in this home. Almost.

EDIT: MY sweet sis-in-law reminded me that is was at my previous house so I’ve had it longer than 10 years! LOL! And of course, once she reminded me where it was I remembered!

My memory is so crazy these days. I remember the most random of inconsequential things but can’t seem to recall important details. But that’s a post for another day. If I remember.

My brother Matt built this chest for me. I sent him a drawing plus dimensions, he built it and I painted it. Let’s say 9 years ago.

Like most projects around here, I’ve been ready to repaint this little guy for several years. Well, I finally got around to it! Continue reading

Repairing Blemishes on Wood Shelves (5)

Easy Trick to Repair Blemishes on Stained Wood

Repairing Blemishes on Wood Shelves

My experience working with wood is minimal at best. I know just enough to be dangerous. When Scott and I made these rustic kitchen shelves & brackets we were quite proud of ourselves.

Until the time came to stain them.

When a product, such as wood glue, promotes itself as “stainable” you take for granted that it is.

Evidently my interpretation of stainable isn’t the same as their interpretation of stainable.

I remembered solving a similar problem several years ago using plain old craft paint. It was handy, cheap and oh, so easy. The perfect solution.  Continue reading

Orange Pantry Door

Gray & Orange Color Scheme with a Pantry Door Surprise

Valances for Kitchen Windows

This lovely home is situated on a small neighborhood lake with beautiful views and plenty of natural light streaming in along the back side of the house.

One of the main goals, as we designed the window treatments, was to enhanced the view without blocking it.

You may recognize the fabric and valance shown here. I previously shared this window treatment plus a tutorial and the valance above the kitchen sink but this is your first glimpse of the big picture.

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