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Twin Beds

Progress In My Quest For A Guest Bedroom

Twin Beds

I’ve never had a guest bedroom. Well…technically I suppose I did when I first got married and way back when I only had one child but it’s been a LONG time.

Kaleigh moved out a year ago, and me being so on-the-ball about getting things done around here, we’re now working on turning the spare bedroom into a cute guest bedroom.

I toyed with the idea of moving my work room up here. Or turning it into a hangout space for the two kiddos still at home. But honestly this room still functions best for us as a bedroom so a bedroom it will stay.

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Bedroom Makeover

My Bedroom Makeovers and Why They’re Nothing Like a DIY Show

Bedroom MakeoverHGTV teases you with the idea that you can makeover a room in a day or 2. Some even take 3 or 4 days. I don’t buy it. Not truly.

In my world, makeovers take weeks. In the case of my own personal house? Months.

And if you count the fact that I came to hate this shade of green shortly after we built our house…YEARS!!!

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Pink & Lilac Curtains for a Princess

Window Treatments Fit for a Princess Plus 10 Details to Include When Making your Own

Pink & Lilac Curtains for a Princess

Welcome to the powdery pink, princess abode of Princess Lily Grace!

Today I’m introducing Lily Grace. A precious 5 years old, full of spunky personality, a head full of curly red hair and a bedroom quickly on it’s way to becoming Princess-Worthy!

Along with meeting Lily Grace you will also see 10 girly-girl details to consider when making curtains for your own little princess.

UPDATE: The #1 Thing Every Princess Needs In Her Bedroom – Lily’s customized bed crown and curtain panels. 

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Lamp Makeover

Lamp Makeover ~ Second Time’s the Charm

lamp Makeover (3)

This lamp sits in the corner of our living room and is currently enjoying it’s second color transformation.

When I found this little beauty at the thrift store several years ago the first thing that caught my eye was it’s height.

Have you noticed, if you move from a home with 8′ ceilings to a home with higher ceilings the first thing that seems out of place are your short lamps?

This lamp stands 34″ to the top of the shade which was a great size for our living room.
The second thing that appealed to me was the shape of the shade. An oval drum shade in perfect condition.

What I didn’t like was the color. Ugly was putting it mildly.

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Vintage Table with a Story

The Story of a Sweet Little Vintage Drafting Table

Vintage Table with a story (2)

I have a confession to make. If you were to take me on one of those grand flea market trips I probably wouldn’t buy much.

Oh, I’d see tons of things I would love. You’d hear me say things like “LOVE that!” or “Wouldn’t that make the cutest lamp?” or “I could sooo see that as a pillow. but  I probably wouldn’t make a lot of purchases. Well, I take that back. I’m a sucker for fabric so I’d probably buy that pillow thing but I’d pass by many great finds. I tend to over think these things. And then I suffer from “I can’t believe I didn’t buy that” remorse the next day.

Do you know what makes me say No, Thanks?

No story. I need a story! But you catch my emotions with a story and I’m hooked. Sold!

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